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Taylor Swift Celebrates 25th Birthday In Style With Beyonce, Jay Z, & Justin Timberlake

Taylor Swift Celebrates 25th Birthday In Style With Beyonce, Jay Z, & Justin Timberlake

Taylor Swift rocks a Santa hat while celebrating her birthday at her Tribeca apartment on Friday night (December 12) in a brand new pic posted on Instagram!

The 25-year-old entertainer was surrounded by many of famous friends, such as Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Jay Z, Sam Smith, Haim, and her BFF Karlie Kloss.

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“So this is being 25….. #WHAT #bestbirthdayEVER,” Taylor captioned the pic.

Selena Gomez, Chrissy Teigen, Ansel Elgort, Jaime King, Kyle Newman, Kelly Osbourne, Simon Huck, and Olivia Culpo were some of the other celebs attending Taylor‘s birthday party.

Happy birthday Taylor!

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  • Living in a box

    Damn it Jay-Z! you used to be gangsta, now you are in hipster party.

  • dalovelee

    Who would have ever thought this would happen.

  • Hazel

    Give me a break, Beyonce went to her party because Beyonce wanted attention. Like Taylor is actual BFFs with any of them except for Karlie Kloss.

  • TTC92

    You must got Bey confused w/ somebody else b/c she doesn’t needs attention. And she’s a huge star, she’s going to get it anyway!

  • Charlie

    Where are her friends of New York (Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Kate Upton ecc…)? However, I didn’t know that Taylor is also friend of Beyonce, Jay-Z, Sam Smith and Justin Timberlake. She has met each of them just a few times at some events.

  • Ignii

    Happy birthday Taylor! For once the Media left you alone with your rumored lovers!! ( It’s my birthday as well!)

  • mandyz

    Guess her true non-famous friends Abigail and Brittany weren’t cool enough to make it into the celebrity group picture. I like Taylor but she always shows off her collection of celebrity friends as much as she denies it in interviews.

  • happy666

    She’s only praised for faking it very well. Just shows where these people come from…

  • solargeknowles

    Y’all don’t even know these people, and yet you think you do?

    Beyonce and Jay Z are very respected people in the industry. You have never seen them speak out badly on people, or tell other celebrities business.

    You have never heard anyone say Beyonce has a bad attitude.

  • suzette

    Beyonce has more attention than Taylor by just walking the streets. What the heck are you talking about?

  • suzette

    They are so silly thinking they know everything. Taylor lives near Bey and Jay now in Tribeca so she probably just invited them and they accepted. Doesn’t mean they are bestfriends, they just respect each other, being in the same industry and all.

  • Candice

    She just visited Emma Stone’s show the other night. After being seated next to JT for some shows at the beginning of the year, they started high fiving each other on the way to the podium to accept awards so it was clear some kind of friendship had been established. JT is close with Jay Z and Beyonce, and everyone seems to be making friends with Sam Smith this year so I’m not too surprised.

  • ace austoom

    They were there if you checked instead of commenting stupidly

  • mandyz

    If you had a brain, you would know that I was saying that Brittany and Abigail were at the party, but why can’t they be in the group picture with everybody else? Oh right, cause they’re not celebs. You’re the idiot that needs to learn reading comprehension :)

  • ace austoom

    why do they need to be in a group pic they were in others

  • mandyz

    They should’ve been, they’re closer to her than the celebs she knows so she should’ve invited them in the group picture but Taylor loves showing off her celebrity friends and you know its true. I can only imagine the photographer saying “Celebs, get in the picture with Taylor, nobody else allowed!” LOL No need to keep beating around the bushes to prove me wrong. As much as I’m a fan of Taylor, Taylor loves showing off her celebrity friends every chance she can and that’s a FACT. Done commenting on this.

  • IsChavezDeadYet

    Those racists Beyoncé and her dud hubby hate Taylor. They’re doing this for PR but they hate white girl.

  • TeamBella76

    I agree with Mandyz she sure seems full of herself lately ! I really like her music but her stuck up act on stage and real life is annoying and a lot of people see it and it’s hard to be a huge fan of hers.

  • TeamBella76

    I really like Taylor’s music but this whole celeb/stuck up act is annoying and don’t believe me just watch the way she talks and acts on stage. Wish I could be a fan …. People we have years the real stories will come out !

  • jen

    Those people are not her friends. She just invited them to her party for publicity. That is how Hollyweird works.

  • jen

    Exactly, they are not friends, and Taylor wants the attention by inviting many celebrities.

  • Nat Mirotta

    You are full of yourself, and that seems more likely

  • Nat Mirotta

    What is your problem? Do you need to make totally irrelevant comments that make no logical sense. Brittany and Abigail were in several photos. In fact, there were quite a few people there at the party. Not all of them were capable of fitting one shot. I think you are commenting with an illogical prejudice and out of total ignorance.

  • MsKay

    Actually, they are ALL neighbors in Tribeca. Jay-Z, Beyoncé and JT’s friendship dates back to the nineties. Also JT, Taylor and Beyoncé are all from the south so they have PLENTY in common outside of the music industry. Just because YOU can not fathom them actually being friends, doesn’t mean that they aren’t.

  • MsKay

    And you know this how?

  • MsKay

    Did it ever occur to you that the media were specific with what pictures they wanted to use? Maybe her OTHER friends were off doing something else at the party when this particular picture was taken and that’s why they weren’t in it? Maybe they didn’t want to be in it? Why does she just have to be friends with only the people that you mentioned? Also, did you know that there were other celebrities at her party that are not in this photo? Not everyone in those pictures above are celebrities…Do you see how that works? Why project your personal feelings that she should only be friends with CERTAIN people that YOU think she should be friends with? Free your mind..

  • MsKay

    Funny because there are people that feel the same way about Taylor and JT, too. All celebrities have people that hate them as much as their fans like them. That’s just a part of being in the entertainment industry. But it is utterly RIDICULOUS to think that none of these celebrities actually have friendships beyond the industry. That shows how narrow-minded some people can be. SMH!

  • BargainBob

    What are you? Taylor’s stalker?

  • BargainBob

    I don’t think there’s anyone on this entire message board more full of themselves than you, Natty. Quit calling the kettle black.