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Ryan Phillippe & Girlfriend Paulina Slagter Fuel Up on IV Nutrition Service Together

Ryan Phillippe & Girlfriend Paulina Slagter Fuel Up on IV Nutrition Service Together

Ryan Phillippe and his girlfriend Paulina Slagter relax in their chairs while getting a dose of IV nutrition on Saturday (June 14) at their hotel in Miami, Fla.

The 39-year-old actor and Paulina, 23, used VitaSquad, which is a mobile intravenous nutritional therapy service that “features various ‘Medical Cocktails’ administered by professional nurses to help fight fatigue, anxiety or even a pesky hangover with rejuvenating effects lasting up to four days.”

Ryan and Paulina have been enjoying the sunny weather in Miami for the past week and they were seen showing off their amazing beach bodies during their trip!

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Photos: Vitasquad
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  • wandalismus

    that is soooo stupid

  • GFW

    Wait, these people have nothing pressing to do. So why can’t they eat?
    Sorry, this is about the scariest, most ugliest, visual I’ve EVER seen come out of Hollyweird.

  • GFW

    No, wait. They’re down in Florida at some hotel using I.V. feed of “nutriments” for a number of ailments of the rich and shameless like hangovers and jet lag. This photo is disturbing.

  • DanaJ

    Seriously? someone took picture of them, when they are like that? next time someone takes a picture of a person on a toilet seat or in a coma or something… Talk about privacy invasion. we don’t need to see this.

  • scarlett

    And how much it VitaSquad paying you to run this?

  • Ohh my

    WTF is that? IV nutrition? You got to be kidding. Tha tis the most stupid thing I ever heard a celeb doing just to keep themselves young and refreshed.

    What a doofest!! That is so ridicuous to the lenghts many Hollyweird go to look good. They practice these ridiculous stuff to keep themselves looking flawless..

    No wonder Hollywood can easily be caclled Hollyweird, cause all its residents are a bunch of awkward, people doing jsut ridiclous stuff

    That gf is16 yrs younger than him!!!!!!!

  • Cate

    This is an appalling and potentially dangerous product to advertise. Pretty obvious they have been paid to promote this product along with Just Jared. D-listers paid to advertise intravenously administered “Medical cocktails” to the gullible young readers on this site. Disgusting.

  • beautifullypoor

    Too much hate in this world.

  • GFW

    Only thing is no one looks ‘flawless’ because they burn the candle at both ends then think some nastiness like this will revitalize them rather than doing it according to the master plan. Fact. God does not like this IMO. This is a horrible advert for the service. It looks bad, and what about the “track” marks like they’re dopers? Sorry, there is something about this not only wrong, but frightening. What’s next heroin on the run?
    With any luck something “new” will crop up for Jared, et. al, to upload and make this horrible sight to away.

  • GFW

    Opinions are not hate. Judging us for them is.

  • beautifullypoor

    @GFW: You have no opinion silly! Your opinion is based on media!

  • Diosa

    @GFW: “horrible sight”? You live a very protected life.

  • hot

    Ryan Phillippe and Jensen Ackles should play brothers in a project. Double the hotness omg.

  • QueenofTrashin

    Let me run to the living room and slap my bullsh*t button!

  • QueenofTrashin

    @Cate: True@!

  • Rena

    WTF. This is so bizarre and disturbing. Getting your nutrients through IV? At a hotel no less? With some traveling vitamin company? I’m open minded, but this is too much for me. And the way they’re lounging there like his character in Cruel Intentions 15 years later is so off-putting.

  • QueenofTrashin

    @beautifullypoor: Expressing concern about a seriously questionable ‘medical’ practice is hate? Please, explain your logic to us.

  • GFW

    I live well and eat as such. I’ve no need for I.V. pics thrust at me. It is an ugly visual for HEALTHY people. Now if he was dying and it was saving his life, that’d be different. Do not like the message. We are lazy enough as it it.
    I have an opinion of what the media is showing me, hello? You should eat better, best you can, regardless of how “poor” you are. As it apparently has affected your brain all that sugar and corn products. Nailed, huh?

