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Nicole Kidman Takes Ice Bucket Challenge with Jason Bateman!

Nicole Kidman Takes Ice Bucket Challenge with Jason Bateman!

Nicole Kidman gets drenched with a big cooler of ice water while taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge alongside her Family Fang co-star Jason Bateman.

“I accept the challenge to strike out ALS… the ice bucket challenge,” the 47-year-old actress said in the video posted on Facebook. “Do I have to say who did it? Faith Hill. Thank you Faith. And I’m going to donate money and I’m also going to take the ice bucket. I’m also going to challenge Jason Bateman, Russell Crowe, and Colin Firth.”

Jason accepts the challenge during the video and he nominates Will Arnett, Justin Theroux, and David Cross.

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  • Awwww

    Jason and Nicole are beyond adorable! I love their chemistry already. It will be so fun to see them as brother and sister on screen!

    I’m so glad ALS is getting all this attention. My friend’s grandmother had one of the longest documented cases of the illness. What a great and successful campaign!

  • Rebecca

    Certainly one of the cutest ALS vids to date.

  • http://comcast Amber

    Really cute. Bet they had a lot of fun on set.

  • Sally

    Nicole is so adorable in this video. I can’t wait to see the movie with her and Jason.

  • http://comcast Dee

    Cute !! Bet this will be fun movie.

  • Truro

    Sweet vid @–)—

  • Wurry

    She’s pretty cute when she is just being herself and relaxed.
    The shorter hair makes her look a lot younger.

  • shannon

    they’re both adorable :)

  • kary

    I was so happy when she did it… she’s so lovely and awkward lol BTW JJ Keith Urban did it too, why is not his video published?

  • http://comcast Ashley

    Nicole looks so cute here, other pictures she looks pretty and beautiful, not as relaxed. She does look younger in these pics. Anyway she and Keith Urban are my favorite celebrity couple.

  • holly

    I just love that woman!

  • S-ra

    @kary: Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, lots of country stars missing.

  • Marie

    Great job and thank you Nicole for nominating Colin Firth :)

  • ellery

    They so have that older sister younger brother dynamic. Adorable!

  • Nice

    Read this in my Facebook feed <3

    Faith Hill shared Nicole Kidman's video

    Way to go, Nic!! #strikeoutals #icebucketchallenge

  • ??

    What’s with Kidman’s affected voice. So fake.

  • Barbara G

    Just love her! Jason’s a cutie! Def one of my favorite celebrity challenge videos.

  • Sorry

    Kidman is utterly cringeworthy. Batemen seems normal.

  • Carolyn

    Nicole is delightful. I loved the video!

  • Killian

    Kidman is lovely, what a classy woman.

  • http://comcast Alison

    Love Nicole Kidman and her side kick Keith Urban. Nicole looks so cute here.

  • sweetpea

    I love their enthusiasm!

  • Your Magic Hour

    Fun set! You can tell they will be good movie siblings. I hope Colin Firth participates but I don’t think he’s on any social media.

  • Not buying it

    Nicole’s weird, campy little girl pantomiming is hilarious!!!!!!

  • Really

    16,18 & 24 which I am sure are all the same person but either way. Don’t you get tired of being such a complete a$$hole!!!!!!!

  • Louise

    Keith Urban already did the ice bucket challenge. He challenged Eric Church and one other person.

  • Sheri

    First Ice Bucket Challenge I’ve seen where the participant’s hair and head stay totally dry. Nicole, the water/ice is supposed to be poured over your head, not at you. Half a challenge.

  • Jordyn

    Blame that on Jason not Nicole. He couldn’t lift that bulky ice chest high enough – or maybe he didn’t want to ruin the wig she’s wearing for the movie shoot. She did her part and is donating money, too. Super cute.

  • @Sheri

    Nicole’s pathetic ‘half challenge’ may have been doctors orders. Mixing iced water with facial Botox is probably a no no.

  • One

    Very cute and I’m sick of watching these challenges, but this one was cute. She looks darn good. How does she not have cellulite on her thighs? Please share the secret.

  • http://comcast Ron

    Nicole is adorable. Loved her for years.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Oh Sheri, I mean The Crazy One, you are so damn jealous. Go crawl in your padded cell.

  • Nicole KidMAN

    Q. How does she not have cellulite on her thighs. Please share the secret?

  • http://comcadt Jamie

    @Nicole KidMAN: You are a sick, sick, jealous, jealous person. You get crazier each time you leave your ridiculous statements. I doubt a psychiatrist could help you, you are too far gone.

  • http://comcadt Patsy

    Nicole is really adorable, she can be everything, cute, sexy, sophisticated, beautiful, great wife and mother. I admire her so much.

  • Joe

    @Nicole KidMAN: Your words are words of a very angry, immature, mean-spirited, vicious person.
    Nicole is adorable in this video. A really great woman.

  • llr88

    Even when nicole does something good for a great cause, people can’t say good job, have to hate, even if you don’t like her she did this for als and gave money, (as she started) alot of stars or doing this she is no difference , so why the hate for her, because these few people on here can’t see pass their hate for her in any form to at least think this was nice of her, and that is so sad , hate is going to destroy this world and why hate somone you really don’t know? And yes it is hate, people dont post hateful things on every article about her if it wasn’t, sad

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Sheri: Oh really Sheri, did you make that rule ??? Get a life Crazy One, is that written in the Constitution ????

  • kary

    @Nicole KidMAN: gosh you must be a horrible woman with a lot lot of cellulite in your whole body. Why don’t you get up off the couch and do something for yourself, stop hating people on internet, stop eating like a pig and go the gym, maybe that way you could have Nicole’s gorgeous legs

  • bahahaha

    The ice queen takes the ice bucket challenge and doesn’t flinch.

  • http://comcast Ashley

    @bahahaha: What a jealous low- life you are. Nicole is adorable and could care less what a low – life person as yourself has to say ??? Do you honestly think she reads any of these comments, if you do, you are crazier then I thought.