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Angelina Jolie Recalls Her Biggest Moments of 2014 for 'People' Mag Cover, Including Marriage to Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie Recalls Her Biggest Moments of 2014 for 'People' Mag Cover, Including Marriage to Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie shows off her flawless skin in this close-up cover for the latest issue of People magazine.

Here’s what the 39-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her 2014 accomplishments: “My son [Maddox] became a teenager. That was a marker in my year. More than anything, like any mom, I’m just happy the kids are healthy. I married their dad. My health is good.”

On the wedding: “They did a really good job! The eight of us celebrated, and Brad and I committed our lives to the children.”

On a potential future in politics: “I do want to make change, so I’m open to whatever role that may take.”

On a lesson she learned from making Unbroken: “We’re not alone in the world. I don’t know if there’s a name for that – religion or faith – just that there’s something greater than all of us, and it’s uniting and beautiful.”

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Bigger cover inside…

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  • busted

    Good morning all.

    Well Aniston got her nomination.. we thought it wouldn’t happen. I said before we can’t predict stuff.. I’m not surprised. I think the fans need to take note and deal and move on. her hustle worked.. Her fans are celebrating and will be ragging on Angie/Brad and we fans.. I won’t be surprised if she gets a GG nod too. It is that kind of year. Like it or not.

    Like I said this has been a strange Award Season and it is going to get worst. I’m kind of tired of it all. And Angie is taking a hit today and will for this week. The haters have something to feed on. It happens.

    anyway Angie of course looks amazing on the cover. Lots of things to look forward to next week. just don’t let this get you crazy. It is just what it is.
    Not I have to get back to the Real world and work.

  • were the morons

    You’re right. Moms don’t equal wins, though… But anyway, I sense Brad and Angelina have better thubgs coming their way.

  • JPFamily

    Dave Karger ‏@davekarger 43 mins

    Absent from SAG: American Sniper, Selma & Unbroken, all end-of-year releases that clearly arrived too late. There’s still Oscar.

  • JPFamily

    Kevin McCarthy ‏@KevinMcCarthyTV 25 mins

    My interview with Angelina Jolie for #Unbroken! (Video) #RogerDeakinsIsAwesome

  • JPFamily

    Love the cover, another beautiful pic.

  • norah mackenzie

    Frankly if she gets nominated for a movie that is still unreleased i wouldnt be surprised – very very disappointed. If the movie was good etc or she had acted well maybe – but when she was just rachel green with no make up etc and did 24/7 pushing it shows how the sag awards can be used. Nothing for selma or marion cotillard or jack o connell from unbroken – disgraceful and picking her over so many others

  • Myskina


  • JPFamily

    Reminder re GG noms tomorrow.

    Golden Globe Awards @goldenglobes · 18h

    Can you believe #GoldenGlobes nominations are on Thursday at 8:20 AM ET/5:20 AM PT?

    Complete list of SAG noms at link

  • Felinelilly

    Beauty incarnate.

  • UltraE

    Pretty sure she already owns a sag award. So that’s 1 for Angelina and o for you.

  • plez

    Beautiful cover. Beautiful woman

  • JPFamily

    Agreed, I now won’t be in the least surprised if she gets a GG nod, same for Critics Choice, and as for an Oscar nom? well stranger things have happened!
    Plus funny the timing of yet more attacks on Angie, coincidence eh.

  • Myskina

    Angelino is a loser hahaha

  • plez

    Okay we need to stop responding to trolls.

  • UltraE

    Is Angelino your brother?

  • Juliana

    Even being named Ticky this being the butt of jokes !!!

  • shazia35


  • Felinelilly

    It’s not the end of the world, awards are just hardware. Nominations won’t keep JA warm at night. Brad and Angelina still have what JA wants most and has been stalking the last 10 years, each other.
    I’m sure Brad and Angelina aren’t bothered about awards, they are way above Hollywood superficiality. They work to help others every day, what they have, each other and their family, is more precious and valuable than any statue could ever be.

  • Bizzy Bee

    Good morning JP fans, Angie is working tirelessly promoting unbroken and I hope it pays off for her.

    Pertaining to this Rudin moron and all the jealous people who hate on Brad and his family, that’s all it is – jealousy. It’s frustrating to hear nasty talk about people you like, but the best way we can make our own opinions known is to not support ANYTHING these idiots are involved in.

    Can’t wait until Brad is in a movie, want to talk Brad, Brad, Brad!!

  • Tweet Angie

    The good thing is that they wont be going to the SAG Awards

  • shazia35

    Aww TROLLS celebrating a nomination after 20 years in showbusiness, thank god for Harvey Weinstines oscar campaingner and pr guru Huvane for handing out non stop bribes with Cake.

  • JPFamily

    Michael Sicinski ‏@msicism 14 mins

    Whether or not UNBROKEN is a particularly good film, I hate that Jolie has to promote her film in the wake of Rudin’s comments.

  • Gold Dust Woman

    Busted, I think your post is very sensible and I largely agree with it. I just feel annoyed because something about this particular nomination stinks. When people like Steve Carrell and even Reese Witherspoon came to LFF, they were quite humble and nervous about their awards prospects. You could tell, they wanted it but couldn’t be certain it would happen.

    This woman, however, had a smug confidence about her from day one of her campaign. That’s what I don’t like about it.
    I have no problem with an amazing performance that everyone is talking about getting a nom. But I met people who had been to TIFF and this performance was on noone’s radar. No critic has raved about this performance. At best it’s been described as good by her standards.
    Marion Cotillard, meanwhile had amazing reviews.
    Something stinks here, that’s all.

