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Zayn Malik 'Exploded' Over Perrie Ewards Cheating Rumors

Zayn Malik 'Exploded' Over Perrie Ewards Cheating Rumors

More details are starting to emerge surrounding Zayn Malik‘s sudden departure from the One Direction tour.

The 22-year-old member reportedly didn’t take well to the rumors of him cheating on fiance Perrie Edwards.

“It all stems from photos that hit yesterday of him with a fan which caused huge problems with his girlfriend, Perrie,” a source told People. “The media accused him of cheating and he exploded over it. He’s had enough of the constant craziness.”

The source added, “Zayn is exhausted and just needs a break. Out of everyone of the boys, he’s the one who struggles dealing with being in the spotlight the most. He can’t cope with the level of scrutiny he gets put under. He’s just 22.”

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  • Lisa

    first of all why he engaged at 22 with his profession

  • Lisa

    and he can’t handle it then leave

  • RunyonBoy

    Boo hoo, be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it…

  • lee lee

    so basically he’s mad he got caught

  • Michelle Higginbotham

    I love 1D especially Zayn. Hope he feels better soon. He has a loving family and he is going to be alright. Hope Critics and judges be kind to 1D and Zayn. They are young and hard working group of young men. They are all good looking and they can all sing. God Bless 1D. Hope Zayn recuperates soon and joins bandmates in a hurry. Take care Zayn!

    PS. The blonde woman is way older than Zayn. She is a Cougar.

  • susan

    Normally a person in his position/fame, who is of course not guilty of cheating, would not have this kind of ourburst and just blow it off as another made up story.

  • beara

    Poor kid… yeah right… maybe he shouldn’t be in the spotlight if he can’t handle it.

  • TheInformers

    He really needs to shut up. No sympathy here. He should have thought twice about joining a boy-band. What a joke.

  • Kaylyn

    Unless they’ve called off the engagement and are just dating again, she’s not just his girlfriend.

  • Emma Bauer

    These cheaters are so pathetic. Thought he’d have more side dishes and go back to the main as if the fiancĂ© doesn’t deserve more! She needs to say goodbye to this loser.

  • random87

    I just searched the photos then and id be fd off to if i seen my fiance in photos like that, that hug is alot more then just friendly if it was friendly his hand would not have been touching her bare tummy and the hand touchingg ones well there no getting out of that clearly he quit the tour so he can beg perrie to take him back i hope she doesn’t hes had a few cheating rumours anyway maybe he finally got caught ae.

  • vn_102

    Like they said he’s 22 not 12 so he needs to stop throwing temper tantrum like spoiled brats and man up.
    Everybody had problems but they ain’t quit the job everytime some personal issue comes up.
    He only works about couple hours and got paid millions and still complaining over stress, geeze this dude really needs some reality checks with boring deskjob with crazy colleague and dumba#s boss 8 hours day six days a week.
    He needs to think about his fans who paid tickets to see him but he’s just doesn’t feel like doing it, how unprofessional and ungrateful this dude is.

  • DEADP00L

    He’s no where near as bad as Justin whose is pathological.


    seriously, does anyone believe that zayn hadnt cheat on perrie before? The tweet he sent out after the whole news broke out sounds guilty as hell to me. Now he’s taking a break from the tour a.k.a begging for Perrie’s forgiveness! The picture showed everything clearly, he was clearing holding hands with the blondie.


    i know right, i cant imagine how disappointed the asian fans must’ve been!

  • eternalozzie

    the comments below are just awful … not one of you can understand what kind of stress being in the public eye 24/7 is like … these guys basically signed away what was left of their childhood and all of their early 20′s to be puppets of a music company … little to no freedom … you are really clueless about what it is like not to be able to go out in public or have any kind of life at all.

    Some people can’t handle stress as well as other people also … also I guarantee we don’t have all the facts here … media outlets today just make up the facts when they don’t have any.

