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Michael Fassbender & Maggie Gyllenhaal Introduce 'Frank' to NYC!

Michael Fassbender & Maggie Gyllenhaal Introduce 'Frank' to NYC!

Michael Fassbender flashes a big smile while attending a screening of his latest film Frank held at Sunshine Landmark on Tuesday (August 5) in New York City.

The 37-year-old German actor was joined by his co-stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, Carla Azar, Domhnall Gleeson, Francois Civil, and director Lenny Abrahamson.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Michael Fassbender

Frank centers on “Jon, a young wanna-be musician, who discovers he’s bitten off more than he can chew when he joins an eccentric pop band led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank.”

Earlier in the day, Michael showed off his guns while carrying two coats on hangers in the Big Apple.

In case you didn’t know, Frank hits select theaters on Friday, August 22.

FYI: Maggie is wearing a Derek Lam dress, Valentino shoes, and Schosa jewels.

20+ pictures inside of Michael Fassbender and Maggie Gyllenhaal at the Frank screening…

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michael fassbender maggie gyllenhaal introduce frank 13
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michael fassbender maggie gyllenhaal introduce frank 15
michael fassbender maggie gyllenhaal introduce frank 16
michael fassbender maggie gyllenhaal introduce frank 17
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michael fassbender maggie gyllenhaal introduce frank 19
michael fassbender maggie gyllenhaal introduce frank 20
michael fassbender maggie gyllenhaal introduce frank 21
michael fassbender maggie gyllenhaal introduce frank 22
michael fassbender maggie gyllenhaal introduce frank 23
michael fassbender maggie gyllenhaal introduce frank 24

Photos: Starpix/JustJared
Posted to: Carla Azar, Domhnall Gleeson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Fassbender

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  • Wiki

    Damn he looks good! Anyone see the movie, thoughts?

    @Interesting, get yo butt in here girl!

    I’m officially back in the madhouse. Let the madness begin…

  • lol

    Maggie is so ugly

  • @ lol

    r u serious? the girl is the epitome of style and beauty. Go back to Kim ‘s fan page. Americans.. .

  • cute
  • cute
  • Frankfan

    Michael looks good, Maggie looks sweet. And the movie ROCKED!!!!
    For those who haven’t seen it or have doubts about it I highly recommend you check it out. Gyllenhaal , Fassbender , Gleeson and the others were great. It’s a really good yet funny movie. Check It Out!!!

  • Wurry

    Maggie is so, so good to watch in The Honourable Woman. So much excellent acting in that show!

  • Ross

    Michael is soooo fine!!

  • Well

    prepare yourself, Lena and her long comment are coming :))

  • Josephine

    Jack White was there too – the picture in the last row. I think it’s worth a mention. He was there to support Carla Azar, who is a drummer in his band.

  • yeah

    @<aWell don’t forget gorilla hunter lol aka tarbabyhunter.

  • Jack Stripes

    @Josephine awesome jack white was there at the promotion. cool! did he like the movie?

  • scarylove

    michael shannon was there too.

  • So true


    You had me LMAO with your comment
    So so true

  • So true

    Especially with the PR lady in the short summer dress in full view
    Call the PO-LICE!!

  • Susie#1

    Fassbinder is Irish!

  • whatever

    @Susie#1: technically Irish-German

  • Lena

    Wow! It looks like almost 1/4 of the comments here are not only directed at me or relate to me as my internet moniker, “Lena” but there are folks here that have either specifically come here looking for me, or are anxiously waiting by the phone waiting for me to call. How pathetic… Remember…It’s FREE speech directed at a public figure… And whatshername, PR Paula, photobombs enough to have purposely injected herself into this public commentary as well…

    But, my God, I don’t even have to look up from my work to get attention. Meanwhile, Fassbender has to jump around like a monkey sporting a waste paper basket on his head to get all eyes on him. Sad state of affairs for a guy who will do anything for attention.  Including wear a glorified trash can on his head.  For a movie that’s apparently sooooooo good it’s going to be all the rage in friggin’ Turkey and Israel.  

