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Jennifer Lawrence's Crazy Faces at the 'X-Men' Premiere Were Amazing!

Jennifer Lawrence's Crazy Faces at the 'X-Men' Premiere Were Amazing!

Jennifer Lawrence makes a crazy face while posing for a photo with her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult and a fan while attending the premiere of their new movie X-Men: Days of Future Past on Saturday evening (May 10) at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress is always the queen of the funny faces at the events she attends. Don’t you remember all her amazing faces at the SAG Awards earlier this year?!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Jason Wu dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, a Kotur bag, and Ana Khouri jewelry.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult at the premiere…

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jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 03
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 04
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jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 15
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 16
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 17

Credit: Amanda Schwab, Dave Alloca; Photos: Starpix/Just Jared
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  • Katniss

    She’s obnoxious.

  • Yuck

    Gee, she looks just like Miley, acting like a 10 year old. For those of you who think she’s classy and special….News Flash: She’s NOT. He can do better.

  • Sweetness

    Oh wow, Jennifer Lawrence attention-wh*ring in a red carpet. again.

  • here we go again

    always with the faces Jen, smh, don’t see any other actress getting an extra article about them after a premiere just cause they made funny faces. she better buy her publicist a super nice gift after all the unnecessary “fluff” articles of her so she can appear “down to earth” >_>

  • george

    @katniss yup shes very obnoxious

  • Jesse Rivera

    The hell does it matter what faces she makes. She’s young, having fun and around a bunch of friends, she’s having fun. She isn’t hurting anybody. If she bothers you that much why click on the article. I’m not a big fan of hers by any means but it’s stupid to click on an article about someone you don’t like just to talk shit. Pointless.

  • assman

    she is so annoying and worst Mystique ever, total fail

  • Duh

    @Jesse Rivera: And you’re probably one of those who are always griping about Miley Cyrus doing the same thing. This is a more formal event, and you have to be mature enough to act the part, if your’e going to be on the red carpet. She never acts mature.

  • OMG

    Nicholas Hoult is HOT. What the h*e*l*l is he doing with a jerk like her?

  • Aye

    She’s aware of the backlash…and she’s trying to show she doesn’t care. Whatever she does from now on, it’s going to be oh she takes herself sooooo seriously or on the other end of the spectrum she’s obnoxious and arrogant for not respecting the fans. That’s what you get for being the 0.0000000001 per cent that gets lucky and very overpaid in the most unstable profession in the world. Jen, if it gets too much, just go count your money like the rest of the A-list.

  • ed Maher

    Are you kidding? Another little mind in a dark place with nothing intellectual to say.

  • ed Maher

    Down to earth person having fun with the whole thing.

  • alexandrina

    is it necessary?

  • Bill

    Jennifer is just a young actress having fun with the crowd at the premiere of her upcoming blockbuster! C’mon, guys, what’s the problem? She’s not the president of the USA at the UN! And she’s not acting. Jennifer has always been like that, even when she wasn’t that famous. If you watch her interviews in 2009/2010, you’ll see the same jokes and awkwardness.

  • Anon

    Gotten over her but I’m glad she’s just goofing it off and having fun. Though girlfriend looks about 35 with that dress+haircut.. It’s hard to believe she’s the same age as Emma Watson (or is she YOUNGER than emma?) yikes.

  • Primrose

    I used to like her! What happened to the sweet Jennifer Lawrence back then??? :l

  • katniss85

    there are some really stuck up and over dramatic people here
    Jennifer Lawrence has always been goofy and makes crazy faces all the time, don’t get why people are surprised *rolls eyes*

    Also, it seems from the comments on tumblr i have seen of fans attending the premiere, the fans are saying she was the nicest at the premiere and i heard she was the only one who signed stuff and went through the whole fan crowd , it seems people here don’t really know her in real life and are judgmental as hell but fans at the premiere who actually met her says she is by far the best.
    Even a Hugh Jackman fan said she was even nicer than Hugh. lol

    i literally laughed at people on here saying she is disrespecting the fans and being obnoxious cause she was having fun and making faces when i see the comments from fans attending the premiere saying she is so nice.