  • Kevin Gerard Byrne

    He should focus on his career, this girl is bringing him down!!! Which is not true LOVE. She is immature who cares about her own ego not his hot career.

  • vn_102

    Zayn was the most famous one in Asia and they never been there before, so the fans disappointment must be twice.

  • batgirl

    she is not using her head. whether he is cheating or not, u as an artist must think also that he is working and that he owes his fame to people around the world that’s why he is on TOUR. millions of fans of those two concerts that zayn missed out caused a lot money to those fans who have been waiting years just to see them/him in person and yet her you come giving him ULTIMATUM. u can talk to him. poor zayn . boy you are still young. am not saying that go cheat and fun, take it easy. ur there and that was your wish to be successful artist before you met her so just take things easy and use ur brilliant mind. Pray for you.

  • Gay Maddox

    Unless..he’s just what the article says he is, stressed, overwhelmed with constant cameras, lights, attention, never a moment to just sit down and breathe. If he was already close to leaving, this could have taken him the rest of the way.

  • Gay Maddox

    His ego is not one bit m ore important than his ego. Her career is just as important as her career. The fact that 1D is more popular than her band does not matter in this situation. The days are long gone when the “little woman” threw her ambtions and dreams away so that she could “be there” for her man no matter the time of day or night.

    However, I do agree with she is immature if she did indeed pitch a fit over something as innocent as a major star holding hands with a fan long enough for a photo to be snapped.

  • Gay Maddox

    I wish people would stop putting words into his mouth and motives
    into his mind. You make it sound like those guys in 1D knew exactly what was going to happen to them once Simon took over their careers.

    One point I’d like to make is he did not audition to be in a boy band. None of them did. They didn’t even know each other before BGT, did they? It was Simon’s idea to put them together in a band.

    And the other point I’d like to make is even if the beautiful one did agree
    to be part of that package, there is no way any of them could have
    known they were about to turn the world on its ear with their music
    thanks to completely committed fans.

    You say you have no sympathy for him. I don’t believe he has asked for sympathy. He has asked for understanding. Can you even begin to imagine what life is like when you are part of something as HUGE as 1D? You’re either on a stage somewhere, or you’re outside a stage door signing autographs, or you’re someplace rehearsing or you’re make interview circuit to promote the music, or you’re on a bus traveling to the next stage or you’re holed up in a motel/hotel room because if you go out to have a normal pleasant evening…dinner out…maybe a movie…doing a little shopping…or maybe just a walk down the street, you will be mobbed by hoards of screaming, crying, adoring friends.

    Can you even imagine further having all the money you will ever need but not even having the freedom to walk up to a sidewalk vendor and buy a hot dog?

    The other 4 members are singers and the cute blonde enjoys the guitar. Maybe some of them play different musical instruments. But this last point is that their interests and passions are focused entirely on music and appearing on stage. Zayn’s interests are broader than that. Maybe he still wants the solo career he was after when he first auditioned for Simon. Maybe he wants to devote more time to his other artistic endeavors like writing music for others to sing. Maybe, just maybe, the guy is telling his truth to us. He has to know that even if he does go after a solo career, he will never be in constant demand the way he is now. A smaller career would allow him to feed the need to make music and give him some space to be a normal person.

    How were any of them supposed to have known five years ago what they truly want out of life? Does anybody know at 17 years old? Hell, a man’s bones don’t even stop growing until he”s 21.

    Could he even buy a house without needing around the clock security? The fans who made him so rich got good value for their money. Now he’s not asking them for more money, he’s asking for time to see where he wants his life to go.

    I think he would be fine and the group still known as 1D will be just fine so long as the fans don’t take it into their heads to ruin one great career and another potentially good career simply because one of the guys in the band decided to do what felt right for him, and God knows, I never ever intended for this comment to turn into a stupid book. If you have read this far, then you are a very considerate person and my hat is off to you, whoever you are. :-)