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Ian Somerhalder Looks Super Suave For His Brazilian Fans!

Ian Somerhalder Looks Super Suave For His Brazilian Fans!

Ian Somerhalder is handsome in a blazer while chatting with fans outside of his hotel on Monday (May 12) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“Wishing every mother the knowing that she is not only loved by her children but by all of humanity. Cherish your Mom;) Happy Mothers Day!” the 35-year-old actor tweeted the day before.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder

A few weeks ago, Ian rocked a newsboy cap while arriving at celebrity hotspot Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

20+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder spending time with his fans in Brazil…

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ian somerhalder suave in brazil 01
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 02
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 03
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 04
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 05
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 06
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 07
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 08
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 09
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 10
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 11
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 12
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 13
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 14
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 15
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 16
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 17
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 18
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 19
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 20
ian somerhalder suave in brazil 21

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • http://scarletmuca scarleth muñoz

    Ian is so gorgeous !! I LOVE HIM I Iwish he comes to Chile someday.

  • Bea

    So he has arrived. So short after meeting Fans in Brussels. He’s a trooper, much respect for him! He’s so sexy <3

  • Jen

    He’s so beautiful, in and outside ;)

  • Vessy

    Hehe, the boy is unstoppable. Real trooper. Lovely Ian. People like him make difference!

  • Mandy

    He’s truly the best! We love you Ian Somerhalder!!!!!!!!!

  • Sunny

    Ian is sooo sweet <3 Gorgeous man with a Heart of Gold.

  • GG

    He looks sooo exhausted. Ian, constant fan love with no rest is going to kill you. No one else puts in 110%. I would really love to see him enjoy some “me” time, find a nice lady and just chill. He deserves it.

  • Janette

    What a silly outfit and that baret? LOL. I realize he is losing his hair, but please hire a stylist!

  • He does not look happy

    He does not look very happy on these pics, he rather look pis***ed off when the camera is aiming at him. Maybe he is getting tired alrayd of those so many people trying to take pictures with him but he does it anyway, even if he looked tired and exhausted.

    I love ian but that smirk on his face it is tiring already, cant he do another face expression other than the one with the smirk?

  • Mad man?

    In any of those pictures with the fans he looks happy, he looks mad If that was the case why the heck then he took pics with the fans if he was not in a good mood? or why he w3ent to Brazil to meet fans if he was in a bad mood?

    . I guess he is starting to get tired of being hounded by fans all over the world

  • Julia

    He just keeps on getting more beautiful every day.
    He looks tired after a long fight but still takes pictures with fans. Such a kind & humble man. Wish there were more people like him in the world.

  • Mad man?

    @Julia: But this time he looks mad and you do not see them that happywith fans.

  • Kylie

    Is he in Brazil for another convention? The fans there are over pushy and insane. No offence, but honestly Ian is getting too old for the type of teenage dreams fans put him in. Seeing him with his hands and mouth up against girls half his age at conventions is starting to creep me out. Also Paul Wesley, a forever 17 year old vampire. Hell no to endless TVD seasons.

  • Ellen

    Beautiful man inside and out, and I worry about him taking on so much, over the last Year, he needs some rest.<3

  • verox87

    @Mad man?: He’s not mad but just tired after a long flight from Bruxelles and this is understandable..he’s such a lovely guy and he always give su much affection and gratitude to his fan..beautiful amazing humang being! Love him

  • stacy

    LOL he doesn’t look good at all

  • gisseke

    so bad dressed

  • hellena

    @Kylie: agreee!!!!!!!!!! he has 35 and when you see him touching all this 16-17 years old girls is getting very creapy

  • Izzy

    Love him!!!!!

  • LanaP

    Amazing guy and amazing pictures.

  • vera


  • janet

    Ian has another face expression beside smirking? he does it everywhere even when he acts. no surprise this summer all he does is one casted him in some movie at least

  • amy

    so hot!!!!!!!

  • Leeza

    He’s gorgeous, I love Ian!

