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Blake Lively Pregnant, Expecting First Child with Ryan Reynolds - See Her Baby Bump!

Blake Lively Pregnant, Expecting First Child with Ryan Reynolds - See Her Baby Bump!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their first child together!

The 27-year-old actress revealed the exciting news on her new website, Preserve, and even posted a photo of her tiny baby bump. The pic was snapped by her brother Eric Lively and features her cradling her bump in a black and white dress.

Blake held a chic party to celebrate “all the expecting mothers out there.” She posted a bunch of pictures from the event and ended it with her own photo.

“Today we celebrate them. With food to fill their tummies (as if that needs more filling), presents to soothe their tired (and swollen) soles, toys to warm their baby’s souls, projects to provoke them, and decorations to inspire creativity and merriment in all,” the site wrote.

Congratulations to the happy couple on the exciting news!!!

FYI: Blake is wearing a Sam & Lavi top and skirt in the announcement photo.

Just Jared on Facebook
blake lively pregnant

Photos: WENN, Eric Lively
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  • Bee

    Her career is going nowhere, her blog is awful, no surprise she got pregnant….only way to stay relevant for these talentless people is to get married/pregnant and divorced…good luck Ryan!

  • Leah

    Hapy for Ryan who’s desidered a family for so long. Still not sure they will last though.

  • lol


  • wow

    Beautiful bump shot.

  • XOXO


    LOL I’m not surprised either, she needs something to keep her busy but congrats to them anyway

  • xyzc

    Bearding successfully for him, cool….

  • Aww

    She’s the first of the Sisterhood Girls to be pregnant.
    Alexis, Amber or America next?

  • OMG

    Who knew getting pregnant after being married for 2 years was apparently showbiz conspiracy? Not surprising the comments coming from women.
    As a gay dude I say congrats to them!!!!!!

  • GG

    Wow…in the last candids Jared posted she didnt look pregnant at all and now this…and she seems already quite far along…never would have guessed!

  • Queen E

    Don’t remember the last time I read about anyone in showbiz actually being married first before starting a family

  • welpwelp

    Sweet! Pregnancy Boom in HW – Ryan G, Ashton, Zoe, Carrie Underwood

  • Mary

    Beautiful pic; she’ll be happy to have that one when her child is older.

  • shrug

    @Bee: thank you for being honest unlike most of the GG fans who will fawn over her for being nothing but a “fashionable blonde”. another excuse for her to take another long break and “reflect”, she’s so pretentious for someone that hasn’t made a name for herself in movies and is a generally bad actress. She’s probably reflecting on the inevitable nose job that she and ryan will pay for her newborn in 18 yrs, the kid is not gonna have a nice nose either way. She simply used ryan as a good looking sperm donor, that’s all.

  • P

    Congratulations and happiness to y’all

  • #8

    @OMG: Agree with everything you say (only I’m straight lol)

  • Kel

    Congrats to them! Hope Leighton and Adam are next!

  • Bee


    Just trying to be realistic. She always claims she isnt interested in fame, acting and general attention but her PR team has clearly worked to make her happen yet has failed…she has no movie role offers and Preserve is getting bad reviews, so the next step was of course having a baby, so she’ll grant another year of pre and post baby body talk and posts on her blog where she will teach everyone how to be a mom…

  • Lea2

    @Bee: Her blog is very captivating, much more than the others around, which are better versions than old Sears´ catalogues. As for her being talentless, I just watched the Pippa Lee film. She is amazingly expressive, more than the so-called “talented” actresses, who one gets bored watching after five minutes since nearly all of them lack charm. The girl is sharp.

  • #16

    @Kel: Leighton was just talking about the importance of love & family in her new In Style interview so who knows?

