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Iggy Azalea Slams Azealia Banks, Calls Her a 'Miserable, Angry Human Being'

Iggy Azalea Slams Azealia Banks, Calls Her a 'Miserable, Angry Human Being'

Iggy Azalea has just taken her feud with Azealia Banks another step further and she has slammed the rapper for being a bully, a bigot, and a “miserable, angry human being.”

The 24-year-old “Fancy” rapper’s comments come after Azealia said this in a radio interview on Thursday (December 18): “The Grammys are supposed to be awards for artistic excellence… Iggy Azalea‘s not excellent.”

This is not the first time that the two rappers have feuded over Twitter.

Earlier this month, Azealia called Iggy out for staying silent on “black issues” like Ferguson and the Eric Garner verdict.

Here is what Iggy had to say this time:

Click inside to read the rest of Iggy Azalea’s message to Azealia Banks…

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  • felix rodriguez

    fuck that racist piece of trash iggy azalea

  • Jay

    Azealia Banks has a chip on her shoulder and a bad attitude she’s arrogant. But Iggy’s not much better she is also arrogant. Bank’s is wrong on a lot of things but the Iggy thing she’s right on. And sadly for Iggy all the other rappers and those who are into hip-hop agree. It’s not a racial thing, it’s a Iggy is a pop artist that has yet to spit any hard bars, that has yet to do anything that is noteworthy in the hip-hop world, but is up for a grammy in the field of rap.

    Don’t get me wrong ‘fancy’ is/was widely popular, and well-done to her. But thats what we have the ‘pop’ genre for, popular music. In pop thats all that matters.

  • Camila Oliveira


  • Jay

    They both annoy me. They both have said some really racist shit.
    They both have had fights with too many people over social media.
    They both need to grow up or at the very least shut up.

    (Harshest I’ve ever been online, but they are really whiny)

  • Emmet Willis

    Well done IGGY. Everyone knows this about Banks, and it was time she was called out.

  • LL

    Don’t blame the artist for being nominated, blame the academy. She got a Grammy nom? Congrats, it’s not like she rigged the vote.

    Banks comments have all been insane and racist. Iggy’s a white rapper, she’s not a spokesperson for black issues in society.

  • Jay

    1. I didn’t blame Iggy, I’m impartial. I’m explaining why some people are annoyed. But Iggy is not blameless.

    2. She’s a rapper, people expect you to have something to say on black issues, because rappers are immersed in that culture. Thats what rap is, it is cultural expression. Macklemore was out protesting.
    (It’s not really about Iggy being white, it’s about the appropriation, with that statement about ‘black issues in society’, not that I agree with Banks. What she was saying was she identifiys with the culture when it suits her, but not the real issues black people face. She puts on a fake southern accent, the big ass, the act etc to make money and then tweets some really racist (and occasionally homophobic) things. But when something happens that not so fun or profitable she’s out. I think that what was Bank’s was saying. Banks sees it as taking the piss.

    Also I think you might not know the history. Iggy azalea has called herself a ‘slave master’ and other things, theres a tumblr page dedicated to Iggys racist tweets, it’s mainly aimed at asians and indians.

    They are both as bad as each other.

  • LL

    Although I did not know about those things Iggy has said, Banks’ comments have never criticized those elements, but they’ve been mainly name calling her Igloo (racist) and making violent statements of what she wishes she could do to her based on a perceived offence. So you’re right, they’re both ridiculous.

    Rap is one element of hip hop. Hip hop is a culture, which is not defined by race, but a combination of things. It’s debatable whether hip hop can even be something culturally appropriated. It’s no longer restricted to minorities, it’s been widely adopted by those all over the world, in spite of race and social class, as a form of artistic expression.

  • Linda Mitchell

    Azealia Banks gave a great interview on the matter of black culture appropriation and racism. I respect her so much because she’s one of the few artists that speak out on the matter. She doesn’t come off as bitter or miserable but insightful and intelligent. Listen here:

    I was over Iggy Azelea after she wrote the “runaway slave master” lyrics and gave one of those lame “if anyone was offended” non-apologies. I’m not saying her music isn’t good or fun for her fans but I could never support her.

  • vn_102

    They both are annoying overhyped biotch with the similar name.
    Azalea was bitter woman.
    While Iggy was white Aussie trying act ghetto much without proper accent and banging all of the black dudes.

