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Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, & Robert De Niro Starring in a Martin Scorsese-Directed Short Film!

Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, & Robert De Niro Starring in a Martin Scorsese-Directed Short Film!

Brad Pitt and Robert De Niro step out together on the set of their new short film on Sunday afternoon (August 31) in New York City.

The pair are set to star in the Martin Scorsese-directed short alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, which will be used for a campaign for Melco-Crown Entertainment (MCE).

The script for the short was written by Wolf of Wall Street‘s Terence Winter and will debut at Melco-Crown’s newest movie-themed resort Studio City in Macau next year, Deadline reports.

This is the first time that Brad, Leonardo, and Robert have all collaborated with Martin on the same film.

With this film’s incredible lineup, we can only imagine how amazing it’s going to turn out!

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt and Robert De Niro on set…

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brad pitt robert deniro leonardo dicaprio starring in a short film 01
brad pitt robert deniro leonardo dicaprio starring in a short film 02
brad pitt robert deniro leonardo dicaprio starring in a short film 03
brad pitt robert deniro leonardo dicaprio starring in a short film 04
brad pitt robert deniro leonardo dicaprio starring in a short film 05
brad pitt robert deniro leonardo dicaprio starring in a short film 06
brad pitt robert deniro leonardo dicaprio starring in a short film 07
brad pitt robert deniro leonardo dicaprio starring in a short film 08
brad pitt robert deniro leonardo dicaprio starring in a short film 09
brad pitt robert deniro leonardo dicaprio starring in a short film 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Xoxo

    Oh my gosh…..this gonna be good

  • Kayla

    This sounds cool. I like all of these guys.

    Also, congrats to you and Angelina on your wedding Brad. I wish you all the best.

  • Bill

    I cant get those nudes out of my head…

  • awwwww

    Brad looks so hot.

  • Pool


  • busted

    Brad wears a suit. damn.

    I love DeNiro.. I hate that he has been making some not great films. I want to see him directing again.
    I wonder if we will get to see it.
    Waiting for the first pictures of Mr and Mrs. Pitt.. Together

  • a fan

    Brad is a walking sex. Angie is so lucky.

  • busted

    Wait so they are calling this a short film not a commercial. Interesting..

  • man

    Isn’t he planned to film the “By the sea”?
    What is he doing there?
    He has no intrest and passion for BTS?
    He always choice his business and just use Angelina’s stuff like her breastcancer. WWZ then, casino commercial movie now. He’s so greedy. Poor Angelina.

  • a fan


    Must be like Nicole Kidman’s Chanel commercial, there was a storyline in that commercial.

  • You forgot to add that he was flaunting his wedding ring.

  • well

    Brad has the sexiest swagger ever.

  • Almighty dollar

    @busted: that’s what it is. It will be releases next year at the opening of the billionaires hotes/casino.
    These actors/witers/directors all use the billion are an investor for their movies and he gets co-producing creeds out it. They are all kissing each other’s butts for $$$$$$$ lmao

  • beautiful

    Angelina’s husband is smoking hot.

  • @well: walk like you really have to do #2 and you’ll have the same swagger.

  • So?

    Cue the Brad stans bashing Leo in 3..2..1..

  • Ⱦamsіn

    So the coattailing parasite has to associate to true talent because he can’t shine on his own. Poor thing, news around him revolve around his PR showmance with his mistress to working with other people that he can’t cast a shadow on. Sad famevvhore, tipping the paps every day to make a living!

  • love them


  • @So?: aha botox eye looks bad in these batch of photos so they shouldn’t say anything about Leo + Leo can act circles around him. He photographs best with soft lighting and night lighting. He looked fresh last night compared to this old raisin we have here. His hair even looks thinner. Blame it on sunshine Lighting.


  • busted


    I for one don’t give a sh*t about Leo.. I don’t see him in any of the pictures. If you are a Leo stan then go to his thread and talk to him.

  • Ⱦamsіn

    I’m sure the failed bloated Billygoat he had to beg Scorsese to give him a part, just like the Ho has begged Almodovar too. I bet DiCaprio was not thrilled when the media vvhore showed on set the first day, with paparazzi in tow. Poor thing, the pig is in the twilight of his career, and wanted to be associated with a legend like Scorsese so badly that he settled for playing third fiddle to DiCaprio and DeNiro. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  • hm

    Where is his wedding ring? LOL
    Why does he not wear his wedding ring?

  • huh

    Why is Le0 stan in Brad’s thread? yes, it reminds me where fatty ugly Le0 is. Hide his ugly fat face.

  • So?

    You guys don’t give a sh*t about Leo yet you guys spent all of Oscar night on the Brangelina thread bashing Leo and you guys continue to do on every Brangelina thread? Lmao sure.

  • So?

    Lol point proven

  • just sayin

    Brad is looking so hot. Congrats again to the wedding of Brad and Angelina.

  • So?

    Anyway for the record on the Leo threads nobody even bashes Pitt or Jolie. It’s just funny that the Brangelina stans on here always go on about what a piece of crap and how awful Leo is yet you guys can never hush up about him. Have fun with it.

