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Angelina Jolie Wants to Be Experimental & Raw with Brad Pitt in New Movie (Video)

Angelina Jolie Wants to Be Experimental & Raw with Brad Pitt in New Movie (Video)

Check out Angelina Jolie chatting about her on-screen reunion with her beau Brad Pitt in an upcoming film!

“It’s not a big movie, not an action movie. It’s the kind of movie we love, but aren’t often cast in. It’s a very experimental, independent type film where we get to be actors together and be really raw, open, try things,” the 38-year-old actress shared to Extra. Watch the video below!

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Angie added, “[Brad]’s my family. He’s not just a lover and partner, which is wonderful, but he’s my family now… We have history and work hard to make it great. We don’t kind of relax about it and take each other for granted, so like everybody, we have our challenges, but we’re fighting to make it great.”

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Angelina Jolie – ‘Extra’ Interview
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  • Annabelle

    They’re going to do another movie together?!

  • busted

    This was a great interview. How beautiful does she look. I love how she talks about her and Brad/Family life. She is stunning.. and I am so enjoying all the tweets and comments about how much people have LOVE interviewing her.. She leaves them wanting more.

    Just a gorgeous woman.. Just a bit over a week til Maleficent..

  • Sweet

    I’m so sick of her…I do think she’s an egomaniac under all that do-gooder thing.
    Everything they do is like an image-building exercise.
    Seriously, if no one was watching, would she be half as self-satisfied?

  • Jen the Hag

    I’m first?? She’s really gorgeous and smart and talented.. no wonder a lot of envious troll ..bwahahahah!!

  • Jen the Hag

    oh sorry not ..hehehee

  • truly

    Maleficent looks fabulous- good interview.

  • Jen the Hag


    Wow you’re so sick of her .. but you’re always on every thread of Angelina Jolie… do you have mental illness??

  • lurker

    you fool yet you ass is packed here commenting,useless trolls

  • Sweet

    @Jen the Hag: This is the first time I’ve ever posted in one of her threads so you’re wrong! Not liking Angelina Jolie =/= mental illness!

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  • http://itstrue EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!

  • Guy

    Too much plastic surgery angelina, this explains why you’re so unhappy.

  • http://itstrue EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!

    Asians can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
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    All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds! They value hiding it more than their own lives!!!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, it works if you try enough!!! Also look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.

  • Xoxo

    Anything with Angie I’ll watch…
    Add Brad into it, I’ll double watch

  • groundcontrol

    There have been some great interviews during this promotion. Nice to see what a well balanced and good natured person Angelina is – just as everyone who knows her attests to.
    She looks lovely and seems happy with the film.

  • anustin

    moroniston to the max!!! fck off azzzhole.get out of this thread.

  • Marcus

    oh man, she IS wearing a wig….

  • Ugonna Wosu

    amazing, she’s so at peace within herself.

  • just sayin

    Jerry P always get the best interview outta Angie. He truly loves both Brad and Angie. Can’t wait for the new Brad&Angie movie.

  • yea

    Brad can play the infant with the bulging diapers. Jolie can play the babysitter who has to change his big messy.,,,oh wait done that

  • Jen the Hag


    Please we know you TROLL..always changing names !!

  • Wendy


    That is absolutely freaky! OMG!

  • Jack

    This new movie sounds boring. she’s too precious and plastic for an independent film.

  • Jen the Hag

    TROLL HAGS always in pain .. sorry LOSERS .. ANGELINA JOLIE is here to stay you .. i love that HAGS are always in pain… bwahahahaha!! LOOOSERSSSS!!

  • Trina

    Those really are obvious that Asians can read minds! wow i’m shocked!!

  • ?

    An Anorexic Porno?

  • groundcontrol

    Great interview. She likes this guy and she always seems relaxed with him. I think that opens her up which always makes for a more interesting interview. I think the British and Australian reporters also have a more relaxing manner about them which also leads to better conversations.

  • Jen the Hag

    and TROLLS always choose men’s name as if real men will spend their precious time on a gossip blog ..bwahhahahhahahah!!!

  • anustin

    and u are great,jolie.bless u and ur family.

  • Observer2

    Great interview. Jerry loves him some Angelina and Brad and they really like him.

    Every interviewer has said how absolutely love she is. How open and friendly. And she gives good interview. She seems so happy and it comes shining through.

    Yet, we’re supposed to believe the 7 trolls, if that. I say 7 because that’s what used to post at Fat Fvcks R Us. When they say no one likes her. Funny, because everyone that meets her and them, says the same thing as these interviewers are. Oh and how incredibly beautiful she is. The beauty that the trolls can not handle.

    Still waiting for them to bring links over of people saying how much they dislike her. Ya know, talking behind her back to the trolls faces.

