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Jason Dohring on Bringing 'Veronica Mars' to the Big Screen for the Fans (JJ Interview)

Jason Dohring on Bringing 'Veronica Mars' to the Big Screen for the Fans (JJ Interview)

Jason Dohring talks all things Veronica Mars in this brand new interview with!

For those of you who may have missed the series when it originally aired back in 2007 (get on that now, by the way), the 31-year-old actor starred as Logan Echolls, the bad boy you couldn’t help but love.

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Over the course of three seasons, Jason‘s character had quite the relationship with Kristen Bell‘s titular counterpart, a relationship dubbed “LoVe.” (Get it?)

The fan-funded feature film hits theaters THIS FRIDAY, March 12, so we caught up with Jason to get the scoop on what we can expect! He dishes on everything from diving back in to Logan’s journey to chatting up Marshmallows on set!

JustJared: It’s almost here! Are you excited for fans to finally see the film they made happen?

Jason Dohring: Yeah, I actually got to see the movie maybe about two weeks ago, and I’m so happy with it. I think as a whole, and I’m kind of critical, I think it’s a 9. I couldn’t be more pleased with the movie itself. We wanted to do it for the fans, and that was what we intended all along, so we’re just so pleased to have a good product to show everybody.

JJ: How does it differ seeing the show come to life on the big screen?

JD: It feels like our TV show, but it feels like a movie too, I guess. The cinematography on our show was dark and it had particular colors that were associated with it. It had a dark cinematic quality. So it feels a little bit different, but it’s the still our show.

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JJ: You had a lot of fans on set who helped fund the movie. What was that like?

JD: I really enjoyed the fans because, you know, you put so much into it when you’re on the set. When you have people who care about it in the same way we do…they’re just so excited and we were so excited to make it. So you can talk to them about it, and they know every episode back and forth. It it was just so cool, between Ryan [Hansen] and Chris [Lowell], they were making people laugh. It’s such a wonderful atmosphere. You never really have a chance to have background [extras] who are super fans of the movie. It doesn’t really happen.

JJ: For sure. And what’s the most common thing fans say to you? Do they quote Logan lines to you?

JD: Yeah, or they’ll just kind of look away. Sometimes they’re shy. Or they’ll ask, “Are you different from Logan?” Stuff like that.

JJ: Have you and your cast mates kept in touch over the years?

JD: Since the show, we’ve gone on some vacations together. We have families now, so we’ll get our kids together and stuff like that. We’re just such good friends. Rob’s really good at casting cool people too. We enjoy each other’s company. It’s sort of a unique thing with the record-setting and all that sort of stuff. It was just so unexpected and it’s been a blast.

JJ: Fans seem to have polarizing opinions when it comes to Piz, especially when he comes between Veronica and Logan. What do you think about how the movie picks up?

JD: I think it’s cool. Every time they get close, you gotta put something in between, just for drama. And I think with the movie, people want to see the resolution of different characters. People want to see more than what we saw after being cancelled after season three. In a way, create fodder for the fans to come make this movie because they want to see more of the storylines we didn’t quite get a chance to see after the show was done. Rob just has a way of writing good stories and I’m glad. I love Piz. He’s just fantastic in the movie. I’m totally a fan.

JJ: Agreed. Piz isn’t as bad as people make him out to be…

JD: Yeah, but he’s fantastic in this movie and you’re going to see him more. He’s great, and he’s a better guy.

JJ: I don’t know about that (laughs). Logan has dome some pretty terrible things, but he’s also lost a lot of people around him, so you have to feel for the guy.

JD: When you start looking at all the things he’s actually done, it sounds pretty bad. In the show, everybody died around him….and with his family and all the drama. When the show ended, there really wasn’t a place for him to go. What Rob did is have him get some discipline in his life one way or another. So we see in the movie how that happened. He comes in with…he’s still himself, but he’s gotten a little more mature and adult, which is fun to play because that’s a new thing. He was kind of a boy/man on the show. The charm and wit are still there.

JJ: From the beginning of the series, you and Kristen had a ton of on-screen chemistry. Was it originally planned to have Logan and Veronica get together or was that a result of you guys?

JD: I don’t think it was planned. In fact, when we were told six or eight episodes in, I was like “No f-cking way.” We enjoyed working together so much. I remember I had a scene with Kristen and we were both fighting in the scene for who could get each other better. That back and forth is cool to watch. Kristen’s just the best.

JJ: Did you get to keep anything from set?

JD: Let’s see…I didn’t get to keep a lot. We actually had a museum for a short time. I don’t know where the heck it is now. The best stuff is stuff the fans made, like a pirate treasure chest – little things that are references about the show. I did get a trophy for the “most sympathetic jackass” or something like that (laughs).

JJ: What would you say was your favorite scene to shoot for the film?

JD: Oh boy. There’s a couple. I probably couldn’t even say because it’s going to give it away. I know I had to do the looping for the film maybe three weeks ago or so, and Rob would say, “I know you didn’t work on this particular scene, but you gotta see it.” And I remember when we were shooting, he was like a little school girl. He was so happy. “This is what the fans paid for, Jay. THIS SCENE.” So I think there are one or two scenes like that, that are sort of for the fans. There’s just a lot of good stuff in there. We travel a lot of ground in the movie. A lot of characters come in and out in a fluid way.

JJ: Does the film wrap things completely or leave room for more? Kristen told EW, “I am not too pessimistic about this being the last round.”

JD: You know from watching our show, one door opens and another one closes. It’s going back and forth, and it’s never everything is super happy, you know? But we do resolve a bunch of matters. And it leaves you with a bittersweet feeling. It’s happy and sweet, but it’s not all tied up with a bow. It’s not a Hollywood ending. It’s keeping with our show and what people liked about it, but it won’t leave on a cliffhanger.

JJ: So we won’t be left hanging like at the end of season three? The movie will provide some resolution?

JD: Oh I hope so, goodness. That started a lot of drama (laughs). Yeah, it will, for sure.

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