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Sophia Bush Brings Her Amazing Style Game to Lollapalooza

Sophia Bush Brings Her Amazing Style Game to Lollapalooza

Sophia Bush keeps it cool in denim shorts and a rocker tee while hanging out at the Samsung Galaxy Artist Lounge during 2014 Lollapalooza held at Grant Park on Sunday (August 3) in Chicago, Ill.

The day before, the 32-year-old Chicago P.D. star stopped by the Soho House Chicago Pre-Opening event in an equally stylish outfit.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sophia Bush

“5am set calls mean 4am wake ups mean #allthecoffee. Morning crew. #RiseAndGrind #ChicagoPD,” she tweeted the following day.

Mark your calendars – Chicago P.D. returns on Wednesday, September 24 @ 10/9c on NBC!

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Credit: Neilson Barnard, Jeff Schear; Photos: Getty
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  • kel

    Amazing style?

  • offtheproperty

    Lallapalooza Liberal Loser.

  • Jim

    Most awesome woman ever

  • Terri

    I love Sophia! I was there and didn’t see you. I wish I had maybe somewhere in Chicago I’ll get to meet you. Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna love! I’d rather be a lover.

  • Katy

    Sophia Bush is SOOOO gorgeous!!!!
    Love this girl!!!!

  • yowza

    yikes sophia looks so old these days. not these pictures necessarily but i’ve seen candids of her and she’s not aging well at all.

  • Eliza

    I was lucky enough to see Sophia yesterday at Lollapalooza and the girl was barely wearing any make-up and still managed to look more beautiful then most of the girls there (and it literally felt like every girl in the state of Illinois was there). If you see her in person, Sophia literally looks as if she’s in her late teens/early twenties. The girl is blessed with some amazing skin.
    So to say that she “isn’t aging well” is unbelievably hysterical. She may not look fantastic in every picture (who does?) but Sophia is absolutely GORGEOUS and I heard so many people standing there with us who were lucky enough to spot Sophia as well, say the same thing about her beauty.

  • Sonia

    OMG! I definitely and whole-heartedly agree with you!

    I saw Sophia earlier this summer in LA while visiting some family (didn’t actually get to talk to her, just basically stood there and stared at her.LOL) But she is so,so,so beautiful! I know fans are always raving about how stunning she is when they see a picture of her but seriously, Sophia is even more beautiful in person!!

  • mattfan


    OMG she DOES NOT look like she’s in her teens or twenties. She looks her age plus or minus a few years. She looks good but anyone who has gone out a little bit can tell she is in her 30s. It doesn’t matter because everybody ages and she looks good but she’s definitely aged over the years just like everybody does.

  • mattfan

    What is it with people and age? Those comments that she’s aging poorly are so dumb as are the comments that she looks like a teenager. She looks like a god damn woman in her 30s. End of. Talk about something else.

  • Rita

    Seriously! Stop picking on Sophia. The woman is beautiful. Take that stick out of your a@s and stop posting about her. You don’t like her…we get it!

  • Crystal

    The same weirdo from her other post is here now. OMG Sophia looks so old, how can she go out in public or be on the cover of Maxim or get a job? She is so ugly. Get a fuc*ing life. Sophia you are gorgeous!

  • Jasmine

    In all honesty, beauty is different for all people. Just because someone may happen to think that a particular person looks as if she’s in her “teens” doesn’t mean that person is wrong. I’ve seen plenty of people make comments about a how a specific celebrity looks “really young” and others says that the very same person looks “really old.” AND VICE VERSA.
    So just because someone states that a certain person looks as if they are in their “teens” or “early twenties” means that how the person making the comment VIEWS the person and that how’s they view beauty/age. It does NOT mean you have to get on that person’s case just because you happen to disagree or think otherwise.
    People on here need to CHILL.

  • mattfan


    Well in that case, nobody should harp on anybody for the views expressed here. I think Sophia is alright looking but I’ve seen people call her ugly/fat/old and her fans jump right on their nuts for saying that, when they’re just expressing how they view her. So you can’t have it both ways.

  • Ali

    You sure go off on Sophia…let her be. Those of us who like her tend to react to aholes.

  • terri

    Congrats Sophia! I just read about this, well deserved! You are so inspiring and grateful for all that you have in your life. I admire you so much.

  • Jen

    I don’t think the looks in her teens, but she doesn’t look older than her age. She’s 32 and she looks between 28-32, which isn’t much of a stretch. Some people look older than their age, some look younger and some look their age. At least she doesn’t look 42 before she gets there. Despite what her birth certificate says, she’s a beautiful woman, but more than that she’s in good shape, she appears to be in good health and she seems happy in her life and her career. Aren’t those the most important things in life? To be healthy and happy? A good attitude and good health is the real fountain of youth.

  • Why

    Give it a rest. Stop the age crap that you keep posting about. Sophia is beautiful.

  • dianna

    Sophia looks like a 32 year old which she is. She’s never looked younger than her age but she’s never looked really older either. She’s beautiful the way that she is. The obsession with age and how people look is silly.

