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Johnny Depp's 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Production Halted After His Injury

Johnny Depp's 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Production Halted After His Injury

Johnny Depp‘s Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has reportedly been delayed even more due to his hand injury.

The 51-year-old actor injured his hand earlier in the month in Australia and was rushed back to the USA for surgery. The injury did not happen during filming and was said to minimally impact filming.

New reports have emerged that say 200 crew members were told they would not resume filming until mid-April, Variety reports. Filming did continue on scenes without Johnny after he was taken back to the US on March 10. No word if this will effect the film’s previously announced July 7, 2017 release date.

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  • Dory Phore

    He’s an old man and he needs to accept that.

  • Guest

    I knew since the beginning that it couldn’t be less than a month or even more, because that’s the usual time of recovery for these surgeries

  • Willy Billy

    What a pathetic ageist comment. What does that have to do with his hand being badly injured you moronic troll? And what makes you think that he cares about aging? He has referred to himself as an old man in recent interviews. He doesn’t have to accept anything because he doesn’t care about aging as much as your worthless self does.

  • Dory Phore

    Yes, nothing says I have accepted “aging” more than dying your hair to hide greying, dressing as if you’re still 25, wearing guyliner (and makeup to hide wrinkles), dumping your age-appropriate partner and dating a female young enough to be your daughter.

  • Milla


  • Willy Billy

    Lol! @ you idiot.

  • Willy Billy

    That’s funny because recent photos show his grey hairs, he dyed it blond for a movie role and then dyed it black. And how exactly does he dress like a he’s still “25″ ??? I don’t see any 25 year old dressed the way he’s dressed. I certainly don’t see many 25 years wearing suits like he does at events. And men & women of all ages wear eyeliner, it’s not just for youngsters you ageist idiot (you’re probably old yourself). And all men in Hollywood wear makeup for events, they have to. It’s got nothing to do with “aging”. And he didn’t “dump” anyone, him and his “age-appropriate partner” broke up amicably and the kids spend most of their time with him. The woman he is with now is almost 30 years old, there’s successful relationships with bigger age gaps. It doesn’t matter and it’s none of your business. You don’t even seem to know much about him so just shut up.

  • Dory Phore

    Amen, Johnny Depp’s Internet Troll publicist–or are you Depp himself? You sound so pathetic defending Depp. Do you go to every message board to attack every person who says something bad about your poorly aging/mid-life crisis employer—I mean obsession–Depp? You need a real life. Maybe he’s paying you well. If he’s not paying you at all, then, you’re even more pathetic.

  • Milla

    C’mon, that comment was funny! Don’t get hurt, laugh.

  • Guest

    He and his ex Vanessa Paradis didn’t break up amicably. He CHEATED and broke up the family he claimed to have loved so much for a starstruck attention hog who has no talent. Ever since he did that, his appearance, emotional status, career and popularity have gone down the drain. This current relationship has sucked the life out of him. He is so desperate to prove to the world, people who criticize them, that he made a good choice. It’s obvious he made the biggest mistake of his life. How funny of you to say someone is a troll when you logged into your other account to like your comment. haha

  • Spple

    And you are a troll for sure-let me guess Melody??? You spied on Depp’s bedroom or how would you know that he cheated and not Vanessa Paradis???

  • Amy

    He’s definitely not paying me. And he’s ageing well. He still looks better than average at 51.
    And I think it’s even more pathetic to pretend to spy on Depp’s bedroom and to know if he or Vanessa Paradis cheated.

  • Ulah

    I met Johnny Depp once (when I lived in the USA) and also his beautiful
    wife, Amber Heard. She was his girlfriend at the time. But they already acted as a married couple! It was definitely not a recent relationship. I was so lucky to meet them, I’m still lucky for having that moment in my memory and I’ll remember that as long as I live!

    It was in Los Angeles, in early 2012. Johnny is a kind, sweet, down to
    Earth human being. And he’s funny too! And I can say the same about Amber, theyboth are lovely! I also liked very much his bodyguard, Jerry. He may look so serious sometimes, but he is a sweet man. Someone who doesn’t know who he is, could think he’s Johnny’s Father, because he’s very protective to Johnny, and to Amber too. We talked for about five minutes, they signed autographs, and did the same to other fans, always smiling. Johnny seemed so happy and relaxed!

    A funny thing is that I had just heard about a People Magazine cover story coming up with the news on Johnny being single. Looking at him and Amber holding hands and looking at each other with all that love, care and passion, I smiled to myself and thought: “Ok, he is no longer with Vanessa, that’s right, but he isn’t single either, now he surely found his soul mate”. That’s what I silently thought, because that’s what I felt in my heart while I was there, just looking at them. I was supposed to be surprised, but I wasn’t. And I was surprised for not being surprised! Yes, that’s funny but that’s what happened that night.

    I got really impressed by the symbiosis between Johnny and Amber, they looked like one but without losing their individualities. Sometimes, it seemed that they could talk by telepathy, like they could read each other’s mind! Beautiful true love! Everyone around them could see and feel it!

    There was another couple with them, the man is a musician, certainly Johnny’s friend. His wife (he introduced her as “my wife”) is a blond mid-aged kind woman. I guess there were more friends there with them. But I left because my own husband was waiting for me. He couldn’t believe when I told him. So, I showed him Johnny’s and Amber’s
    autographs, and he had no choice but believe me! LOL

    I’ll never forget that night. Johnny and Amber are man and wife now
    because they signed the papers and then, gave a party with a beautiful and romantic ceremony in their island. But I can tell you because I saw it: they’ve been married for years! Probably their souls felt married to each other in the very moment they met. At that happy night I lived, I saw and felt that they belong together. What a rare strong love! God bless!