  • Jay

    WHAT!!! Hip-hop and rap is Black don’t try to re-write history. It is not exclusively black and shouldn’t be. But yes it is based and about black culture. Don’t know when it has been anything else. And by black culture that includes the minorities. Just because it is popular all over the world doesn’t change that. It is a form of expression but do not take away what distinguishes it. Rap is a genre steeped in emotion.
    This right here what you just tried to do. Is why people are arguing. What you just tried to do is why people are worried.

    (Google the origins of rock n roll)

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Azalea Banks and her interview was disgustingly racist. There has been about 3 solid white rappers in hip hop and these people cry about it. It’s pathetic. DONT CRY ABOUT RACIAL EQUALITY AND THEN TURN AROUND AND BE RACIST. All I heard in her interview was “white b**** this white b***** that I love nicki because she’s making you white b***** look stupid too”. It’s funny when people talk about culture appropriation but leave out everything else. Rick Ross rapping about drugging a girl and raping her, Nicki rapping about giving BJs for shoes, a culture full of msygony and glorified intolerance, violence against women, violence period, thuggery , pimps and hoes are ALL ACCEPTABLE in this trash “culture”….but a white woman rapping is appalling. Oohhhh. I’m SO offended.

  • Mike1288

    Boohoo! Banks is another uneducated person spewing hate. In reality she should be criticizing commercialism and her own “community.” Hip hop and rap used to belon to the black community. It no longer is. Her own community sold themselves out the minute it became part of the selling trade. She should be criticizing the industry for making songs about sex and the degredation of woman the biggest songs of the year rather than rapping about what is happening in the black community. Iggy Is just a product of commercialism. Banks needs to chill because it is still a predominetly black genre with only like three popular white people. Heck her biggest audience in rap is teenage white boys for godsake. Does she want to have enough nads to tell them to stop listening? Banks to me is attacking the wrong person, but she wouldnt call out the industry that is for sure. Also, Iggy is white she will never know the struggle so why expect anythig from her?

  • Sebastian Bulos

    i really enjoy both of them as creators and rappers, each in their own style, colour and whatever they want to express…in one hand Iggy has a bigger vision and her vision is alot more Pop…Banks is kinda more AGRESSIVE (now in many ways which is not always good for an artist) and alot more unique in her own electro type of thing, she’s fun…but her persona makes me hate her in some way i shouldn’t , she continues to express and show what Eminem showed all this decades and what make him more famous WHICH IS HATING THE MAYOR POP STARS LIKE BRITNEY NSYNC IN THOSE DAYS and now Iggy has this sort of status…

    she could shine very much but she won’t coz of her bad vibes…Iggy isn’t lying.

  • suk bin

    putain…. iggy l’a massacré ! ça doit etre eminem derrière tout ça … il n’y a que lui pour avoir une plume pareille ! (un bon moyen de s’excuser pour l’avoir violé dans sa musique)

  • VanityInsecurity

    Finally! Iggy puts that ignorant racist B in her place!!!!

  • Doryphore

    Do you feel Drake is fake, too?

    Iggy has NO obligation to “speak on black issues.” She’s an entertainer.

  • LaCroix

    The double standard is unreal. This is why racism is still alive today. People like Azalea Banks, who shows us the hate of this ugly stigma. Banks just go away you are ugly on the outside & equally untalented.

  • Guest

    Once again looking past the true issue. How many black music artists these days get the recognition they actually deserve? Slim to none. What we have is white music artists who make they same exact music that black people make and guess who sells more? Justin Beiber, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Robin Thicke, Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea etc. I could go on and on. That was the real issue Banks was speaking about. But of course Iggy as the white person she is wants to twist and misconstrue what she actually spoke about. So tired of the BS.

  • Guest

    Thats that garbage that plays on todays top 40 stations. Its the propaganda that these puppets want to sell. That music is not the foundation of hip hop.

  • Guest

    A lot of people on the hip hop community do not like drake. He tries to portray himself as someone he isnt.

  • Guest

    Iggy azalea knows what is really going on. I used to like her but after reading these tweets she posted it makes me dislike her now. If you actually watch azalea banks interview she speaks about the fukery going on in the music industry. I applaud people like Justin Timberlake and Eminem who acknowledge their white privilege in the music industry. But iggy azalea won’t even mention it.

  • lives4music

    When is music just music and not white or black music. If everyone wants to be treated equal then we need to remove the words white and black from all things.

  • Anika

    Why talk about the negative is IGGYs point. Stop focusing on why no one is making it, and just make it. You have to be the change you want to see.