  • katniss85


    you should really check your eyes then, you eyesight is not very good i think

  • LOL

    Can’t stand her… ewww sorry JLaw fans

  • nina

    I hope and pray they break up and she gets freed by this humorless and talentless wannabe!
    He’d totally be KStew’s type -both are gloomy and miserable- was she not a lesbian :/

  • LOL

    @Anon: Totally true!!! She looks older than her age. LOL

  • katniss85


    from what i have seen of the comments from fans actually attending the premiere, they seem to think she is really sweet and nice so yeah, i am pretty sure Jennifer Lawrence will be fine.
    she does not need your advice or your stupid comments

  • katniss85


    don’t click on her article then, simple as that or are you a stupid?

  • hah

    @katniss85: being nice at a premiere for her is called “doing her f****** job”, of course she’s going to be super nice when she’s actually working, I would be too if I was getting paid the millions she’s getting. x-men isn’t just her movie though, it’s an ensemble movie. This girl is getting over-inflated fast. Whenever shailene does the hang loose sign, she gets chastised over looking stupid, but of course Jen is just the sweetest little thing with her funny faces. Good god, people are so pathetic idolizing people that play pretend lol.

  • katniss85


    she is an actress and she has a loud,goofy and funny personality it’s not for everybody but she should not change herself just to please some whinny people on the internet, she should just live her life her own way and to hell with the obnoxious haters, they have no life and she is earning millions and being happy instead of being bitter and hateful.

  • katniss85


    huh you know there are actors and actresses who earns millions and actually don’t bother with fans at premiere, you are sad if you think everybody does the same.
    and also, why the hell did you mentioned Shailene Woodley? who the hell cares about Shailene in this post?
    You are so bitter and jealous that her fans like her for who she is
    plus she is actually talented

  • Bliss

    @katniss85: You’re silly and you obviously need to get a life instead of spending all your time posting here. Troll.

  • Bliss

    @katniss85: No she’s not. She’s an average actor; playing the same in every movie. Other than the haircut, can you see the difference between the roles in Silver Linings and Hustle? She’s the same in every film. Overrated.

  • Madge

    lol at the pathetic JlAW HATERS here.lmao look at 23 year old HAVING FUN !!! that’s just horrible,right ?

    anyway,Jen looked amazing,love her so much.amazing actress,gorgeous,and she’s just hilarious.she needs to have her own talk show LMAO

  • truth

    Bi*tch is overrated, overpaid and overexposed. So sick of her stupid *faces* … same old .. its so f-ing annoing and attention seeking. uhh.. Just go away for a while and take your middle firger with herself, bi*ch.

  • she… again

    Ignorant, arrogant and self centered mediocre actress that happens to be lucky casted in adaptation of successful y.a book and Harvey W film. She didnt deserve Oscar, neither nomination for AHustle. Major PR is basic key of all her success. Mia W, Carey Mulligan and Jessica Chastain much better actresses and more likeble in person. So tired of her.

  • sweetness

    She’s awesome..totally LOVE her!

  • stunt?

    Is she flipping the bird and wildly screaming at photigraphs this time???

  • r

    What an ATTENTION SEEKER!!! Poor Nicholas, he is to good for her.

  • Nessa

    Jen… Staaaahhhhhppp. You look like an idiot. You are too good for this ridiculousness.

  • Sweetness know Lawrence is the reigning queen of the box office when you have so many people reacting to every single thing she does…the only other actress who generates such attention here is Angelina Jolie…
    Lawrence is #1!

  • tik

    Is her middle-finger invited at the premiere?

  • yonce

    J Law’s tricks become repetitive – crazy faces, tongue, falls … tiring and boring. Tell her PR team to create something new and fresh.

