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Priyanka Chopra Signs Major Development Deal with ABC

Priyanka Chopra Signs Major Development Deal with ABC

Priyanka Chopra has some super exciting news – she has signed a one-year talent development deal with ABC Television Studios!

The 32-year-old Bollywood star will be crossing over into the American market as ABC will either develop a starring vehicle for her or cast her in an existing project target for fall 2015.

“To a story teller each platform of performance offers its own artistic challenges, and if you have a good story to tell, regardless of the platform, audiences will follow,” Priyanka said in a statement. “I’ve been a long time fan of ABC shows, and an admirer of how the network has changed the landscape of TV through the diversity of their lead characters. As an intrinsic creative, I am drawn to opportunities that test me in new ways. I’m honored by the opportunity to share my talent with a game-changing network, and I’m very much looking forward to participate in this new endeavor.”

You may recognize Priyanka for her song “In My City,” which was recently featured as the NFL’s Thursday Night Football theme song. She also has starred in more than 45 films, was featured in the latest campaign for GUESS?, and won the title of Miss World at age 17.

Congratulations to Priyanka on the big news!

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  • Cinema

    Horrible actress and autotuned ‘musician’ who is where she is thanks to her numerous affairs with established married actors and music head honchos. She has been desperate to get recognized in the US since in India she is only famous for lying about her plastic surgeries and her affaris with Akshay ,Srk, etc etc etc. Everyone knows she paid and Lied about her credentials to get her Miss world title. A woman who is as desperate as she is would have gone to any lengths for fame and attention.

  • Aisaiko

    Why is this happening? Why have they not gotten that she’s just isn’t gonna happen here. No one is checking for her. Let it go…move on.

  • xyz

    Ugly and irrelevant

  • Samantha

    Amazing actress. Looking forward to seeing her on TV.

  • renamoretti1

    I would not have written it that way, but I agree… Who’s girlfriend is she?

    It reminds me of the year when Whitney Cummings was force-fed on us….

  • Erika

    She’s not happening because she’s Asian and there’s no audience for Asian celebs in the US, but there’s support for her from people who want them to happen.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of black people (like yourself) are very resistant to her and other non-black minorities like Nicole Scherzinger and 2NE1. Why is that? Strange because blacks are usually the ones complaining about lack of media representation. I guess that doesn’t to other minorities.

  • Erika

    You sound really bitter. She got this deal because she’s signed to CAA, has a manager named Anjula Acharia who is pushing for her to happen and Keli Lee wanted to cast a big Indian actress. These are all women btw, not married male directors like you claimed. And your comment about talent is strange. Compared to other Bollywood actots, she’s definitely a good actress (not that thats saying much) and melodyne (not auto tune) is normal in production of pop music.

  • Erika

    Who is Whitney Cummings? She’s not anyone’s girlfriend. She’s signed with CAA and Anjula Acharia-Bath is trying to make an Indian celeb hapoen. Google Anjula and you’ll understand. Also, you act as if Priyanka is actually getting mainstream attention. She’s not…

  • Aisaiko

    Erika, please don’t make a fool of yourself thinking you know anything about me. I happen to LOVE 2NE1. I’ve been a fan since “Fire” (Team Minzy, all day). My current favorite boy band is Big Bang. I went to their concert last year. And then there is F(x), SNSD, Shinhwa, 2PM, etc, etc,etc. Challenging my K-pop love will only get your feelings hurt.

    ALSO, I have been an fan of Nicole since her Eden Crush days (pre- PCD). Unfortunately her music isn’t consistent, but she has a beautiful voice. And then she is also one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen.

    And for South Asians, I support REAL actors like Aziz Ansari and Mindy Kaling. Priyanka Chopra doesn’t have their kind of talent (or any talent). She’s just cute like a reality star.

    Black people have love for all with real talent. Don’t make this about race. It’s all about talent.

  • Маргарита Бабовникова

    How it gets 17 000 shares?

  • renamoretti1

    Whitney Cummins is the eponymous “star” of the self-titled Whitney (a flop on NBC).

