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Brad Pitt Gushes About His Wife Angelina Jolie & Their 6 Kids!

Brad Pitt Gushes About His Wife Angelina Jolie & Their 6 Kids!

Brad Pitt steps out of his New York City hotel en route to the airport on Wednesday (November 25) in New York City.

The 51-year-old The Big Short actor recently gushed to Us Weekly about his six children Maddox, 14, Pax, 11, Zahara, 10, Shiloh, 9, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 7.

“I can’t describe a father’s pride. I feel so much of it…There’s a lot of emotions,” Brad said of Maddox working on his and wife Angelina Jolie‘s movie By the Sea.

Maddox and all my kids are so warm and they take on more than anyone could understand, more than I could ever understand. They absorb so much, and I love watching all my children grow and learn. And of course my wife is amazing, and I love watching her teach and grow with our kids as well, I really mean that,” Brad added.

15+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt leaving New York City…

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  • busted

    bringing this over from the previous thread…

    Thanks for posting.

    “I found the LOVE OF MY LIFE”

    “Roland” is waiting for you in the 33rd floor suite”, the assistant to the hotel receptionist tells us, where our interview will take place. This mysterious Roland is none other than Brad Pitt’s first name in the movie By The Sea, in which he shares the screen with his wife, Angelina Jolie, also writer and director of this romantic drama. “Roland” allows the star to remain anonymous.

    First, bravo for your French because you speak it for almost half of By The Sea. Are you still taking classes?
    BP: Give me another year and I’ll answer your questions in French the next time I’m in Switzerland! I say that, but it’s been 5 years that Angie and I promised our children to be able to converse in French. You should see them talk to each other! It drives us crazy because we don’t always understand what they say to each other. Maddox speaks fluent French and English, but he’s also learning Khmer, Russian and German.

    By The Sea is the story of a couple on the brink of separation. Did arguing on screen affect your relationship?
    BP: It wasn’t always easy. And Angie sometimes had to push me to fly off the handle. But, even on days when we shot difficult scenes, we never stayed angry on the way home. We don’t have the same story that Roland and Vanessa do in the movie. If I had to find something in common with Roland, it would be his desire to fight to save their love. With Angie, when we disagree we talk about it. Every couple knows there can be fights, but to get past them together makes you stronger. One of the most beautiful films I’ve seen in France is “37Β°2 Le Matin”. This man fights to try to give a second chance to their love.

    Would you recommend Matin readers to let themselves be directed by their wives?
    BP: That’s another story! It all depends on the dynamics of your relationship. I’m not macho to the point of thinking I’m always right. But working with your wife as your boss, is not recommended to all men, that’s for sure.

    Why did you choose this script to come back together on the big screen?
    BP: We didn’t want to make Mr. & Mrs. Smith a second time. For years we didn’t want to work together because one of us takes care of the kids while the other one works. We wanted something together where we could have the family on set.

    How would you react, like your character, dealing with the suffering or the death of a loved one?
    BP: I’ve never been directly confronted with it, but I’ve lived it when Angie’s mom passed away. I close up when I have a hard time expressing my pain. But I get a hold of myself quickly to support the people around me. When Angie had her health scares, we talked about it a lot. When she made her decision, I supported her 100% every step of the way.

    Even if Angelina shows her breasts in this film, nudity is limited. Why?
    BP: I would have had no problem bein completely naked, especially with her! But we didn’t want By The Sea to be used as this erotic thing with Angie and Brad starring.

    You’re celebrating 10 years of love. What is the cement to your relationship?
    BP: We both have the same passion for discovery. It’s not always easy with 6 kids, but we always find little moments for us and we stimulate each other constantly. Angie pushes me to go further in my passions like architecture and I support her in her projects. I was lucky to find the love of my life, but it takes work, or rather attention. You can never take the other for granted.

    The musical score includes songs by Serge Gainsbourg. Are you a fan?
    BP: Angie and I love his work. He’s one of the most talented French artists that I know. I also love his loudmouth side. A fascinating character!

    Do you feel relate to French culture?
    BP: Absolutely! Being in our wine-making estate in Provence is always the nicest time of the year. Deep down I’m an agriculturist, not an actor.

    Your son Maddox just turned 14. Are you afraid of adolescence?
    BP: Thank you for reminding me. (Laughs) We’ll deal with it. I haven’t read any books on the best way to be a father. I knew it was in me,I dreamed of having children. Everything happened naturally.