  • opps

    I like Jennifer at the beginning but I don’t like this attention seeking diva behavior. Still remember her obnoxiousness when she was on stage at the Oscars. She acted like a 12 year old. This is a dangerous territory she’s crossing for her “likability” factor. Even AnnE Hathaway these days not as much annoying as Jlaw.

  • pipa

    What an intelligent elegant grace kind person. NOT! Just average Kentucky white trash in cheap vulgar looking dress that sucking all spotlight around herself. Jennifer, that is ensemble type of movie – you are NOT the only one movie star there.

  • jlo

    She is acting like a petulant child. Get over yourself!

  • sam

    She knows the media will be all over such an exaggerated dramatic behavior for her actual foolishly stupidity and *craziness* cause she’s “sooo adorable and down to earth”… the image that was created on purpose overblow her celebrity/star profile. Jen sold her soul for fame.
    p.s. Nick so adorable, appropriate, sweet and natural that Jennifer next to him looks attention hungry drama queen.

  • yeahh

    This girl is master of publicity. She know how make em talking about…

  • um

    Actually, I’m surprised she didn’t pull some MORE expressive emphatic and emphasized stunts… as she can.))

  • What?

    @Sweetness: “Lawrence attention-wh*ring in a red carpet. again.” are you effing kidding me? How bitter are you? SHE is in THAT MOVIE, so therefor she walks the red carpet, so therefor people will make pics of her. How you call that “attention-wh*ring in a red carpet.”? To be on the red carpet for her movies is part of her job.

  • Pam

    Just a 23 year girl having fun at her movie premiere interacting with her fans making their time worth it, most of those people stood their for days in line for a chance to meet these actors.

    My daughter is 21 and based on her instagram account photos, it seems like Jennifer is just like most 20 something young women.

    I always laugh when I read comment sections because people can hide behind their keyboard when writing about celebrities and say bitter things most likely out of jealousy.



  • CarrieFromBelgium

    @Pam: if you have a daughter of 21,i think you have better to do than defend the petulant behaviour of an actress

  • Lena

    I love love love the Hunger Games movies. I think she’s done a great job in those. Having said that, I find actors and actresses to be mere “tools” to telling a good story. Giving them more credit or elevating them to more intellect or worthiness of respect or admiration I find to be a dumb concept. Most are vapid and empty voids of narcissism as far as I can tell. She’s a great example. Low class chick. Can’t seem to communicate anything other than with her middle finger. There’s that blind reveal about the limo driver getting into a dilemma because she left a bag of coke on the seat and he didn’t know what to do because he didn’t want to get fired or iget in trouble for having drugs in the car, but on the other hand, tick off the celebrity who might complain, and then she allegedly came back happy to find that the blow was not lost after all. She’s been photographed smoking dope. She sounds off looking like a royal idiot. What was it? People who call her fat should all be imprisoned? Something like that? Like prisons have space and money to accommodate her in that way? Anyone who makes her uncomfortable has to go to jail? What a pig. Like the fan, Jennifer, who called your brother’s cell phone 200 times like every other dam/m telemarketer out there and was such a threat to you when he showed up to a freaking POLICE station looking for you where you were not located but probably 100+ cops were there instead? See what I did there? I addressed my comments to HER directly. Uh oh, I’m gonna go to jail now eh?…LOL. :)…do not want to make Jennifer angry….ooooooh…

    I am glad to see her hype is dying down. To me, she’s just another selfish brat who has an ATROCIOUS attitude as far as I’m concerned. And yes, I believe this nice goofy girl persona is an act. I think she’s a little shi/t deep down. I would get annoyed with her fast if I got stuck on an elevator with her I’m sure and I’m confident I’d start trying to claw my way out of there pronto!

  • Jen

    She is SO last year’s news. I used to like her, then saw her on some talk shows with all of her vulgar “slip ups” and flipping the bird, of course. She has no class, no filters, and is just a loudmouth. Everyone knows she smokes weed, but there have been very serious rumors about her coke use, too. Oh, but her moron fans thinks it’s all “cute.”