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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Figure in a Tight Little Red Dress

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Figure in a Tight Little Red Dress

Kim Kardashian steps out of her car in a tight little red dress at the studio on Friday (March 14) in Van Nuys, Calif.

The 33-year-old reality star promoted her new line Kardashian Kids that same day on Twitter – it’s now available to order online!

“Today is the day! @kardashiankids launches today and in @babiesrus stores tomorrow!!!!!!” Kim tweeted. She then answered some fan questions via a Q&A! “We wanted to start out with a line for little girls first but would love to release one for boys, too!” she answered one fan’s question.

“The shorts set and dress and bloomer set are both quick and easy to put on and the prints are so gorgeous” she added.

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian in a little red dress…

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kim kardashian shows her figure in a tight little red dress 01
kim kardashian shows her figure in a tight little red dress 02
kim kardashian shows her figure in a tight little red dress 03
kim kardashian shows her figure in a tight little red dress 04
kim kardashian shows her figure in a tight little red dress 05
kim kardashian shows her figure in a tight little red dress 06
kim kardashian shows her figure in a tight little red dress 07
kim kardashian shows her figure in a tight little red dress 08
kim kardashian shows her figure in a tight little red dress 09
kim kardashian shows her figure in a tight little red dress 10

Photos: INFPhoto, FameFlynet
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    If you’ve ever seen her in person you’d know she’s MUCH slimmer than she photographs too

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