  • busted

    Sorry I’m not buying into the Aniston is behind the emails leaks. I’m sorry We sound a bit crazy when we give her and her PR guy that much credit. And we need to stop making her that important

  • shazia35

    What a stupid commnet from the tweeter, why should Angie stop promoting due to an hollywood producer asshole who has shown no respect for women like angie and ellison, fuuck him , bring on UNBROKEN

  • Tweet Angie

    Marion will be nominated . Remember Riva a few years ago with “Amour”.

  • UltraE

    Agree but at the same time Angelina is a strong woman ,that’s what I got from those emails. She had the power to take down a movie that she wasn’t even planning on starring in…The movie had nothing to do with her and she was controlling what was happening with it. rudin does not like strong women… He walked all over Amy Pascal.

  • shazia35

    I think she knew she has some award nominations in the bag via her agent, thats wahy she was over smug about it.

  • guest

    Rudin is an ass no doubt. Brad has his haters in the industry. Universal with State of Play, Darren A for years with The Fountain. Anyone he said yes to, then bail out last minute, lol. I can only imagine those emails.

  • JPFamily

    I was meaning the many award pundits/bloggers and general tweets that have been ramping up their attacks recently. Her people are certainly able to help do that.
    I know that she hasn’t got that much power re leaks or the like, if she did she wouldn’t be making so many sh!tty movies and making pr appearances in the first place.

  • plez

    The Hollywood Reporter’s 2014 Women in Entertainment Power 100

    Angelina Jolie Director Unbroken, Actress Maleficent #9


    Beauty incarnate indeed, like Felinelilly said downthread.

    Dont you just love how Angie just keeps moving forward……while her jealous envious detractors eat her dust? LMAO Even a supposedly successful producer like that sh!teater rudin despite his apparent success, still gets so angry and jealous that a young woman who is just discovering her passion for directing and is just getting her feet wet being a producer, is so well known and globally respected.

    Jealousy is a b!tch, isnt it? Jealousy. Envy. Malice. Greed. They reveal sooooooo much of the nasty underbelly of the veneer of respectability worn by hypocrites.

    In my mind, this is the look that Angie gives to those jealousy angry nasty pieces of sh!t who try to get her attention by any means necessary:

    LMFAO I just love her in that white gown….love the look she gives.

    Also this look:

    LOL Another classic, down-the-nose, queenly regal look thats the only thing that the envious, malicious, jealous critters get when they beg for Angie’s attention.


  • shazia35

    Someone needs to tell A -Hole Rudin how a mildly talented actress is in the top ten Women in Entertainment Power list.

  • UltraE

    Oh I’m sure he knows how powerful she is. That’s why he was so angry.

  • Dame the ring

    poor Angie, Unbroken 0 nominations, Jen 1

  • UltraE

    I can’t wait to see the sag awards just to see how out of place jennifer looks next to Julianne Moore. Cake vs still Alice jaja

  • lurker

    angie looks gorgeous,as for fat tick paid thingy am not upset lets see the bad acting they will show come sag awards day,i will skip that one am sure brad and angie will not attend

  • Tweet Angie

    is the fat ticky in the list?

  • Tweet Angie

    LOL this

  • shazia35


  • JPFamily

    iBooks Bestsellers: ‘Unbroken’ Takes the Lead

    Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken ousted Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl from the top spot on Apple’s iBooks bestseller list for the week ended December 8. The film adaptation of the book, directed by Angelina Jolie, opens in theaters on Christmas Day. In addition to Gone Girl, another book with a big screen adaptation climbed the list—Cheryl Strayed’s memoir, Wild, rose from the #6 spot to #3. The film, starring Reese Witherspoon as Strayed, opened on December 5.

  • Tweet Angie

    people dont worry about the Golden Globes. Ticky will be probably in the list. Angie will be nominated for Picture+Director+Actress Musical/Comedy for Maleficent. Since I dont think that Unbroken or Angie the Director will win, they will give her the Best Actress Musical/Comedy for Mal.
    Ticky will be there..seeing it.

  • lurker

    when it comes to awards shi$ can happen they might snub unbroken. Money talks its not about performance sometimes

  • JPFamily

    Aww, you can now buy a miniature model of Brad as Wardaddy.

    After the B6-35108 Tank Commander resembling Sergeant Don Collier acted by Brad Pitt of Fury movie, BRAVO-6 released another figure of the same character in a different pose.

  • Sherry2

    Hey guys I forgot my password in Disquis and had to reset so now I’m Sherry2. Anyways if you had any doubts that Lamey is a hen witness how she is crowing over at her site. She even brought up Angie’s name in the post of Ticky’s celebration and how Ticky will be sniggering at Sonys emails about Angie. It’s personal all right. Lameys a total hen

    And you gotta wonder about the timing of these leaks. It appears Angie’s got some powerful enemies too in Tinseltown. But we know her she’s strong and mighty and she will overcome this too and come out on top.

    Let Ticky enjoy her moment in the sun.

  • lurker

    am really not bothered by ticky and her bad acting getting rewarded is not going anywhere,less credibility for those involve and us fans do not have to watch

  • chun key pipe

    only because angie’s maleficent dolls…who would want dis?…ahahahahahahahaha

  • Anon2

    Someone needs to tell that Rubin person that Angie says nothing….just gets stronger, more empowering and powerful. Meanwhile, Rubin is known as king as azzhole bosses. And fugly, very fugly.

  • chun key pipe

    …did plan b and pitt buy those awards last year too?…last year was probably bought too, so don’t be mad about this year.

  • Sherry2

    And remember that balcony ‘fighting’ Brad and Angie had in Sydney. They probably found out about it then, that’s why why Brad was so animated and Angie so sad. But she pressed forward anyway. Maybe her enemy is within Universal itself.

    But they better watch out Brad will be coming for their ass big time. Yo don’t mess with his Angie !!!