  • quinn

    @DanaJ you’re ridiculous if you think someone had to sneak this photo. His girlfriend is sticking her tongue out at the camera!!! These two are a joke. Yuck

  • QueenofTrashin

    @Diosa: It is a horrible sight. They look like two heroin junkies getting naloxone.

  • Yes @GFW!

    @GFW you nailed that on the head – this image is the epitome of laziness. It’s indulgent and excessive and frankly, gross.

  • beautifullypoor

    I would hate on those who spread hate. These two dont hate anybody in particular.

  • Yes @GFW!


  • Ximena

    @beautfullypoor — How in the world would you know that they don’t hate on anyone? LOL.

  • beautifullypoor

    @Ximena: They arent attention hos???

  • matt

    they are a beautiful couple.
    this isn’t any different than getting vitamin B shots, i’d love to try the Hangover one.

  • Hey, So

    Exactly. AND I bet there is something in it that could be, wait for it, addicting. I would NOT put it past these fruitcake company who devise this for the ultra lazy celebs with more money than sense to rob them of their money but doing that because they feel so “good”. And my guess is liquid cocaine in so tiny a dose they can’t add it to the “ingredients”.
    Sorry, EAT, SLEEP, SLOW DOWN, DRINK ORGANIC SMOOTHIES and FRUIT, why don’t ya? LOL Frankly, that’s all this is… hopefully.

  • troll

    So they have time to lounge on a chair, but they don’t have time to order the food with the nutrients they need from the hotel, which is made for them. Typical lazy american celebs.

  • GFW

    Seriously, a man 16 years older than his tween girlfriend looks desperate more than anything to “keep up” and that’s sad. He’s a dad, and father, and why isn’t he with his children rather than strapped to an I.V. looking like he’s OUT OF IT?
    Post #27 is me.

  • Sirah

    Hahahaha this is too much!!!! What a couple of idiots. Getting vitamin B shots is normal but it’s totally not the same as getting an IV treatment in a hotel lobby with anxiety meds. And then advertising it to boot. This is fukking hilarious.

  • jilly

    this chills me to the bone.

  • beautifullypoor

    @GFW: “Sorry, EAT, SLEEP, SLOW DOWN, DRINK ORGANIC SMOOTHIES and FRUIT, why don’t ya? LOL Frankly, that’s all this is… hopefully.”

    Does this go for me too?

  • Bekka

    Unnecessary IV treatments of ANY sort should be illegal. How stupid.

  • Diosa

    @QueenofTrashin: I wouldn’t know what that looks like. I take it you think anyone getting an IV looks the same?

  • couper

    While most people don’t need this, it is a form or medicine ( It’s no different from many other medication that comes in IV or pill form. IVs tend to work faster, that’s why you choose IV over pills sometimes.

    You could argue that taking a multivitamin once a day is just as “lazy” as this.

  • morons

    hate to say it but that looks like two drug addicts getting ready to out and party again. He is never going to grow up.

  • what???

    This is stupid! There are people who are sick or incapacitated in the hospital who HAVE to use IV’s and wishing for the day they can get off such treatment!! Then you have these idiots doing it for fun because they think it looks cool! That’s dumb asses for you.

  • Cute

    OMG! This is really disgusting. You’re in a country with easy access to fresh organic foods. You do not seem to have any medical conditions. So why promote this? Eat well, rest well, and don’t keep supporting the big corps who would love to get us ALL hooked on IV food and soylent green!

  • jon m’shulla

    People who do this trend are copying the Ranger/Special Forces technique of re-energizing themselves after long, strenuous several day sessions of overwork and dehydration. For non-military people to do it , as a whim or as a trend is obnoxious to the extreme. They are fakers and dip*s*h*i*t*s*. And maybe dangerous when unnecessary.

    Steal valor much?

