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Keira Knightley Ruined Her Chanel Wedding Dress with Big Red Wine Stain!

Keira Knightley Ruined Her Chanel Wedding Dress with Big Red Wine Stain!

Keira Knightley is gorgeous in these brand new images for her Chanel Coco Mademoiselle campaign.

The 28-year-old actress also posed for some additional pics for the brand, all pictured below!

Keira chatted with The Telegraph about her Chanel wedding dress, which was a gown she had previously worn numerous times.

Karl [Lagerfeld] very kindly designed me a jacket to go with it. I’d worn the dress lots. It was my something old. And I liked not making a big deal about it. I just wanted to be in something I had had a great time in, something I would have a great time in again,” Keira said. “It’s now got red wine spilled down the front,” she laughed. “It’s quite impressively splattered. But, hey, a good night is a good night and when a dress has had its time, maybe it’s had its time. I’m pretty sure I can get it out but, if I can’t, I’m happy with the memory of a good night and the story of how the dress got destroyed.”

Check out a short Chanel film featuring Keira below.

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keira knightley coco mademoiselle fragrance ad 01
keira knightley coco mademoiselle fragrance ad 02
keira knightley coco mademoiselle fragrance ad 03
keira knightley coco mademoiselle fragrance ad 04
keira knightley coco mademoiselle fragrance ad 05
keira knightley coco mademoiselle fragrance ad 06
keira knightley coco mademoiselle fragrance ad 07

Credit: Chanel
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  • scooter

    Wow she looks good here! Not that skinny anymore… perfect!

  • Nightwish

    Hotness to the point of head explosion

  • gia

    So pretty!

  • James

    She is absolutely stunning! Real beauty.

  • m

    Elegant. Classy.

  • GFW

    What would advertising be without some silly fantasy like this? These kinds of fantasy-based adds ruin more people’s lives than they realize. Because once the reality of everyday relationships arrive people bail on each other when their Photoshopped choreographed commercial comes to a crashing halt.
    That said, who is the bloke? He’s not even very good looking nor is there any chemistry and they had a major budget for this. Should have been the black bloke dancing, now that would be something, huh? No, sorry, this was an Epic Fail for me. But I’ll continue to wear Coco and live in reality. You know the part of life that happens when your not filming fantasy-driven commercials with a several million dollar budget.

  • GFW

    What about pretty realistic? Why not a youthful Coco wearing cook chick picking up Buster from pre-school? Or walking a dog while pushing a toddler in a carriage? Or mom, dad and infant at a bistro enjoying a day out of the apartment? Or at the park? Why not promote fidelity and love rather than infatuation that is so short-lived? Make LIFE look more attractive than it is for a change. Love starts it but life takes over, it always does. Some realism in advertising wouldn’t be miffed, it’d be the next new thing.

  • GFW

    *cool chick
    There’s another fantastic scenario! A couple cooking together. Or an artist creating while his mate makes a quilt. Make life more inviting than falling in love. Make what happens after/during/on-going AS attractive? Make sense?

  • Dubstep_empress

    My closet lesbianism is being coaxed out more and more by thoughts of this woman

  • GFW

    Then whatever you do do not see A Dangerous Method.

  • Living in box

    That guy is Danila Kozlovsky right aka Dimitri Belikov. Guy look man, sadly Vampire Academy didn’t do really well at box office. Btw, awesome commercial. Keira look beautiful as always.

  • Lizzy

    @GFW: Get real, target market is chicks who wish being as awesome as her. That bottle is a packaged dream made into a scent that lets one of your senses participate in the dream.

  • Living in box

    *good looking man*

  • Third eye blind

    Yo Keira, please throw us a bone and wear a tight mini with ass cheeks hanging out. You have a super nice body and its time you flaunt it!!!

  • Rupert Sanders

    For gods sake Keira, marry me. Im single now

  • Nightwish

    @GFW: To be honest, i think Knightley probably would agree with your #7, seeing how practical she is in real life, but the marketing effort is not her call, and shes considerate of chanel, and under contract

  • Bebe

    I would do anything to meet her :-)


    These 4 links show it is obvious that Asians can read minds!!!!!
    . (this is a very rare example of an Asian straight out showing that they can read minds)

  • GNC

    You can have a physique like Keira Knightley! Visit our website at and avail of our fitness and lifestyle products today!

  • Elise

    @GFW: Not that half of what you typed made sense, but I for one like a bit of fantasy in my ads! I couldn’t think of anything worse than seeing a commercial of, as you put it ‘someone walking a dog while pushing a toddler in a carriage?’

  • Deenie

    Wow, this is a nice commercial. I love her hair at the end part. She is so gorgeous, like wow!

  • IOI

    Should she have played storm in the xmen instead of halle berry? Cause they cut her part out. but maybe keira would be way better. Wonder if she will play a super hero

  • Matt

    G O D D E S S

  • Infelice

    Look at that dress.. whoa.. she is stunning in everything and wears it like a pro

  • Pretty Ka

    @GFW: Love the idea.

  • Pretty Ka

    @GFW: Spot on!

  • Jane

    Beautiful girl! I love her nonchalant attitude about her wedding dress. It’s refreshing to see in an actress.

