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Bruce Jenner Talks Sex Life with Kris, Reveals Her Reaction to Transition

Bruce Jenner Talks Sex Life with Kris, Reveals Her Reaction to Transition

Bruce Jenner has revealed what his ex-wife Kris Jenner thought about his transition into a woman and even what their sex life was like.

The 65-year-old former Olympian revealed that he cross-dressed when he was with Kris, but she brushed it off and didn’t think much of it.

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Kris and I had so many great years together and we raised phenomenal children,” Bruce said. “I loved Kris and I had a wonderful life with her. I learned a lot from her. I thought we had a pretty good sex life.”

Kris is a good woman, I got no complaints with her. Honestly, if she had been really good with it, understanding, we’d still be together,” he added.

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  • shoes4life

    I knew JJ would have all the updates on Buffalo Bill Jenner’s freak show. Glad i didn’t watch that mess.

  • JC


  • annklein

    The Diane Sawyer interview was plain and simple disgusting. Geez, it was as though a cure for cancer was found. OMG, the hype, fake jubilation and rah rah with all these so-called family members. Bruce is always going to be Bruce…I hope he keeps the freak show in private. If this is what our culture calls the new ‘normal’ then we are all doomed.
    This is simply DISGUSTING in all forms.
    Now all the dumb dumb haters out there, go ahead and spew your hate.

  • Jerseysmelltours

    Isn’t this whole mess a possible attempt by this sycophant to capitalize on making his/her new show a hit? He and the Kardashian clan will have the daughters do/blow any and everybody and produce it into a porno? Now Gay Bruce is trying to cash in?

  • Adze

    I have nothing against gay, and with all their choices that goes with it. But calling themselves as a woman is a slap to real women out there.

  • Karliu

    This Bruce Jenner promo was over the top. The media acts like this is some world wide event. This was all done to promote Bruce new crappy show.Bruce is a media whore like the rest of that trashy family.

  • moonlight

    I am a woman. And honestly, how in the world do u imagine that what he does with his body and mind affects me??? Like, please. Tell me how his decisions will ever have a bearing on my life as a woman?

  • Pamela Schlomer Coffey

    He SAID he is NOT GAY! Did you even watch the interview?

  • Kary

    I support Bruce, he was brave enough to tell the world what makes him happy… but yeah I think is more important what happened today in Nepal… yeah he’s brave, he deserves to be happy… BUT SERIOUSLY JJ NEPAL IS LIVING A HORRIBLE DAY AND THE ONLY THING YOU PUT IN THE NEWS IS ABOUT BRUCE JENNER?

  • Aprillilly123

    It found it was so fake the way Bruce was talking….

  • truthbetold

    I say “live and let ilve” Bruce Jenner choosing to live as a woman doesn’t affect my life in any way.At first I felt bad for the women he married,but after hearing about him cross dressing in front of them how can they deny knowing something wasn’t right.I have more respect for the people that live in their truth than the ones pretending to be something they’re not.I would hate to waste precious time being someone’s beard.!!!

  • b324

    So what makes a woman a “real” woman in your opinion?

    I will never understand people who feel so affected by strangers they don’t know. Bruce becoming a woman means nothing to my being a woman. Gay people do not mean anything in regards to my heterosexuality, or my own personal sexuality.

  • b324

    The simple fact that you think you are being forced to believe in anything related to what Bruce is going through speaks volumes as to the kind of mindset you have going on in your head. And it’s sad. No one is forcing anything on you.

    I truly feel sorry for you. To be so angry and ignorant and incapable of opening your mind to the world we live in and have lived in for centuries must be incredibly limited. Being gay isn’t a new trend. Being transgender isn’t a new trend. There is nothing about this that is “the new normal”. The LGBT community has been around for centuries and we are not doomed. You’re only just hearing about it more because we’re talking about it more openly.

    I’m more terrified of people like you and what you would do differently to “fix” this world you think is so doomed.

  • NG

    At first, I saw the show with mixed reaction because I had earlier seen the Wendy Williams show where she had given her opinion about what Bruce was going through and felt that, bottomline, he was a famewhore. Why? For the last several weeks we have all seen pictures and headlines of his youngest daughter 17 year old Kyle going through several surgical transformations: bigger lips, bigger breasts, bigger butt, etc dressing more provocatively, dating a 25 year old rapper Tyga who has a child from another woman, etc and she is reportedly upset about what Bruce is going through & is unhappy and drawing attention to herself. The stepson Rob is also going through something as he has gained a lot of weight and is reportedly struggling with depression. Now Rob is not his son but I think he really liked Bruce. I think Bruce WAITED until he was financially set to safely come out as a transgender and then did so. That to me is NOT heroic. He benefitted from Keeping Up With the Kardashians and sold himself out to make $$$. Did he think of his younger children? Why continue having children if he knew years ago this is what he wanted to do? He has a total of 6 biological children from previous marriages.

  • aca

    I totally agree

  • aca

    I’m with you. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • aca

    4 sure lol

  • aca

    Cmon, you’re “feel sorry” is insincere judging by the rest of what u wrote. Transgender hasn’t been around for centuries. They couldn’t add or subtract a penis or boobs in 1452. And yeah its weird. I can say that.