  • zeebee

    Idk ur age, but hip-hop ain’t black. It’s a state-of-mind. Blacks just happened to be the majority group that embraced it, nurtured it. Hip-hop is complex. I’ve witnessed hip-hop my entire life. I remember when ppl didn’t take rap seriously. Rap couldn’t buy a Grammy. We wanted her recognized. Now she is, and the culture has to accept everything comes with that. But everyone that comes into the culture has to accept rap requires the artist to be real. Iggy doesn’t have to say anything. She told Banks to back the f#$k off. That’s hip-hop. Hell, Easy-E went to the WH. But fake accents ain’t cool.
    Hip-hop can represent anybody n vice versa. Rappers entertain masses w/tales or fables layered with info some violent, some stupid that sometimes disappoint. Blacks shouldn’t have a proud monopoly on being poor. Hip-hop came from poor neighborhoods. We partied w/her. But we wanted her to do better. We just don’t want her to forget her first family. When u have a white relative, u don’t call them ‘my white relative’.

  • Jay

    Yes I do think Drake is drake. LOL he just makes good music,

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Here we go with that same ol tired line. Don’t give me that bull. Biggie and tupac are “hip hop greats” and they all glamorized the same thing. They both got shot up and died from violence, like many rappers.

  • Bob

    Thanks, white person for explaining things to us.

  • Bob

    White privilege us a helluva drug. Why don’t you asks Iggy by she has a fake southern accent and has butt injections? She should be able to have her “talent” represent itself not employ cheap tricks. Yes, Nicki has a fake butt too and looks like a cartoon, but at the end of the day she will always be Black and she’s not trying to sound like a valley girl.

    When is Iggy’s XXX video she did for a come on when she was 18 coming out?

  • Bob

    When is Iggy’s XXX video, the one she did with that much older Black guy she was fvcking for a come up when she was 18, coming out?

  • Bob

    When’s Iggy XXX video she made at 18 with the much older Black guy that was sponsoring her coming out?

  • zeebee

    If take color out of ur statement (or mind), u may experience growth.

  • I_regret_nothing

    Really? Banks is Racist but not Iggy? Lets not only point fingers at AB…Mediocre Iggy has her fair share as well.

  • Bob

    If you are to ackniwledge the racism against Black people past and present and how much an insult that white people appropriate anything Black, maybe we can have an honest discussion about race relations, clear the air and move forward. But your kind won’t, you like defection and telling Black people we should get over unlike the Jews who made sure no one ever forgets.

  • zeebee

    I, honestly, didn’t mean anything so elaborate, but since we’re there -okay. I consider myself a life manager. Nobody, absolutely nobody, wants revolution, but 99% of everyone else wants or will accept resolution. White America will appropriate anything, bc everything appropriated happens via corporate America, which is what we(John Q.) ingest daily. How the Jewish ppl “make” sure no one forgets? They got accepted into corporate thru generating high finance. There should be no such thing as “defection” under one nation. If progress is ever gonna be reached, there’s gonna have to be some degree of concession on both sides. (Ex. BET aired a show called Black Girls Rock. Does that sound inclusive to other races of women in America?)
    So many ppl of color died asking/demanding for ppl to ignore the color of their skin. After those deaths/murders, the successful ppl of color want everybody to notice their skin color.
    It’s hard enough to succeed. That’s uphill in itself. Why carry the weight of argument w/an oppressor on the way up?

  • VanityInsecurity

    Only a racist would have a problem with what I said.

  • Bob

    Only a white racist who wants to deny accountability of the evils of racism and whitewash history would have a problem with facts about the the systematic racism instituted by whites to keep Blacks as a permanent underclass.

  • Bob

    So the fact that Jews basically have a goal that no one forgets about their Holocaust is not a mantra that permeates every past of the world? Um….okay Yes, there was a Jewish genocide, but the Roma people also suffered a genocide as horrific; Blacks faced a much, much larger genocide during the slave trade and colonialism….yet we’re racist to want the world to remember that. Jewish people reminding us about six million dead Jewish people is understandable, but what about the other six million non Jews that were exterminated by the Nazis? Their lives didn’t matter? It reminds me of Yankl Rosenbaum’s brother saying that “Jewish lives aren’t cheap!”….my thought was at the time, whose lives are cheap? People remember his brother’s name, but many people have forgottten the name of Gavin Cato, a young Black Guyanese boy, was killed accidently by a Hasidic Jew during a Jewish funeral and he left the scence of the crime and later they stated that he was afraid of the Black mob….however, he could have gone to a police station instead of being caught trying to get on an airplane to Isreal at JFK.