    All you screw ups are celebutantes not valorous warriors. You do play them sometimes but, seem to have forgotten you are just plane old actors.

  • Ultimate – Phillippe

    Sorry but the of stupid things I’ve read in these comments.

    First – They not will be neither the firsts nor the last to inject nutrients, not ILLEGAL and are in their full right to do so, if you visit the site VitaSquad, would see as most people do.

    Second – They not do this for fun, if you see the Instagram of VitaSquad will see that they take a photo to many people, and obviously, when them take the photo, them it did with humor, and that’s it. No need to take this it so seriously, and please, hospital patients? Really?

    Third – I find it funny that include his children in this…

    -Sorry my english. ;)

  • Cindy

    Druggies!!!! This is really weird and scary looking. If they don’t want negative comments don’t pose doing something so stupid!!!!


    This vitaboost thing is all the rage. There are mobile bus things that drive around NYC. All the spas offer it now. I know tons of people who do it before an important event so they look and feel refreshed. It also cures hard core party hangovers. STILL very lame that they are advertising it so blatantly. He probably got his whole trip comped for doing it. Skeeze.

  • Kathleen

    I am disgusted! Do these companies know about the IV drug shortages?!? Many HPN consumers who need IV nutrition to LIVE and is there ONLY source of nutrition are not able to get what they need! I cannot believe this is happening. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This is a serious problem. My son, who survives on IV nutrition was denied certain vitamins and nutrients through our home health care company because they were unable to get what they needed to supply all of their patients. Here these healthy people are, using it for energy?!? SOOOOO angry!!!

  • Lee19999

    There are children & adults going without these necessary vitamins & minerals to sustain their lives and Hollywood just gets to purchase whatever they want because they’re hungover!! There is a shortage and it shouldn’t be acceptable to do this to people who have conditions are life threatening. Deplorable.

  • emily

    This is disgusting! My son was on IV nutrition to stay alive! Many people are on IV nutrition and it is a life and death situation ! There are many, many iv shortages that are effecting the people who need this to live…and these celebrities are purchasing it because they are too hungover? ?!!! This is the grossest use of fame and money I have seen in s long time. They should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Kori P. Haley

    My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do…

  • Camden

    Who the heck took this photo? Paps? Their friend? Was it on Ryan’s Instagram? Ryan Phillipe must be so desperate for any kind of coverage that he now just releases s**t like this.

  • Shocked

    This disgusts me. People can’t control their diets or get out and exercise? Instead they CHOOSE to inject themselves with God knows what, forcing those (like me) who RELY on those very drugs to keep myself alive as the rest of my body (those of millions) has progressively gotten so bad, I have a PORT-A-CATH surgically placed in my chest through which I feed a special IV formula (TPN) directly into my heart. But we are now receiving word that there are shortages of the very nutrients we need yet can’t consume because these otherwise HEALTHY individuals would rather sit around to get thin than actually put in the work to feel healthy. Not to mention the long term effects on your organs (specifically your liver and kidneys – which the doctors probably failed to explain how taking nutrients this way may actually make you sick). Bravo to those fat lazy people who can’t get out of their computer chair or couch and exercise as we (those who are chronically sick requiring IV nutrition, hydration and medication – where we go septic at any time and have come close to losing our life) can’t do so, for lack of energy and now with the shortage, the lack of energy has drastically increased. Fair? NEVER. And shame on all the moron doctors who allow it to go on. It is not your place to offer this treatment, if you can even call it treatment. Take an energy bar, strap on some shoes and go walking, running, etc. Don’t take away the nutrition people are really sick who require such an intervention.

  • kirki

    This is one of the sickest things I have ever seen.

  • b

    @troll: Have you seen our American FDA and USDA? We have some of the sh!ttiest food in existence in a first world. I’m sure in the future the only way to get vitamins and minerals and other essential nutrients will have to be through an IV or other drastic medical procedure. The food companies and GMOs and Monsanto and antibiotics are killing us and no one seems to care.