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Joan Rivers Says that Kristen Stewart Is Suing Her Over a Joke

Joan Rivers Says that Kristen Stewart Is Suing Her Over a Joke
  • Joan Rivers claims that she is being sued by Kristen Stewart over a joke she made about Rupert Sanders- Huffington Post
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  • kiki

    lol, go ahead Kristen sue. sure the world would love to hear what actually happened with you and Rupert.

  • Hilary

    I am afraid I agree with Kristen Stewart – it is not a joke to make fun of other people and esp make accusations like that! Go for it Kristen – sue the witch – its about time someone put her in her place. Although I also think she might not be worth the time and energy to deal with someone like Rivers!

  • DN

    @kiki: AGREE

  • INverse137

    THe Joke: Kirsten Stewart.

    The punchline: her life!!

    Babe! Get over yourself !

    don’t like the public scrutiny? Well, millions of people live anonymously….there is always that option….

  • :)

    lol this is hilarious.
    Kristen stewart can’t act

  • aquarius64

    @Hilary: Yes, take her to court….and remind everyone the scandal KRISTEN created with the dirty dog director that came close to ruining her career. @kiki – you’re right; Kristen will have to get on the stand and explain in detail about her affair with Sanders. And the world will watch Rivers’ lawyers blow holes in the “momentary indiscretion” statement Team Stewart gave when she got caught on an open public road with her married boss. Mini-Cooper-gate has been over for almost two years and Stewart is trying to recover from the hit her personal and professional reputation took…why go back now? Also, since Rivers took such a broad swipe, that mean Kristen will have to answer under cross examination to ALL the cheating allegations that have been attached to her name during the course of her career, especially her alleged cheating on her first boyfriend Michael Arangano with Robert Pattison. Since those shenanigans supposedly happened during filming, Rivers’ lawyers can drag the Twilight cast and crew into court. The franchise is over and they are under no obligation to remain silent to protect it – or her. They lie to protect Kristen they risk perjury charges for themselves. It’s a bigger headache than it’s worth. Kristen and her lawyers need to let it go. A lawsuit only helps sales of the book.

  • DS

    @#5you need to shut up nobody cares what you say.And I hope Kristen lawyers take JR”s down.I’m sick of this old women. Who thinks she can say enything about people and their supposed to sit back and take it.I’m glad somebody’s not afraid to face this crazy women.

  • Sam

    Nonsense. Joan is saying that to get publicity for her book. Kristen has too many goods things going on to be bothered with the old hag. Kristen is enjoying summer with her friends then off to Japan for work. Have fun Kristen.

  • talia

    i wouldn’t believe anything joan rivers say as she will say anything to get publicity but let’s face it nobody is going to buy her stupid book.

    it would be hilarious if Joan did get sued though

  • Sage

    Well, Stewart is being a bit overly sensitive. If she didn’t want people talking about it and remembering it for her whole career, she shouldn’t have slept with him! Her fault. She has to live with it. I don’t feel sorry for her.

  • ifshedidnot

    Sorry but I don’t feel sorry for KS, lets not forget that she worked with this man wife in that movie so if she didn’t want to hear any jokes about her affair she should have #1 made better decision on were to meet or #2 which is even better she shouldn’t have messed with that man in the first place. As for JR love he r or hate her she is a comedian and she was not the only one who told jokes about the affair.

  • Katie

    How come Kristen is the one who gets all this hate? Do you guys not understand that it takes two people to cheat on someone? Rupert f**cking Sanders. He’s probably more to blame than Kristen. She is young and needs space and freedom to make mistakes and learn from them, just like everyone else. Rupert on the other hand? He’s an old guy. He was married to a beautiful woman with whom he has young children. HE should be the one you talk shit about, not Kristen jfc

  • offtheproperty

    Joan Rivers has been the funniest-prettiest girl in show business for 50 years.
    Kristen Stewart is an angry dike with no sense of humor at all.
    So there you have it.

  • offtheproperty

    @Hilary: Which other of our cherished American freedoms are you looking to take away — in addition to Freedom of Speech, I mean.

  • SI

    bien por KRIS ya era hora que frene hasta vieja momia su vida personal le pertenece a ella y a nadie mas ….de el no dicen nada cuando el lleva la mayor culpa ante todo ella no se quedo con el no se por que siguen con el tema eso paso hace dos año y siguen con lo mismo por eso han abusado pero todo tiene sus limites esa vieja por difamacion puede ir a la carcel sacarla del programa asqueroso que tiene si KRISTEN hace todo esto es por que esta segura y nosotros sus fans siempre apoyandola

  • offtheproperty

    @SI: Stay in your squalid tyranny. That’s how people raised without freedom and liberty talk.

  • Shan

    Do not feel sorry for Kristen at all.

  • K.Susi

    @Sage..again with this bs! Who said to you that Kristen slept with that nasty man?! Did you have some prove for accusing Kristen of that?!!NO!!! Why ppl don’t just leave her alone! )

  • K.Susi

    @offtheproperty: Shame on you!!!