    What’s the matter? Didn’t jowly blonde PR lady have enough time in between appointments with her stylist trying get her “Nellie Olsen Little Dowdy Wh/’re House on the Prairie” nouveaux chic look perfect for the event, to have any spare time left over to book theaters to show the film in Micronesia and Swaziland as well?  Huge Huge markets (I hear) for films funded by American taxpayers….

    You know what I really want to discuss is film tax credits. I mean, was it really worth $5 million to the taxpayers to see this guy jump around with a cardboard box on his head?   New Mexico spent $35,000,000 of taxpayer funds on movie star and actors, etc fees in 2013, and $9,000,000 on “other.”  The year Frank was made there.  Fassbender said it wasn’t made for much money at all….around $5,000,000. How generous of him to be so thrifty with taxpayer funds. (Sarcasm intended) Public funds? Other people’s money?

    How much of that budget do you think was funded by Irish or British money?  How much of that project do you think was paid for by New Mexico taxpayers?  I suspect New Mexico taxpayers PAID the bill, while they may not even be able to see this film in theaters (or broadly if at all in their state) while it has been launched in UK and the rest of the world. Anyone know?

    Those numbers are according to the “222″ tax Forms” for New Mexico statistics.  Aggregate for 2010-2013.  What was the “other” covering?  The ugly PR lady banana shoe fund?  And other incidentals necessary for Hollywood millionaires to feel comfortable in the state for their (fly in and fly out visits) to the detriment of local bridge and other infrastructure repair, teacher raises, and state worker pension funding? Lowering taxes?

    I Googled it, and I didn’t see that this hot mess of a film was going to be seen broadly in every CORNER of New Mexico.  Am I wrong?  Please prove me wrong. Will it even be in theaters in New Mexico? How many?  Enough for New Mexico businesses to get some real valuable benefit from the film and tax revenue from movie ticket sales?   Or are the New Mexico taxpayers irrelevant once the tax grants (ie, free welfare $$$$$ to Hollywood millionaires) are dealt like cards in a poker game and the players cash in their chips for their CASH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?  Seriously, if you look at the categories of expenditures, one of the largest looks like it is for out of state talent?  Actors salaries…. Where Michael would fall….Wow…How does THAT help New Mexico taxpayers?


    Hey PR Paula a/k/a “PR Jowla,” in between your wardrobe changes, and photo ops, care to publish a report showing HOW this film FRANK, which the New Mexico taxpayers (PAID for at least in part with their taxes and last pennies) actually benefited New Mexico taxpayers?  As it was only shown at FILM FESTIVALS and now will apparently be a huge hit in Turkey? (Clears throat…rolls eyes)


    But, PR Jowla sporting the “Nellie Olsen if she were a street walker” nouveaux chic look and her yellow crime scene (against humanity… LOL :) tape shoes that look like overripe bananas with toes and Michael dancing for his supper from taxpayers that way reminds me of something.  I’m trying to remember….Hmmmmmm…… Oh yes! Now I remember…. This… AE561_WAVERS_20060416175533.jpg

    The big yellow haired lady liberty with the Nellie Olsen ringlets remind me of PR Jowla. Maybe her nickname can be PR Jowla, Lady Taking Liberties???? (With photo ops?). Haha haha

    (Thank you Larry Flint….)….typo intended…LOL. :)

  • Lena
  • Olivia H.

    @Lena LOL AND HERE WE GO!!!
    You really should fine something more to do with you time Lena. Instead of spending the majority if it on the internet. I’m sure there’s another website you can spew your insanity thoughts on.

  • Olivia H.

    @Lena And one more thing you whenever there’s something about Fassbender you seemed to have a lot to say. It’s like you knew him or something and he pissed you off in another life therefore you spend your time spewing hate on a man that’s complete stranger to you. If you hate him why do you devote your time on him so much? If I didn’t like a certain celebrity I wouldn’t waste my time talking crap about them. What does it serve and how? You make no sense with the things you say. I suggest you go out and live your life and not worry about Fassbender’s. He can do whatever his wants it’s his life. Worry about your own.

