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Michael Fassbender Dating Supermodel Naomi Campbell?

Michael Fassbender Dating Supermodel Naomi Campbell?

Michael Fassbender stops to pose with a fan while walking out to breakfast with his parents at the Canal Bank Cafe on Sunday morning (April 6) in Dublin, Ireland.

The night before, the 37-year-old actor stepped out for the 2014 Irish Film & Television Academy Awards held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Michael Fassbender

According to U.K.’s The Sun (Via Daily Mail), Michael is dating supermodel Naomi Campbell. The duo was reportedly spotted getting cozy earlier this week at Coya in the Mayfair district of London, England.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Michael and Naomi as a couple, if the news is true?

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  • cheesy

    yay! This is one step closer to reach Lupita’s heart <3

  • Fun

    It is maybe nit true but rumours are going fast:

  • marxist

    That would not be s good couple. They both got anger managemenr issues

  • MaryBeatles

    “two friends” JustJared those are his parents…! I think this news about him dating Naomi Campbell is 100% gossipy crap…like the one about Lupita…people should stop making up stories to discredit him. Leave Michael alone.

  • Sprinkle

    @Fun: That blind item is not Naomi. Naomi and fassbender have only just started dating.

  • Sam

    Ok, the source is not reliable so unless we see photos or something close….

  • lmao

    the sun? lol! just because they were seen together doesnt mean theyre now dating. Naomi is always at celeb events. I would never believe the sun lmao lmao.

  • Jam

    @MaryBeatles: It’s on the front page of The Sun and reported as fact. The Sun couldn’t do this if it wasn’t true. They could get sued.

    Watch out for madalina’s fans coming here to try and discredit the news Michael is dating someone else and not madalina. She has to try to be seen as Fassbenders girlfriend as that’s all she’s got.

  • Massa


    Michael and Naomi were seen kissing. They may not be a couple but he obviously isn’t with Madalina anymore or just isn’t into her that much if he can get it on with the worlds most famous supermodel in full view of a club.

  • Sam

    @Jam: even if some do not like it, he has been with madalina too….

  • I hope it’s Not True

    If true, he’s still in the same pool as he was with that Madalina chick! Naomi, Noooooooooooo.

  • Postergirl

    @Fun: if that was Naomi who walked in to find him with another, Michael would not be walking around anywhere without a limp! If Naomi caught Michael out we’d all know about it, her temper is legendary and she has a big mouth! not Naomi. But I do believe Michael and Naomi are dating it’s not being reported as gossip, there must be truth to it for it to be on the cover of the news paper. It’s the UK’s biggest tabloid newspaper and they have to abide by rules and laws nowadays. It’s being reported as ‘they are dating’ not ‘allegedly dating’. The story I think is true, they did meet for a date and smooch in front of people (sounds like Michael) whether they are a couple is the question.

  • Fun

    @Postergirl: lol for the temper of Naomi…. i listen many times that she is a real diva…. even if true, do not believe it will last (one more time)… so next? he is having fun…

  • MaryBeatles

    They say “girlfriends” but I would say “flings” (this “famous” Ghenea girl). He’s obviously just having fun because he said he doesn’t want a serious relationship so…

  • tsk tsk

    @Sprinkle: earlier in the week is a lifetime ago for jet setting supermodels and actors

  • Ja

    @Sam: Michael’s been with many chicks…

  • Ja

    @MaryBeatles: I don’t think Madalina was ever Michael’s girlfriend.

  • Sam

    @Ja: yeah and sometimes several at the same time following what i have read… Leo has a big competitor lol. i was jsut saying that it was a fact that he were too with madalina at one moment

  • LOIU

    She’s a horrible b**** and that seems to be his type, he likes crazy b****es

  • Sam

    He seems so kind with his parents. He is a lot with them in fact :-)

  • Shaun

    Wow Michael has the creme del la creme of his type. The worlds most well known, black supermodel. He doesn’t mess around.

  • LaLa

    @Jam: Do you know how tabloids work? Michael’s obviously not with Madalina but him being with Naomi isn’t true just because The Sun says so. They make up stories all the time.

  • Sam

    Before Madalina, it was really quiet around fassbender… now he is still in gossips….

  • Keri

    Naomi Campbell and Michael Fassbender!! That’s a fire couple! I hope it’s true. :)

  • spit in their faces

    Well, being both known for violent aggression, they are really a beautiful couple. I hope that one day we will hear that both ended up in the emergency room to have beaten each other. It would be a nice conclusion. I hope they disappear from the spotlight, enough with these people without respect.

  • Too many W/hores in this story

    @Jam: It isn’t on the front page of The Sun it is on page 15 I have the paper next to me.

  • Tomas

    @Sam: but ALL bad comments about him. I bet he wishes he could go back to less gossip. Maybe with this Naomi Campbell story it will turn around. It may not be good comments made but it won’t be as bad as when he was pictured with Madalina!

  • Jam
  • Oh Please

    @Shaun: “Creme de la creme?” She may still be attractive, but she’s no spring chicken, and is known for being a raging bitch. I just saw a blind that she caught him with another woman already (what do you expect from him?) and got into a physical fight with her. THAT’S Naomi.