  • :)

    Someone hurt my feelings, I should sue too.

  • Sim

    @:): If that someone said of you, I can see how just sitting and doing nothing, just such a nasty and annoying people on earth people recover, you’ve probably been there, you know I’ll eat sleep? it’s her life, the person has the right to a private, why not sue what happened two years only idiot that pulls out,

  • Sim

    @offtheproperty: If she is beautiful and the best, so I MEGA celebrities, this baba is the worst person I’m kidding with errors which one do I hate some people who agree, each person would deserve a few slaps kristen sorry, but due to stupid mistake is bad? maybe you people here do not make any mistakes? people are idiots

  • http://witter mb

    @offtheproperty: Melissa must be trying to protect Joan

  • lulu

    por fin KRISTEN frenas a esta vieja malvada ….bien mi pequeña preciosa

  • Ana

    I find many of the things Joan Rivers’ says to be crude, but more often than not, the truth IS in there. Stewart IS a one trick pony (Twilight) and is a terrible actress. She got her “Snow White and The Huntsman” job because she was having an affair with the director, and got her early work in hollywood due to nepotism. The major thing many of the “celebrities” forget is that THEY put themselves out there willingly, so they should be prepared to expect criticism and rude comments about themselves from others in the industry. They shouldn’t threaten legal action when someone speaks their mind and grow a thicker skin.

  • guest

    @ifshedidnot: actually she never worked with liberty on SWATH and probably never actually met her until the LA premiere.

    @Sage: nobody actually whether it was more than just a kiss, that’s just purely speculation by people who possibly think cheating always equals $ex which it doesn’t

  • guest

    @Ana: “She got her “Snow White and The Huntsman” job because she was having an affair with the director, and got her early work in hollywood due to nepotism.” – first of all kristen got the role in SWATH long before a director was hired.check your facts next time before making a fool of yourself. secondly, her parents are not that well known in the film industry,highly doubt she got any roles because of nepotism, an agent saw her in a school play(the same way a lot of actors got their first roles)

  • Sim

    @Ana: I disagree, but had an affair and after filming, played by 9 years if it was bad they should not over 30 films, please robseed fans go away, no one wants to hear their crap and think, if you do not go away, I too neppisu of you you idiots, etc. ..

  • MAG

    IDIOTS!! W

  • MAG


  • lrr

    good night, I wanted to deliver a roadmap for Kristen Stewart, tried several others all ignored me, called al Starlight Studios and sent message to Ethan David Shapiro he answered me like that (sorry I can not help you this time. thank support our next project) al found alicia Cargile rimer suzie and she told me to send the script for them to deliver it Kristen Stewart, al contact the agent who was best she passed me email beinsten Ruth, sent it to my scripts they returned to tell me that the translation is very bad, was to send the original copies, so they sent me said that before handing over to Kristen I would have to have a producer represent me, informing me that Giovanni Agnelli could help me Kristen worked with him in 2010, he told me that people were talking about would not help me I could give up, not a day passed and Alicia suzie told me it was forbidden to talk to me, more if I can voceis appreciate the help, I I have the email you sent me pictures, conversations, if you are interested reply me I forward all my proofs.

  • Ana

    @guest: I highly doubt I’m making a fool of myself. Forgive me, dire super fan of Kristen Stewart, for not checking my facts. Look at SWATH, the only thing people remember about is that she banged the director, so it’s no wonder casting couch jokes and rumors will follow her for the rest of her career. And, yes, I do believe she landed many of her early work-like many other actors, check YOUR facts- due to nepotism. She’s the daughter of people who work in the industry. Her parents (be them well known or not) are a television producer and script supervisor/producer who have a very lengthy list of work(look-RESEARCH). They know people. To believe she was “discovered” at a school play is asinine.

  • lottie


    i’m not much of a fan of kristen but wtf?
    if kristen stewart wasn’t as famous, and cheated on her boyfriend and it went all public? i don’t think anyone would care, am i right?
    and all of yous, i’m guessing are judging her by the way she acted bella swan on the twilight series. if you hadn’t read the book, bella was a dull and depressed girl (from what fans told me).
    and cm’on! you judge kristen saying she deserves being called that and what not. you slut shame her in some sort of way. why? why do people always aim to throw hatred towards a girl? esp because she’s this weird awkward girl but hey, isn’t everyone (in their own way)? or is it because ‘everyone else doesn’t like her and think she’s a bad actress’ so why not just tag along and judge her when you’ve only seen like, one or two movies of hers?
    and joan rivers… i’ve heard a lot from her and some things she says is not a ‘joke’. she drove her husband to suicide?! on some of yous are on her side?! omg. and idk, but if someone tried to slut shame me as a “JOKE” and put it into a book??!! well, of course i’d effin’ sue them! especially if they have a face of a person who looks as if they have been stung by a thousand bees. how’s that for a joke aye, joan?