  • bea

    Incredible… *sigh*

  • GFW

    Thank you all. I am a wee bit hard to understand though.
    I think fantasy is a wonderful coping mechanism and necessary tool for keeping love fresh. Don’t get me wrong. I write. I know fantasy. I like to blend them too. Why not?
    In the stories write I try to create someplace nice and ordered so that cares just slipped away, but their realistic. Thinks lining up. People trying for pleasing the other more than themselves. Why not a commercial about that?
    Some really good romantic stories make us feel like nothing too hard to accomplish if we believe in ourselves and trust those who enter our lives.

  • pup

    She’s STUNNING!

  • GFW

    Reality will always fall short of fantasy. I think also, if a commercial would morph to and from would be fun too. Life is not fantasy. Fantasy can damage day-to-day existences. Leave fantasy for our love lives. No one can live up to a man’s fantasy or a woman’s. Not in these quick turn around days. And this is why, more often than not, men cheat someone him or her can’t meet the fantasy.
    I liked the commercial. I wear Coco. I love all Chanel products. I’ve seen all the movies! It does cater to tweens and those in their early 20s who want to live that glamorous life. But will a fragrance bring that to you? No.

  • Reba

    Why does her jaw always look like it wants to detach from her face?

  • Elle

    @GFW: Men or women cheat because they feel insecure. Chanel’s commercial is all about target market and their mission or vision statement. Their advertising has to follow suit. Their latest fashion show was set in a super market so that was a bit realistic for some. You should check it out, it was really nice. Chanel is seen as glamorous and high end, so someone picking up their child may not be glamorous or high end to their target market. I see what you’re saying. Even if they did go down that route, they’d probably have their models in expensive Chanel clothes, so the realism would go out the window. It’s all about the specific advertising execution technique for that particular brand and your position, or how you want to be perceived by the consumer.

  • Cate

    She’s stunning! Such a perfect fit for the product and Chanel. I prefer her previous as this ad doesn’t really make sense although visually it looks great! The guy isn’t great looking either.

  • Jussayin

    @GFW: Sometimes, perhaps even most times these days – commercials are not shot to make sense, but to make a strong impression and to instill recall. After watching this one, and thinking about it a day later, my thoughts are about a very beautiful woman who loves a classy perfume who playfully sets her eyes on an upper class sophisticated looking dude. It has a james bond sort of ambiance it, but i didnt pick up on that at first. Story and actors aside, the more i think about the commercial the more i want to buy the perfume! Theres something about keira. Maybe it was the end of the commercial, where her hair was blowing perfectly on one side? She is awesome.

  • Jussayin

    @Reba: Because its as if Michelangelo, Da Vinci or the lord himself sculpted her face. She has an uncommon beauty. I think of it as a genius beauty.

  • Tao

    Wow! I can’t believe some people don’t think he’s good looking! I find him to be gorgeous! Although maybe that’s because I’ve seen him in other things. I think it’s a great ad but I wish it was longer. I think Keira looks stunning as usual.

  • Daisy


  • Wela

    Lookin’ gorge as usual

  • UndercoverLover

    Whens her next film? Its been awhile since anna karanina. Oh heck ill just google it myself

  • Bailey

    @UndercoverLover: She just finished jack ryan

  • Bailey

    I have a love hate view of Keira. When potc first came out i hated her cause she was so beautiful. I think i still do till this day. Not real hate, just extreme jealousy i guess lol i just cant stand how pretty she is

  • Jopet

    I love the commercial!

  • 🎶 GFW 🎶

    I think Coco Mademoiselle is a watered down version of its stronger sibling.
    I’m just more into reality these days and feel the world is trending towards that too.
    Anyone interested in my ideas can reach me at as I’ve lots of ideas. I’m an idea person. I’d don’t pimp fantasy though. This commercial, even if I was 24 wouldn’t push me to want to buy it. Not all 24YOs want a glamorous life full of fake people and smart parties, drugs and fierce competition for your guy. They, like Keira, want both. So Coco or Chanel by and large should show them both as ATTRACTIVE.

  • 🎶 GFW 🎶

    Dress them in Chanel and jeans. I get it. But eventually we all grow up and the ‘target’ audience moves away from non-stop partying.
    I’d like to see that. I just saw this and started posting is all. I wear more Chanel for Men than their women’s fragrances! Sh, tell no one.


    PS Steve;
    Note the above video’s symbolic all-seeing-eye homage to the ‘I’ scar icon on my forehead. This is what the marred servant in the Book of Mormon will be all about, when the money is right.

  • Lore

    Hello Dimitri Belikov

  • Elle

    @🎶 GFW 🎶: You just grow out of the target market. Usually the target market stays the same, you change, the target market doesn’t. Just because you still buy the product doesn’t mean you are a part of the companies target market.

  • Nightwish

    @🎶 GFW 🎶: So your perspective is valuable then, no? Being that you dont particularly like the commercials approach but still buy the brand? I think its strong branding and great advetising on chanels part if thats the case. Personally, i think Keira is so marketable because of her well rounded appeal – classy, very intelligent, non attention seeking, ultra confident and virtually impeccable character (nobodys perfect). That appeal would cross genders with me as well, and my girlfriend would also use chanel if she could afford them :-(

  • Nightwish

    To add another thought, i think the reason Keira isnt in the top 3 actresses slot right now is because she refuses to surrender her principled intellectual mindset, ie, dumb herself down to gain mass appeal, but i believe she has accepted the consequences of maintaining her integrity and her fans love her for that. I dont think she would want to be a huge mainstream actress and subject herself to all the nonsense that goes with it, so now shes in her comfort zone. There are hipsters who have taken a liking to her though. In both appearance and character, she is unreal.