  • Kaley

    In my experience of being part of the OTH fandom for the past decade, when any one of the girls from the show is called names and gets described as “fat” or “ugly” or “old” etc., its usually stems from jealousy or some hidden agenda. So when I see those kinds of posts, I can’t help but laugh at the immaturity of these people.

  • crystal

    Why does it matter so much if people don’t like Sophia? There are plenty of people out there who think she’s a crummy actress or unattractive or annoying and for no other reason that they simply just do not care for her at all. Why do you care so much about these other people think? She’s just an average actress in a business of extremely talented and attractive people. Of course not everybody will like her.

  • ahaha


    LOLLL at “hidden agenda.” LOLLLLLLLL. This isn’t the CIA. The show ended years ago. It’s time to move on children.

  • Ali

    Their are more people who think Sophia is talented, beautiful and a delight simply because they like her. Why do you care if we feel that way about her?

  • Ali

    There are more people who think Sophia is talented, beautiful and a delight simply because they like her. Why do you care if we feel that way about her?

  • Margie

    When you say there are “plenty of people” who think Sophia may be unattractive or whatever, the reality is that its only a handful of TROLLS.
    The fact is that even years later, the OTH fanbase is still f*cking psychotic and trolls can’t help but be nasty.

  • crystal

    No offense, but if you read other communities such ONTD you will see that TONS of people can’t stand Sophia. I like her so I don’t really care what people say and it doesn’t bother me. The hate that Sophia gets is nothing compared to Jennifer Lawrence who is miles and miles above Sophia in talent, looks and critical acclaim. If Jen who is in a completely different galaxy than Sophia gets so much hate, you think Sophia is an exception? No. It’s just the sad way the world is. You should just ignore it.

  • crystal

    And no the people that post at other communities who genuinely dislike Sophia also hate OTH and the other actors so what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. Plus OTH ended a long time ago and most people don’t care or have moved on. The fact is, not everybody likes her and they are entitled to their feelings. The only people who look psychotic are her stans who go out on the attack on anybody who says something they don’t agree with. It’s why I like Sophia but never get involved in her fanbase because her fans are seriously creepy. You think you’re going to stop the haters by attacking them? No. They’ll come back with more because they love it when they make you mad. You should just ignore it and accept the fact that there are actually PLENTY, yes PLENTY of people who dislike her. The fans outnumber them so just focus on that.

  • Amanda

    Exactly #25!

  • Amanda

    Yes however Crystal and the other names that use YOU can’t stop posting negative comments about Sophia. We that like Sophia are here being positive and kind. You on the other have a problem with our kindness and caring towards Sophia. It must eat you inside to see the praise and care for Sophia. Go to ontd and post your insults there. You are not wanted nor appreciated here. You belong with the bashers on a bashing site. Stop stalking all Sophia posts.
    “Hate is heavy, let it go.”

  • Caro

    You are laughable with your petty hatred and comments. Keep coming back and look more foolish every time. Haters gonna hate. You seem to be collecting quite a following of people who DISLIKE you. Your mother must be proud that she raised such a caring person.

  • crystal

    And there we go. Sophia is cool but her fans suck donkey balls.

  • Caro

    Yes and we are proud of it.! lmao
    You are trying to take joy away from people. So sad.

  • Liv

    Are you for REAL??
    Are you seriously kidding me right now by citing ONTD as a source where people supposedly “dislike” Sophia??
    I’ve been on that site plenty of times to know that it consists of a handful of IDIOTS who make hateful comments about everything and anything while changing their name over and over again thinking that they’re clever….and that no one has the brains to figure out their stupid games. So NO…..its not “tons’ of people like you supposedly claim. Just a few pathetic people who have absolutely no lives. Hence why I refuse to visit that site anymore.
    You want to meet a bunch of stupid people?? Just go on over to ONTD.
    Furthermore, when people say “well OTH ended a long time ago and no one cares anymore,” you couldn’t be further from the truth. YES, it ended a long time ago. But the sad reality is that this show had such an aggressive fan base that it doesn’t matter if the show ended a few years ago. People of this fan base still hold grudges which is always really amusing to see on social media. It’s no secret that certain fans of OTH still to this day are pissed or angry (again, always very funny to see) about how they’re “favorite” star didn’t get enough media attention, etc. so still find the need sit in front of their little computers or their phones and make obscene comments.
    Is it pathetic and lame?? Yes.
    But do these fans care?? I guess not when you come across insulting comments.
    Maybe a decade from now, this fan base will have calmed down by then and will finally move on with their lives. But as of right now, I see that they still have their claws out. LOL

  • aleksdra
  • Naya

    Sophia, you are gorgeous!!!
    Love this woman!!

  • Jessica

    She looks gorgeous as always!!! And she’s an amazing woman.

  • Jen

    @Why: I wrote one comment. Trim your sails.

  • Really/

    Yet back you are….lol

  • asjshdgkf

    beautiful people.