    Not quite sure what you think being signed by CAA means other than they know she has someone big backing her and they think they’ll make money out of it…

    What’s the connection with Ms. Bath?

    I’m not acting like she’s getting mainstream attention. I am commenting on the fact a complete unknown with zero mainstream recognition is getting a rare deal (with oodles of money) from a network, once again underlying the cronyism that is killing Hollywood.

  • renamoretti1

    You do realize you can be a girlfriend to a woman right..? ;)

    Also, you are acting like you think being signed by CAA and having a manager is a sign of talent… in which case I can only roll my eyes…

  • renamoretti1

    It is false to say there’s no audience for Asian stars.

    There’s no way to know because Hollywood won’t try all that often…

    There are many talented Asian actors that would become stars with the right material and career path.

    But these days that sort of thing won’t happen for people who are not highly connected (if it ever did before) and there is an unspoken racism in Hollywood with casting in general.

  • Warcomet

    She is a good actress, just chooses poor bollywood movies, she shouldn’t even be in Bollywood, would have been a bigger actress had Wonder Woman happened in 2006 as she was Wheddon’s first choice..I had her on the list for Wonder Woman in the upcoming film. I hope she gets cast as Indian instead of the typical “Latin” or “muslim” roles dished out to indians for major roles in Tv series, recent example , Danny Pudi playing an arab character in “Community”, Anil Kapoor as the President of a muslim country in “24″, Suraj Sharma as a muslim guy in “Homeland” and Sakina Jaffrey playing a latin character in both “House of Cards” and “Sleepy Hollow”.. ..

  • Erika

    You can play the bigotry card, but you know what I said has validity. I’m glad you’re open minded and objective enough to appreciate Nicole Scherzinger and K-Pop artists, but she’s the butt of endless jokes on black Twitter and the black blogosphere along with other non-black/non-white artists like Jay Sean and Girls’ Generation. Why is that? You can’t play the talentless card for any of them. Even GG has some sort of talent.

    As for Priyanka Chopra and her talent, I was taking what you said seriously until you listed Aziz Ansari, Mindy Kaling and Maggie Q as “REAL actors”. Seriously? Maggie Q?! Priyanka Chopra is definitely better actress than Maggie Q and the others. She’s on Lucy Liu level (decent and can perform with a good script). Why do you think Keli Lee of ABC signed the contract with her? If they wanted eye candy type of reality star, they could easily cast someone else in Mumbai. And they’re not looking for a serious Meryl Streep type of actor either.

  • Erika

    I didn’t say those were signs of talent. I explained how she’s getting opportunities. And I’m not sure why you and others are pushing the idea that she’s lacking talent. What films have you seen Priyanka in? None?

    As for being a girlfriend to a woman, Priyanka is not gay and neither is Anjula or Keli Lee.

  • Erika

    You asked how she’s getting these opportunities and I said she’s backed by an agency that’s promoting her.

    Anjula Acharia-Bath is the CEO of Desi Hits, an entertainment company that trying to promote South Asians in western media. First, she tried with Jay Sean and now Priyanka Chopra is her next project.

    Why is that so shocking to you? Sofia Vergara had the same type of deal. She was in two failed ABC shows in the early 2000s until Modern Family happened. Before projects in the US, she was a star in Latin America just like Priyanka is a major star in South Asia. ABC essentially signed her to the same type of contract because they were interested in launching actresses from their region of the world. Not sure where the “cronyism” comment came from.

  • Aisaiko

    First off, stop bringing race into everything. There is no “black twitter”, its just twitter. What are you, Fox News? And how silly do you look judging an entire race of people based of some 14 year old idiots? All people are not alike, not even black people. I don’t have to play a bigot card, when keep spewing racist drivel.

    Keli Lee is doing what all studio executives do. She’s looking for the next big thing so she can claim she “discovered” them. I seriously doubt that Priyanka was the only person to get a contract from ABC. Basically they are throwing crap against the wall to shee what sticks. Priyanka wont. Because she doesn’t have “IT”. She is nothing like Lucy Liu.