  • WTF

    Well, this is random. Hope she’s nicer to him and doesn’t hit him on the head with a mobile. He might hit back though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • @oh please

    @Oh Please: Nice try. She is the ultimate black supermodel, that cannot be denied, he has stated his type is black women, he has scored big time with Naomi. Is that you Madalina? Madalina PR?

  • Bulldog

    They are both fiery so I’m sure they’ll have fun. I’m sure it’s a fling but what a pair!

  • Wouldn’t Doubt It

    Now Fassbender and Campbell, I can see. Fassbender and Lupita? No way!!! Fassbender is a great actor, but he is proving to be more like his character in “Shame.” The man is going thru females left and right, faster than a speeding bullet. Campbell used to be a “freak.” That’s what Mike Tyson said years ago. He said Campbell would do “anything.” That meant sexually. However, she is getting older and more mature. She grown and learned a lot. I saw her on TV recently, and she seemed so much more improved from how she used to be. I don’t think she will have babies, so maybe she is the type of woman Fassbender would do well with. They could be somewhat striking together, like David Bowie and Iman were when they started out. However, Fassbender needs to clean himself up and stop looking so scruffy like a Mountain Man if he’s going to have Campbell on his arm. I think Fassbender probably needs a woman who is a bit of a pistol anyway. He may get bored easily and need some drama……… at the end of the day though, the chances of these two making it permanent is slim. Campbell’s relationships never lasted. She’s been engaged, but never got to the altar. And Fassbender, well, we already know what he’s been up to. They may be good for some fun times only.

  • Lisa

    “If it’s The Sun it must be true” has got to be the funniest idea I’ve read today. Remember the Sun had him with Lupita, and as proof, the fact that he had taken his mother to the Oscars! Last night he won the IFTA for best supporting actor. The Sun doesn’t cover that–rather, it buries that story with this absolute BS from an unnamed “source.” The Sun in this story also says it’s not clear whether their relationship will last because both are too busy–thereby giving itself an excuse when this nonexistent “relationship” described by an unnamed “source” goes nowhere.
    As for CDAN, it is well known for making stuff up–not unlike The Sun.

  • tea

    I heard that he dumped Madalina a few days after he found out she used a fake miscarriage as a way to keep him around. Naomi is just as cray.
    Rule #1 Micheal : DON’T PUT YOUR D-CK IN CRAZY.

  • She’s The Ultimate Alright

    She the ultimate supermodel that’s been with at least 1000 men. And have you seen her toes?

  • Emma

    @Lisa: @Lisa: I think the story is true.

  • hi

    ok now that is disgusting

  • Idle gossip

    The Sun fabricates many stories, most people in the UK know this. Last month on tge day after the Oscars the Sun claimed he was lovesick over Lupita even though he had been “spending time” with Madalina earlier this year. And the day after the IFTAs the Sun pairs him with Naomi but waits 5 days after the alleged sighting. Strange that. He’s said many times that he’s not looking for serious relationships and is having fun. Maybe he has hooked up with her like he has with many other women, most of them we won’t even know about. But that’s not what most folk call dating. And there will be many more to come

  • Pics or it never happened

    Does she keep her wig on when they shag? Usually she goes after old billionaires and he goes after younger co-stars. Such an odd coupling.

  • Spring Bird

    @She’s The Ultimate Alright: Michael must have a thing for women with ugly, big feet as Madalina Ghenea has big, rotten feet also! Yuck!

  • Riotwo

    @Pics or it never happened: are you talking about Naomi or Madalina?


    Anyone that hooks up with Fassy has to know it’s a wham bam thank you m’amm situation. On the other hand, I firmly believe Naomi could kill someone if she doesn’t get her way.

  • tsk tsk

    You naive kids, Michael has a huge movie to promote. Someone’s PR machine has made sure this story gets out. That too is how tabloids get their “stories”. From publicists or from the actual subjects of the gossip for various reasons.

  • Ha-Ha!

    @She’s The Ultimate Alright: After Naomi wraps those long, glorious legs around Fassbender, the last thing he’d be thinking about is her toes! And for him, probably the more gnarly they are, the better. Lol!

  • Josephsliff

    Naomi looks younger than Miss Ghenea! I’ll give her that but she’s a little temperamental. But so is Michael, so…

  • tsk tsk

    “Tthe Sun claimed he was lovesick over Lupita even though he had been “spending time” with Madalina earlier this year.

    That is hardly contradictory especially if the latter was paid for companionship. Familiar with the lyrics of a song, if you can’t be with the one you want, love the one you with.

    I would just substitute love for a different word.

  • Ha-Ha!

    @RUUUN: Are you trying to say that prison time is in Naomi Campbell’s near future? Lol!

  • tsk tsk

    Spank me sorry Crosby Still and Nash and sometimes Young that line was

    “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”

  • Tomas

    @Ha-Ha!: To be fair Naomi’s feet aren’t as bad as Madalina’s. I took the liberty to have a look and no wonder madalina was in lace ups whilst on vacation recently. I bet Fassys feet are minging too.