  • lena is on his imdb mssg board

    @Olivia H. she does the same thing on there too. if you look his mssg board trust me you’ll see nothing but absurd posts and threads by Lena talking shit about him. don’t believe just go visit the site and see for yourself. anytime there’s anything about michael rather if he’s out havin a good time with friends or promoting a movie Lena will go ape#### and nag nag nag about him wasting tax payers money and bring cruel to humanity by not donating to any type of charities. lol it’s a as if she actual know the guy. she has crazy on there as she is on here. smh

  • Lena

    @Olivia H:

    Well, why would I focus on Jolie Pitt? Climb a wall with flaming arrows and kerosene balls being hurled at you? Or find the weak link….LOL. :)

    Olivia, you can sit down dear and back off. I could not care less whether your insignificant self thinks I spend too much time here or anything you said. What I want to know is this: what’s it to YOU? How does undermining ME with your comments help YOU? Will Michael see hour post and decide Olivia H is the girl for me because she battled Lena?

    What I don’t think people like you understand, is that people like Michael and PR Paula could NOT care less about either you or me. When the economy crashes, those folks will be just fine. Why? Because Michael, several years ago, showed his pee pee to the world, making girls go gaga…that endearment helped him and women like ugly PR Jowla work QUIETLY behind the scenes like little mice gathering taxpayer cheese. People like them are busy going from one small film to another, country to country, state to state, pocketing public funds as salaries.

    Perhaps you’ve never owned a business of your own. Known how hard it is to get a private LOAN to fund a business, like a plumber, who is happy if that business nets him $50,000 a year AFTER he pays his SMALL BUSINESS loan back WITH INTEREST.

    And actors like Fassbender, Clooney, Pitt, with their little production companies don’t have to get loans. They not only get FREE money from forced taxpayers taxation, but it’s not like the $50,000 small business loan that the plumber struggles to pay back with interest over 20 years.

    These Hollywood gluttonous pigs fly into states and pick up MILLIONS of TAX FREE GRANT money funded by taxpayers, hire temporary workers for a couple of months, then pay the stars like Fassbender millions or high six figures. (I saw the Jane Got A Gun contract and saw he was getting somewhere in the neighborhood of $700,000? Why??? How much is that per hour?). Is that taxpayer funded? Weren’t we all wondering why Natalie Portman wanted to try her hand at production? If stupid starstruck Legislators are willing to throw people like you and me under the bus to make little Hollywood brats like Portman happy with GIFTED FREE MONEY, why not give it a whirl?

    What’s the risk? Truly? It’s taxpayer money and earned once the credit checks arrive from the state treasury. If the movie bombs? So what? They just wait until the big studio comes calling again with a blockbuster where profit really matters eh? No big deal…the money is FREE…. almost like it grows on trees. Sarcasm intended.

    Louisiana (I read) taxpayers give each cast member of “Duck Dynasty” $70,000 PER EPISODE for that idiot and his family to spew their nonsense. Have you seen all the “Duck Dynasty” crap they sell at friggin’ Wal-Mart? WTF? And, I heard they say racist things. Although I don’t watch. I just read that somewhere. Why are states taking $$$$$ out of the pockets of struggling citizens to transfer that $$$ to millionaires that make profit on their art without taxpayer help. They make bank through Wal-Mart sales I’m confident.

    There’s no economic benefit to the states. Study after study shows this. And when they are done, those temporary workers go on unemployment and drain the states funds even more.

    Hedonistic leeching with no benefit….

    I come from a state where people are suffering. Yet the legislature is sucking our money dry for this kind of nonsense. And cutting vital programs for citizens. All to “keep up” with the other states and their competition for the starstruck legislators to rub elbows with Hollywood egoists.

    How much do you want to bet that the minute these TAXPAYER grant programs end (as more and more people ARE waking up…I can see and Legislators are getting egg on the face with this NONSENSE) Michael will fall off the radar and his star will go “poof” like a fa/rt in the wind. He doesn’t make broad appeal films. And FRANK looks like a complete insult to moviegoers. Which is why it’s been to film festivals and is on limited release. Who wants to go watch that nonsense?

    Honestly, it’s not my job to shut up so you can have peace and quiet and tranquillity as you fantasize about Michael’s member. I mean, so you can shove it…

    And by the way, let’s hope you don’t support tax grants to the film industry just to argue against me. Or more pathetically, to worship a self centered guy like Fassbender.