  • @So?: brangelina fans bash EVERYONE. Seriously. I don’t think there is a star they like other than Brad. They barely like Angelina.
    #21 he is playing the role of Joe Pesci without the talent.

  • Kathy

    Brad is getting hotter with age.

  • FYI Nutria Ratiness


    Brad clearly has his gold wedding ring on his left hand but then you already know that LOL

    He has a white stone ring on his right hand same as when he was filming yesterday.

    But then you Nutria have poor eyesight to match your tiny brains.

  • Casper is not hot

    @Kathy: he looks like Jlo’s boyfriend Casper Bear.

  • trt

    So now you know……we’re sorry that the secret is out: Fans here love the Jolie and Mr. Pitt. Yes, they are our favorite stars. I wonder what gave that away?
    Are you going to tell on us? Please don’t. we like to keep our little secret.

  • Yes

    Brad wears rings on both hands. Angie was reported wear gold wedding band on her left hand ring finger, and engagement ring on her right hand ring finger. Happy marriage Mr. and Mrs. Brad Pitt.

  • a lurker

    Poor trolls, still can accept the fact Brad and Angie are married.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    I never bashed Leo but why do you care what other fans do or don’t do. If you can’t stand them bashing Leo, leave this thread. Nobody as you to be here. This is a JP thread. I know this is a public thread and you have the right to be here but if you hate this Brad & Angie so much why are you here. You know the fans will always support the JP no matter what. We are not fake fans like MANiston’s fans. No fans of hers want to be on her thread because she is fcuking boring.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @a lurker:

    I know. Tampon makes me laugh. The Gaylor is posing shiz again.

  • a fan

    No one bashes Leo until the troll initiates it. The troll is asking for Leo bashing, isn’t it? LOL

  • Exactly

    Some powerful men there.

  • So?

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:
    Leo’s name is mentioned in this and someone on the Leo thread posted it that’s why I came here. I don’t hate Pitt nor Jolie FWIW, just wanted to address my view and ’tis all. Notice I didn’t bash Pitt’s looks or acting on this thread or call him a name like Brad Sh*t or something like y’all do with your Le0 nickname.
    Well Jolie is a woman and you know women get sh*tted on 10x harder in general.

  • So?

    @a fan:
    I ain’t a troll but that’s a great compliment :)

  • amazing

    Brad looks amazing. Brad and De Niro both are Oscar winners. Where is Le-0-Oscar? lol.

  • Lol

    The troll is so dumb. Lol.

  • OT

    I see JLAW and Kate Upton nude pics leaked online. what the hell is going on? JLAW and Kate should file law suits.

  • busted

    I guess in these women’s free time they just taken nude pics of themselves or their SO..
    What in the world is going on.

  • Ⱦamsіn

    The bitchy gayloons that post here should be livid that their filthy idols broke their promise of not getting married until there was equality in US. Funny how Time magazine took notice and actually called them out on how full of shittt they are and how they used the struggle of minorities for self gain.
    On the other hand, CNN also called them out on being famevvhores and using their relationship to promote their careers. Talk about a boomerang effect! They thought they’d get positive coverage for getting married and it backfired on them! LOL.
    What about the gay Brangeloons though? Shouldn’t you queens be upset that your idols used your struggle for equality to get ahead in their careers? How little you value yourselves! :S

  • Ⱦamsіn

    Pittloons should be thankful that Scorsese granted Pittstool’s wish of playing third wheel in a DiCaprio/DeNiro collaboration. Leo is only the biggest movie star in the world, adored by audiences and people in the industry alike, rightfully so. His movies break even, he can act and has a broad range, and keeps his personal life to himself. He couldn’t be too thrilled the day the bloated pot-smoking hasbeen showed up on set with some of his little brats and paparazzi in tow. Well I guess someone has the wrong concept of being a celebrity. Here’s hoping Mr. Scorsese has learned the lesson well, and next time he’ll hire an actor instead of a tabloid darling to work in his movies.

  • Troll in Agony

    Brad loves Angie. Angie loves Brad. Troll is in agony. More pain to come!!

  • bap

    Shut up Tasmin! The media is upset because they did not get a scoop on the wedding, Dame Angelina and Brad out foxed them.

    Most of the media in the 21st century is tainted.

  • Observer2

    Remember when Angelina was working on The Good Sheperd with Deniro. She got pregnant with Shiloh. That movie is Shiloh’s first movie.

    And when Angelina got faint and had to tell Deniro that she was pregnant, she was so nervous and when she told him, he went and got her a banana. LMAO!

    Remember when Ticky had to audition for a role in a Deniro movie and she lost out to Anne Hathaway.

    Brad’s been in a movie with Deniro already and so has Angelina. Ticky lost out to Anne Hathaway. LOL.

  • Kim

    So Brad is working with Scorsese? That’s awesome.I remember the virgin troll saying he would never work with Brad.HaHaHa