    For the record, Jay Sean is a one-hit-wonder in the US but I’m sure he doing fine back in the UK. He has that sound they like. And Girl’s Generation is SNSD. They have a lot of support. Not as much as the Wonder Girls but that is just do to lack of US marketing.

    P.S.: If you are going to come at me again with some black-hate then don’t bother responding because I won’t be. I am more than “open minded and objective enough” to have civil discussions with just about anyone but I won’t tolerate racist or race-baters. Especially those who are talking down to me as if I were less than them.

    You have a good day.

  • renamoretti1

    The point is that Hollywood just does NOT give development deals to unknowns, unless there is other factors at stake.

  • renamoretti1

    The nonsense about Fox News really needs to stop.

    When did you EVER hear anyone on Fox News talk about “Black Twitter”..?!!!!

    Back to our topic, ABC gives extremely few development deals to actors and essentially none to unknown actors (at “unknown” to US audiences)…

    So clearly there is something else going on.

  • renamoretti1

    The cronyism comes from knowing how things work in Hollywood.

    Don’t know Sofia Vergara’s career as I find her to be a no-talent “actress”, but given that lack of talent, it seems clear that cronyism was happening in her case too.

    The fact they kept trying to shove her into projects after failures shows someone at ABC was backing her in spite of her lack of talent.

    It’s sad and a horrible way to do business, but networks pushing talented actors (like Simon Baker) has become extremely rare as have hits (completely coincidentally of course…)

  • renamoretti1

    You said she was being “pushed”, which is what cronyism is all about…

  • joy shah

    Why do they always do that with Indian actors?! It’s like either they want an Indian actor to play a very stereotypical Indian role like Kunal Nayyar in Big Bang or they just give them non-Indian roles. God forbid an Indian actor should ever play a NORMAL Indian without an accent on a t.v show ever. No wonder many Americans have such racist, negative views (Priyanka was called a terrorist for being featured on NFL Thursday night football) because the media is so hellbent on promoting stereotypes in t.v and movies. PC is going to play a character named Alex Weaver so yes I’m assuming by this whitewashed non-Indian name her character is also going to be non-Indian. The interesting thing would be to see what the hell are they going to pass her off as? White? That would be something new and ridiculous. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t even touch on the subject of what her ethnicity is during the show and let people believe whatever they want to believe. But she should have been given an Indian name and play an Indian on the show. There could be Indians in the FBI you know, but for some reason they are making her play a non-Indian. Racist Hollywood doesn’t think she’s Indian enough. I remember Freida Pinto said they told her she didn’t look Indian lol what looks Indian for these people? Mindy Kaling? They really need to stop making Indian actors play non-Indian characters Indian people watching the show all confused, that guy looks like me, sounds like me, he’s Indian like me and he’s playing a Hispanic guy?! They ONLY do this with Indian actors. White actors get white roles, Hispanic actors get Hispanic roles, and Black actors get black roles, why do Indians have to play other ethnicities especially ethnicities that have enough representation in Hollywood already. There are plenty of Hispanic actors to play Hispanic roles. I don’t get why Hollywood wants to act like Indians don’t exist, why are they trying to erase the Indian race?

  • renamoretti1

    To be fair EVERY part on Big Bang Theory is stereo-typical. That’s Chuck Lorre’s gift: he takes stereotypical situations and makes them funny (see Dharma and Greg for a great example).

  • Warcomet

    they will change her name later, they do that once a pilot has been given the thumbs up by the executives at ABC ..ignoring what character she is playing, I’m happy she isn’t the ONLY lead of the show..too much of a burden, but I’m hoping it gets picked to series and the duration of her stay in LA while filiming for the show, she appears in other Tv shows as well as a few smaller roles in Hollywood films … it would be good for her..Many MALE indian actors have ventured into hollywood and more recently Irrfan Khan, Anupam Kher and even Om Puri have made a mark…the only known indian actress in hollywood for the last decade is Aishwariya Rai and its doubtful she will ever return to Hollywood ..