  • Lena

    See YOUR post @Olivia. I don’t care if he sees mine. I want regular folks to see mine. And think about it. And why would I post at places where everyone agrees with me? I’m not interested in groupthink….

  • Olivia H.

    @Lena I’ve read some of your comments on his message board as another person to me to do just see what they were talking. about. And there it was. Right smack dab there you post the same thing on his message board too. For someone who could care less about him you gave such a strong passion of hatred towards him. And I wonder why could it be that you once liked him had a chance to met him and he gave you he cold shoulder. Therefore you talking gibberish about him on these particular sites. Obviously you do care enough about what other people think or say about you because if you didn’t you wouldn’t reply back to them. So try again with the I don’t care what others think or say about me. Because you’re nothing more but an obsessed Fassbender fan but putting on a charade making seem like you don’t like him but truthfully you do. You’re a hypocrite.

  • Olivia H.

    @Lena And this isn’t any lecture class you don’t have to give us long essays of how you feel. You don’t know Fassbender from a can of paint so just relax with the whole theory that he spreading my money. And btw how is he spending my money? He has a job just like I do and he’s not a citizen of this country. He just like other celebs work for Hollywood and they earn their money from whatever company they worked with when making movies. So how is it that he and others are taking my money? They’ve earned it. It’s my money it’s their money. Money that they’ve rightfully earned. So what are you even talking about? “Spending and taking my money” if that’s your basis then it doesn’t make sense at all. It only makes sense to you because thats’s how you perceive it. To a rational person that doesn’t make any sense. Go luck trying to convince people of that notion. You have way too much time on your hands over a stranger. And it’s making you look desperate for attention and makes you look and sound crazy. Instead of worrying about Fassbender’s lifestyle trying worrying about your own.

  • don’t bother with her

    @Olivia H. she’s crazy.

  • Olivia H.

    @Lena My father owns a carpet cleaning business booming than ever. If yours is falling then it’s probably your problem. Your suppose to do whatever it takes to keep your business up and running. It’s not Fassbender’s nor any other celebrities fault if your business is crashing. And Fassbender, Pitt, Clooney aren’t taking my money or my dad’s money for tax deduction. That my deranged friend comes from the Government not celebrities. Everybody pays taxes if you don’t want to go to jail. So you’re implying that they are selling Americans blind when they make movies, appearances which btw is what celebs do. Make appearances and give interviews to promote their movies. So it’s not the government that’s taking my money it’s mostly celebrities but more so Fassbender???? LMAO Do you know how ludicrous that sounds. Don’t lecture me on what , who and where my money goes or what it’s spent on. Unless you work for Hollywood and can give me details of what’s really going on then you can shove it far up your psychotic ass with your crazy ass theories. Stay on medication Lena and return back to Fassbender’s IMDb board with this nonsense. I’m sure you’ll entertain the people over there with this bull**** like you do for us. So now I know where you stand you’re crazy and needs to be medicated. Nothing else more you’re just crazy.

  • Well

    OH! There she is LOL
    @So true: Ur so right LOL, and the “freedom in speech” as well LOL
    @Olivia H.: Don’t waste your time, she’s crazy. IMDB folks put her on their ignore lists.

  • Olivia H.

    @Well And I can see why. I understand why they have her on ignored. She’s crazy and I feel incomprehensible reading all that nonsense. And she gave me a good chuckle about Fassbender using my money let me re phrase that all tax payers money for his enjoyment. He doesn’t make any money with his profession he uses Americans money to support his way. LMAO!!!!!

  • Ironic

    @Lena: You should see Frank because it addresses the celebrity worship syndrome you keep talking about. Jon, Gleeson’s character was idolizing Frank, but Frank is a very damaged character. So, in effect, the movie is saying that celebrities are people with secrets, who probably cannot fix their own lives, so we should not look to them as if they can be of any help to us.

  • Lena

    @Olivia H:

    Aren’t you precious…. Not “tax breaks”, dear, REFUNDABLE TAX CREDITS. That’s state treasuries writing checks to production companies. As the law professor says, some states fund 40% of a TV show or film with TAX money paid through taxpayers being compelled to pay up to fund the program.

    And yes, FRANK applied for a big check from New Mexico. And that money went to cover actors fees. Fassbender was an actor so, you do the math. You have gotten to math in school at this point right? Spelling and grammar must be next semester.