    Also, the before pictures, the dates of those pictures. The after pictures and dates of those pictures and real experts saying that she had all of these surgeries.

    It’s not going to happen because they can never back their bull$hit up.

    They can dish it out, but, can’t back it up.

  • Dave

    no, not angelena the devil, go away, awaaayyyyy! her face is that of an alien from los angeles! no, please angelina, no more, we don’t want any more, nooooo! we can’t stand to look at your creepy face and cliche interviews please!!!! we know you have a big ego but please go awayyyyyy!

  • Observer2


    Don’t you have a beanstalk to get to climbing? Don’t forget your magic beans.

  • Jake

    Why is she dressed as if she was the first lady? wtf?

  • Observer2


    Yet, you spend your days using one hand to help you get over it, don’t you?

    Except, it’s not no that you’re saying while using it. LMAO!

  • chop chop

    open and raw……sounds like Ang’s plastic surgery home movies

  • Jake

    @?: hahahha! an anorexic porno, good one! i think you might be right!

  • Observer2


    You and Dave and ? need to star in one. It’ll be called the three faces of Jack.

  • Jake

    @chop chop: haha, you’re funny. open and raw. she should be open and raw about those surgeries . but at the same time they are so apparent and bizarre that the surgeons’s signatures are all over that creepy face.

  • Jake

    @Observer2: hahhaha! hey that’s good too!

  • Dawne

    Awww, the babies are whining …………go to Ticky’s great unloading……..and I am not referring to her cleansed colon……..she has a trailer out for Life of Slime……….go post……it’s lonely over there……noone could give a shite if she never appeared in a film again………but hey, she’s got Aveeno…….and three fans…….oh, and her unemployed toy boy who spends his unemployed days riding his bicycle around LA……..what happened to his series…………LMAO………

  • Observer2


    Why don’t you tell us what surgeon’s did the surgeries. Back up the bull$hit.

    You MUST have all of that information. You’re so SURE.

    Let’s have it. Jack/Dave/chop chop/?

    Or is that Jack as Dave can’t back it up and leaves no one with a ? that you’re full of it. Now, chop chop.

  • media Wh@re MANiston


    You are so sick of her but the 3rd one to post on this new thread. STFU you hypocrite.

  • trt

    So why do you come and post? If you weren’t a stupid dingaling you would know not to put your finger in an electric socket. You dislike her but yet you go out of your way to come to her thread. Are you an idiot?

  • Power

    @Observer2: i’ll answer she’s had a couple. rosenberg, and another one in beverly hills; and the same as kim kadarshian and dr flower? some of them i think, and others, and maybe in brazil as well.

  • Passing Through

    # 1047 fyi @ 05/20/2014 at 7:22 pm
    The actress shared what makes her 10-year relationship with Pitt so special. “He’s my family. He’s not just a lover and partner, which he is wonderfully, but he’s my family now… We have history and work hard to make it great. We don’t kind of relax about it and take each other for granted, so like everybody, we have our challenges, but we’re fighting to make it great.”
    As for playing Maleficent, Jolie said the character’s catchphrase, “Well, well” is now a Jolie-Pitt household greeting. “My kids meet me with that when I walk through the door now. Knoxie loves it and tried to see if everybody else could do it,” adding, “But he tells dad he can’t do it.”
    ROTLFMAO at Knox telling Brad he can’t do the “Well, well” line. That’s almost as funny as Z telling him not to dance anymore. Kids are a riot..and will say anything…which is why I’m glad I don’t have any. LOL!
    Also, since Angie has now clarified for the troll that Brad is a wonderful lover and partner in addition to being family…what’s her new angle going to be? That Angie’s only saying it because she knows the troll knows there’s no passion between her and Brad? LOL!

  • media Wh@re MANiston

    Poor name changing troll. Losing it shiz again.

  • Jake

    @Observer2: She’s had many, i don’t know the names and who cares. they did bad work.

  • Jen the Hag

    There’s a TICKY thread that Jared posted…. why are the HAGS not in there?? Is FAT TICK Manny so boring that even her fans stay away from her thread?? Oh yeah when they talk about TICKY’s fake blond hair, her three nose job and fake boobies and short legs.. what’s there to talk about ?? NOTHING!! bwahahahahahahah!!

  • Energy

    angie will do a porn flick a cheap one;

  • Observer2


    Dates. Be very specific. And then gives us her doctors saying that she had them. And when she was in Brazil. That’d be good.

    Oh wait, you just shot yourself in the foot. Some of them, you think? ROTFLMAO! That’s like when you heard, isn’t it?

    Pics, dates, links to expert opinions. Back it up. ALL of it up.

    Chop, chop

    Don’t think. Know.

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