  • Bob

    So the white college students wearing blackface and Black calling people are absolutely blameless? The fact that studies show that Blacks are incarcerated for things white people get off with a warning for isn’t a bigger problem? How abou pt the fact that white law students believed they need too punish Black people harsher because we already are used to punishment there more we need much more that a white person for the same crime? How about Black students being punished for the same things that white students get away with? These are all students that can be accessed online by Google that white people did…..

    Despite all the hard evident to the roots a of institutionalized racism against Blacks, the fingerf is beimg pointed to a little known Black females rapper as the cause of continued racism…..White supremacy needs to be studied like cancer.

  • Bob

    Only white supremacists deviate from facts and use “reverse racism” to show to their “victimhood”.

  • zeebee

    Who determines value of life, God or man? Just saying, w/focus n cards being close to the vest, the respect so many seek would not be denied. I don’t think Jewish ppl cared if the Holocaust was forgotten. I think they cared more about sustainability.
    American population is at an all-time high and so are opinions. Leads me to the idea that perception becomes culture. No, ur not racist to not want ppl to forget the history of the Black American. How does ur fellow American perceive this position? They’re gonna feel like, ‘we don’t owe u sh*t’ -bc plenty of them are broke too.
    To me, (A. Banks) Black America keeps asking for something they’re never gonna get (on the scale that would please them), and that’s respect. What do u think crossed the mind of the wealthy politicians’ mind when he noticed police attention was mostly needed in the neighborhoods more populated by ppl of color? Not the cops, the (business)suits?
    It doesn’t benefit Blacks to refer to the past. Not enough of them honor it. So, how can u expect Wh. Am. to?

  • Evanka Williamson

    the problem is not that Iggy Azalea is white. the problem is she is mediocre at best, yet praised thanks to her whiteness. and the other problem is that she is in complete denial of this. |

  • LL

    People are worried about what? What is black culture? There is no culture specific to skin colour. Specific races do not experience the same things around the world. Black American culture is associated with hip hop culture, but it was created because music and arts was cut from public schools in predominantly poor black and latino neighbourhoods. Instead of instruments, they cut records together. That’s hip hop. Rap, graffiti, breakdancing, dj-ing. Has DeadMau5 and Skrillex committed the crime of cultural appropriation? How about Banksy?

  • Jay

    1. ‘Black just managed to be the majority of the grip that embraced it’. You do understand that hip-hop originated in Africa and actually has it’s won history. You can study it and probably since you just seem to be making stuff up.

    I’m not saying Hip-hop is black and only black, I’m not racist or stupid. But YES black people created hip-hop, that is a fact. Honestly don’t know why your trying to deny that?

    2. ‘I’ve witnessed hip-hop my entire life. I remember when ppl didn’t take rap seriously. Rap couldn’t buy a Grammy.’ Hmm yes because it was only recognised by which community???? YES, that would be the black community, and when I say black community I mean all people of colour and of low socio-economic status. The minorities.

    I don’t know what your trying to say in the rest of your statement, so I’m not commenting on it.

    I’m gonna repeat this again, just so I’m clear. Hip-hop and Rap was created and based on black culture. Hip-hop and Rap is black music . It is not exclusively so, and shouldn’t be, no-one thinks it should be. If you want to argue that doesn’t mean people of colour have ownership over the genre you can make that argument, that would make sense. But to argue that it never was black well…

  • suzybel

    I wish these people would just go away.

  • Samm Lacroix

    Iggy isn’t wrong

  • zeebee

    I respect that u have an intelligent approach in making ur point. I also appreciate the dialogue on the topic (shows we both hold her close). However u’v contradicted yourself a couple of times.(“WHAT!!! HIP-HOP and rap is Black don’t try to re-write history”) That’s just bc the topic is so complex.
    If we kept trading comments, we’d eventually say the same thing, maybe to a different beat. Many ppl had the same discussions on Blues n Rock. Imo, rap couldn’t get a Grammy cuz it hadn’t proved itself yet. Sustainability.

  • Fun in Naperville

    Well, I don’t understand, yes the black music sells less and white artists sell more right now. Last I checked whites were still a majority, it’s only reasonable that white artists sell better to white people. Why is it always a conspiracy or awful?? Should black people identify more with white music? No? Then why the other way around? Everything is not horrible just because it’s not balanced, that’s life in it’s current form…just simple metrics my friend.