    And, it’s wonderful how you are so confident in a person’s ability to make tons of money IF they are good enough. And, how you say that if they can’t make a business work, that’s THEIR fault and failing.
    If that’s the case, and guys like Fassbender and Pitt are so good at business that they can be successful based on hard work and talent, why do American states fund the film industry with $1.4 billion a year in tax subsidies? Cash paid to ENSURE success. If Fassbender or Pitt are so smart and business savvy, why would taxpayers need to cover up to 40% of their business expenses via checks full o money from the coiffers of the state treasuries? If I had a state shoveling money into my business, I’m sure I could really expand. But, I’m not a CHOSEN one. Interesting comments about them being unconstitutional and a violation of the Commerce clause (by that law professor in that video I posted). I never thought of that before. Wish he would have expounded on that.

    Yes, you say a small business like mine would fail because I’m not good enough. Ive had my business a very long time. Well, FRANK got up to $5 million from New Mexico taxpayers for FREE? Golly, your dad could sure expand his business with that kind of free cash he didn’t have to pay back. And lawyers could fund all kinds of cases….But, since the state governments filled with starstruck Legislators have decided they want to prop up and subsidize Hollywood and not law firms, carpet stores, or the plumbers business down the street, it’s sol for them….. Eh?

    Am I jealous? No. I dont expect taxpayers to financially support my business. Am I upset? Yes. I agree with the professor and legislator below. They are a ridiculous idea. Why should taxpayers support Hollywood millionaires businesses?

    This is a great video to explain film credits. A speech at the Virginia Legislature. Love it when he talks about VA giving Spielberg $4 million of FREE taxpayer money when Spielberg is worth $3 billion while at the same time the Legislature gave FREE money to Hollywood while rejecting money for disabled folks, low income folks, infrastructure repair.

    Here’s one where the law professor discusses them.

    I might post the one where the NY legislator pleads for $90 million for disabled kids while saying that surely Hollywood and it’s $450 million NY free money giveaway, can cut $90 million to transfer those funds from Hollywood millionaires to help disabled kids in NY.

    Those videos are not for @Olivia H. I’m not wasting my time with that little brat. But, she served her purpose. Reminding me this is a new thread and to explain the tax credit for film again.

  • Lena

    I think this is the law professor link explaining what a bad idea the film tax credits are…we will try this. Kay? :)

  • Tiffany

    A wise head makes a close mouth.Frank is very good movie! ~I Love You All~

  • InthenameofLove

    @Lena: and @ Olivia H.
    in the name of everything holy would you two just stop it!!! Please it’s not worth it. The both of you are acting like kids if your are indeed both adults. This is not a political discussion board nor a message board this is just a story of the actors involved in the movie. You two going at each other’s throats come on guys just please stop it. If you don’t have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. So let’s be adults and stop with this madness. Please!!!!

  • Lena


    A wise head doesn’t make a closed mouth. What kind of nonsense is that? Did you get that off of a fortune cookie?

    By the way, tell that to everyone who ever sat by silently while despots were rising to power. Oh yes, in history people eventually spoke up against tyranny oftentimes after armies were already amassed, and the chaos and genocide upon the chosen targeted group was already underway.

    That’s why FREE speech is so vehemently protected. And censorship feared. An environment where dissenting opinions are allowed to be expressed without fear of retribution is an environment where men are free.

  • InthnameofLove

    @Lena: I don’t think Tiffany was talking about you she was just making a statement in general. So please stop agitating people. It’s not worth it. But if you meant nothing by it then I’ll leave it alone. But I think you guys should just cool it.

  • Curiosities

    Who is the flamboyant looking man behind MF’s PR chick in that one shot? The man wearing the pink v-neck t-shirt… He looks like the same man papped in a limo with Michael in London (after a dinner with Naomi R) / the man in one of MF’s Buenos Aries club photos.

    Is that a manager? Stylist? Friend?

  • Lola

    Flamboyant? He does not seem flamboyant to me. Or is he, you, the person posting under this moniker? ;-) … and you want some press … hey!, valid assumption.

    Don’t know if he is the same man papped in a limo, did not see those pictures, if there are pictures… will take your word for it.