  • #18

    @Lea2: Please ignore that poster she was the first to comment here on someone she apparently hates and that says it all LMAO. Keep it positive. I wonder of this is why Age of Adaline was moved to the better month of April

  • lol

    Hilarious DM comment
    shopgirl, eu, 31 minutes ago
    First Ryan Gosling¿s baby, then Clooney¿s wedding and now pregnancy for Ryan Reynolds..what a catastrophic year! ;-)

  • LOL

    Her blog is captivating??? ROFLMAO

  • Diletta

    I’m so Happy for her and Ryan! they are like the Hollywood Golden Couple ! they will be AMAZING as parents.. as for those who criticize them … i mean “got pregnant for eincrease her success” i mean are you mad???????????? are you KIdding OR WHAT? she is the face of l’oreal and Gucci.. surely she doesn’t need to be more famous or a hand for her career .. she is pregnant cause she and Ryan love eachother so.. you are just envious

  • @23

    Please, stop saying that people who don’t go crazy for her are envious…!! She can’t act, she marbles and is talentless, maybe this is way not everyone in this world loves her, envy has nothing to do with it.
    Her fans are so biased, all they can do is insult other actresses, like JLaw or Leighton to make Blake look like Mery Streep.

  • Terry

    I wonder how much she is going to pimp this pregnancy

  • @24

    Are you crazy? Who insulted JLaw, Leighton or anyone else here. Her haters can’t stay out of mentioning her name and bigging up some BS rivalry even is its talking stupid to make them martyrs and her a villain

  • Beyonce

    Congratulations B *mwah mwah*

  • Star

    wow congratulations , finally they are starting a family.


    All Leo fans who are obsessing over his exes need to stfu.

  • Danny

    That’s monument-us, congratulations !

  • @11

    You forgot Kate Middleton. And maybe by next month Amal Clooney)) HA

  • ace11

    he seems like a totally controlling d-bag with a big pole up his rear

    feel bad for her, she could have done so much better

  • Cheata

    Thats why she stood out of the spotlight for a while. She was dreaming of a baby and paparazzi harassing them and taking shots of their baby and herself and probably Ryan as well. Talentless actress with glamour and cameras

  • lol

    Its actually trending on twitter right now

  • Cheata

    *OBSESSED WITH glamour and cameras

  • Lee

    Her blog is a joke.

  • Nutty

    well congrats then! they all get pregnant this year LOL

  • annier

    Really happy for them.
    Blake has been in live with her man for so many years.
    She must be in Heaven.

  • @34

    LOL and its still trending, you’ll think it was a member of One Direction

  • great

    Blake good luck breastfeeding that baby with your plastic boobs

  • laura

    Such a good news! I KNEW this was going to happen soon!

  • #31

    @@11: Coco Rocha is pregnant too

  • yep

    Congrats and best wishes!

  • Reality Bites

    @Lee: It’s only a joke for those who cannot afford the items she spotlights. The products are gorgeous.

  • Cattywomen

    Oh so sad…we women are doomed! So catty and nasty, only us

  • Nanabell

    Hey guys why are you so cruel and nasty?! Blake is a WOMAN first of all. She is 27, she is healthy, she loves her hubby, they’re really sweet couple – why she can’t give birth to their child? It’s happiness for them, they’re real persons – not just beautiful celebrities from magazine’s cover. Please don’t be rude.

  • Lea2

    @Cattywomen: Right you are. It is soooo pathetic!

  • Jana

    Gosh, why are people always so negative and hateful. They are mean when celebrities get pregnant before a wedding, they are mean when they get pregnant and married shortly afterwards, and yet they are mean when a lovely couple gets married and couple years later decides to have a baby.

    So what her acting carrier is not huge, has anyone ever considered that maybe that’s the way she wants it? She got into acting when she was young, who knows maybe her priorities have changed over the years. And as much it is ok to put away family and delve into acting it should be ok to decide to put aside your carrier and be a mother and a wife. Both ways are ok as long as it is what you truly want.

  • Dee

    Looks like she finally got what she wanted!

  • v

    @Lee: she is a joke