  • Hannah

    Wow I love him hot & nice & great actor,Team Damon forever

  • anna

    awwww love ian a lot — thank u for the piccies justjared!!


    creapy smirk

  • michelle

    Horrible hat! And he is always dressed the same. When TVD will be over i wonder if someone will give him some acting job! he has 2 expressions he will probably still do cons even at 40 years old and licking young girls faces and looking at their breats ( as i hear from fans)

  • nadia

    I find Ian super hypocrite. He went to a expensive ISLAND to make plans to save the world ! WOW IAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanna

    Ian is probably the sweetest man on Earth. He’s so kind, sexy and always takes Time for his Fans even after a long Con Weekend and a long flight! He is the best ;)

    @nadia: he was invited in and btw, there were a lot of Game changer there and his ISF Assistant were with him! Don’t talk if you have no clue what’s going on. You guys are so easy to jugdes someone but don’t even do some research. I feel sorry for you.

  • Tina

    Ian will be in Brazil 2 Times and this Time he is not there for Fans or a Convention! He is there to do press for Azzaro!! So whoever complains he looks mad? WTF…this man always makes Time for his Fans, he took so many pics outside the Hotel in brussels. No one of the TVD cast is as awesome and nice as he is. And the Fans love him right back! Ian rocks and you “haters” are obviously just jealous as f*ck!!!

  • Anita

    Yay, new pictures! He looks awesome, love him.

  • Emilia

    Oh please we all know EVERYONE loves Ian and “the others” are just jealous! ;) he looks super HOT as always, can’t wait for his Event today. He’s gonna rock it.

  • Carly


  • E


  • Evie

    Gorgeous ….

  • nadia

    @Joanna: yeah yeah game changers in drinking and partying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • victoria


  • Joanna

    @nadia: and? He works so much all the Time. Is he not allowed to have some fun? it was an Event hosted by richardbranson “Leveraging Your Influence for Good” Leadership Gathering btw!

  • Helen

    Handsome and awesome man! I hope he has a great Time in Brazil. The Fans love him there <3 he's been trending since yesterday on Twitter!! ;)

  • Yvonne

    He is such a sweet Person! Loved his comment on Mothers Day and love that he always stops and talks to Fans or take pictures. He’s an amazing Idol, I’m so proud of him.

  • Chloe

    Have you guys seen how popular Ian Somerhalder is? He has almost the most comment out of every actor here! That will get him a good rank in the Top 5!!! People LOVE him!! Go Ian!!

  • Val

    I love him :)

  • cherie

    LOL! I see the same , or same, green with Envy People are coming out of there Hole again, because there Idol , cant touch Ian in anything, not even close, or in Popularity. Ian had a cruel Schedule for a Year, because He was doing so much between taping His Show. He just came just of a long weekend in Brussels. on behalf of TVD, He is in Brazil for azzaro, but still made Time to greet and take pictures with His fan, because He is a sweet, caring Man, and they would be so disappointed if he did not. He does so much good, and he is getting more gorgeous every Year. We will always love You Ian, and congratulations on Your Segment of YOLD, it I was fantastic.

  • No more smirks

    I am a fan of Ian and I know he is a humble man, down to earth and he does many nice things to support environment and animals causes among other things he supports. But like many commenters say here he is not a teenager anymore to keep kissing and touching teenagers around 15 to 18 yrs old. He can address to his younger fans in another way, not like that. I know he loves his fans very much for their support but kissing and touching the way Ian does it when u are not a teenager anymore does not look good. A hug can be nice sure but he kisses and touches teenagers in a very odd way. Not onlly teenagers are Ian fans, there are fans not teenagers taht are also fan of Ian so he should be addressing his support not just to teenagers.

    And yes that smirk is getting outdated, he does it cause he knows fans like it so he does it for publicity reasons. ANd people are noticing that smirk is getting outdated I have spoken with many Ian fans and they say the same, it is outdated already. He just can smile and he be just fine without the smirk that is getting old already.

  • bella

    Seeing pictures of IAN kissing and touching in that way those girls ( some of them around 16 years old) last weekend just made me roll my eyes and he creeps me out. Ian somerhalder you have 35 years old.!!!!!!!!!!

    If you want a woman go and get a woman STOP TOUCHING YOUNG GIRLS LIKE THAT DUDE.

  • veea

    His smirk is very creapy and he looks like some rapist geez

  • brandy

    @No more smirks: he does sexual jokes with them to!

  • Joelle

    The cap and the straggle hair in the front are not a good look for him. He looks better without the cap. If he’s embarrassed about losing his hair maybe he should consider hair plugs.

  • Ems

    Ian! He is nice, hot and amazing! <3