    Now, if he was with Fassbender in Argentina, he did not do his client (if he is his manager / stylist) or friend any favors, because what is out there in terms of “gossip” – I will admit – is not very flattering towards Fassbender. Like hooking up with two barely legal young women, for example. I would think a friend would protect you, right?

  • boyfriend maybe

    @Curiosities: I saw that too, I’m starting to wonder about Mikey!!

  • WannaKnow

    @Lola Who hooked up with barely legal young girls? And how would you know this info?

  • i know right

    @WannaKnow: what is Lola even talking about? Sounds like she basing her info on pure chatty gossip.

  • starting drama much lola?

    @Lola: on the information about him hooking with two young girls.
    if you’re referring to isabelle and zoe. news flash they did date him. if they thought that he was a creeper for dating them then why did they date him? maybe because they can.

  • Lola

    Allegedly Fassbender while in Argentina hooked up with barely legal young girls. Read carefully my reply to @Curiosities, I did a disclaimer as to how I got the info.
    I got the info, because I read a great deal of the SWSNBN Thread, otherwise known as the Thread where the pictures of Fassbender and M.G. were published. The other posters placed links of pictures and comments.
    Loved (irony and sarcasm indented) how I mentioned what a “good” friend or “else” the man in the pink shirt is due to the things I have read, I get referred to as the gossipy one, because other posters did not read properly, but @Curiosities and @boyfriend maybe imply that Fassbender could be a homosexual man …and no one jumps on them …. yeah, analyze please.

  • Lola

    @starting drama much lola?:
    I read a post and wrote my observation. That is not starting drama, and who talks like that anyways? Starting drama? Really? I hope you are in your teens.
    I have always maintained that what I right here, I am capable of telling it to you or anyone else, face to face … people like that, don’t start drama. They confront the darn thing.

  • Lola

    @starting drama much lola?:
    *write* sorry about that

  • WannaKnow

    Well if “allegedly” he did then allegedly he didn’t. As for that thread, I have not read the entire thing, can’t be bothered. And since JJ is a gossip where there’s a lot of guessing, assumptions, allegedlys, making up, take from other source and make something else out of it, I’m not going to buy into any of them. Have to take with a grain of salt. Not everything that is printed is true. Lies are easily believed than the truth. Tell the truth and no one believes it, tell a lie and everyone jumps on it and say yes I believe. As for the “assumption” that the guy in pink is Michael’s lover? Should I or everyone else jump on it and say I believe it? If he’s snapped with a guy in pink shirt hes gay? Really? Come on now. Not going to believe that. Sorry. The board including you are free to believe anything and everything, not I. I judge for myself and think for myself

  • Lola

    The written word is tricky. But I do think you missed my points entirely. And, that is fine.

    You are correct, you can believe whatever you want hon. And the kid has a publicist and can discredit anything out there that is not truth, if he wanted to. Unless he likes people talking about him, as the saying goes …”there is no such thing as bad publicity.” Unlike regular Joe or Jane who have to deal with “gossip” in an entirely different way.

    Take care.

  • WannaKnow

    Last time I checked Michael Fassbender wasn’t a “kid”. Now he might be younger than you but he is no “kid”. You might think he is, and might even say because of how he acts he is a “kid” btu show the MAN some respect and not refer to him as a kid. And he cannot stop anyone from talking about him. people can and will talk, whether he is out in public, in private or on vacation. Nothing he can do. I’m sure it has nothing to do with publicity. Just like us regular Joes or Janes. Are we beign talked about? Sure. Even me. do I care? Not one bit. Matters not if it’s in the same way or different way, gossip is gossip. Like Michael has said to a reporter, don’t believe everything you read. Gossip is more interesting than the man himself.

  • Lola

    LMAO!!! Thank you for making me laugh.
    I think you are a teenager, may you live fully and have a blast with life.
    I call Fassbender kid, because I myself I’m close to his age and just because I’m in my late 30′s, it does not mean that I feel like anything else but a kid. If you were friends with people in their late 30′s you would understand.
    Love the fact that you made up this whole disrespect angle to get a response, I can see it a mile away. Let me put it this way, by the time you are done with your first lap, I will be on no. 25.
    Sweetie, take care!