    Are you more comfortable in your skin than 20 years ago?
    BP: Absolutely! I hope to gain more wisdom year after year. In any case I’m more comfortable in my head than when I was 30. When I started out in Thelma and Louise, I was a kid discovering life and show business. I’ve never pretended to be smarter or more talented than anyone else, but I’ve always tried to do my best. And it’s what has guided my career.

  • Lily

    Brad really loves scarf, doesn’t he? Now I know in WWZ Gerry Lane wearing scarf to fight zombies save the world must have been his idea. lol

  • Lily

    Why is the good Brad interview always in foreign language? Either Foreign press ask better questions or he is more open to them.

  • Felinelilly

    Brad is crazy in love with his wife and their kids. The end. I really think it would kill him if anything ever happened to them. He couldn’t shout his pride and love for them from the rooftops any louder if he tried.

  • busted

    So he is on his way back to his family..LOVELY.

  • Angela Johnson

    Thank you Felinelily for the translation. 😊

  • Passing Through

    It’s a miracle! I’m just getting online and instantly found the new thread! Go me!


    Talk about an abundance of riches! Schweeeeeeeeeeeet!

    I think that, with their 10-year anniversary under their belt and with all the challenges theyve faced which have not only made them stronger as individuals but as a couple and a family, the Pitts have a definite and distinctive Fuck It! Plan.

    Oh. Yeah.

    So, you wanna hear how they really feel about each other? Sure, just ask Brad. Just ask Angie. You dont have to be insulted by Sh!tloid Tales. Unless of course, YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!


  • Lily

    Glad to see Brad wear jeans again. He looks great in jeans,


    I have a queasy feeling that a certain fame fattened tick who is forever wrapping her turkey neck in scarves, is doing so for a particular reason and that reason has a name that begins with a B and ends with a T.

  • Felinelilly

    You’re welcome, thank you for bringing it over.

  • busted

    I think they realize they have one of the biggest stars in the world; don’t know if they will get to interview them again; so make it count. And ask things that have not been asked a million times before.

  • busted

    But did you catch up on the last 2.. I think the one before this was fairly new.

  • Felinelilly

    You’re welcome Angela. :)

  • snakeskin

    I think they are less likely to twist his words to make sensational copy.


    A movie might be said to have “bombed” when it fails in its box office intentions/hopes & dreams/expectations.

    BTS had no BO expectations.

    Certainly not in the sense of traditional movies’ OW BO.

    BTS is NOT a mass-market movie.

    The audience for BTS was always intended to be mature, more cerebral movie-goers with a cosmopolitan worldview. As the creator of BTS said over and over in the lead-up to the release, BTS is a small, artsy, Euro-centric movie that some will like and some will hate.

    Angie specifically said if youve never experienced any challenges in life youll prolly never ‘get’ BTS.

    So, back to the concept of a movie being a ‘bomb’ or not: a movie can be said to have ‘bombed’ if, after its entire cinema run both domestically and worldwide, it still fails to make back both its production budget and even a small profit.

    Bottomline: BTS will continue to find its audience and continue to make money long after the ADHD crowd has run off to the next shiny new thing.

  • toastie postie

    【oΒ΄βˆ€ο½€γ€‘οΎ‰β”£β”«Πβ”—β””Πžβ˜† to all JP Fans. Hope everyone is doing well. Hope those who are missing are also well. Miss them.

    Darn, this is what I get for sleeping in and bragging the last few threads, that I’ve been caught up.

    This has been posted before – She

  • toastie postie

    Yes, I agree. That definitely is one of the reasons.

  • toastie postie

    Oh yeah. No problem with getting naked with his Angie.


    Lets face the harsh truth: the average European is waaaaaaayyyyy more educated, sophisticated and cosmopolitan than the average american.

    European movie-makers and, by extention, movie critics and entertainment journalists are waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy more savvy and sophisticated and mature in thought and outlook than the typical brash ‘ugly american’ so-called movie critic/entertainment journalist.


  • toastie postie

    Hi, Felinelilly. Hope your day is going well. Thanks for this article – I guessing you posted this on the other thread?

  • toastie postie

    Wouldn’t disagree.

  • toastie postie

    So true.


    BTW…..I guess this is pre-Turkey day for all our American JP fans. So in that spirit, heres a little something to help you to prepare to deal with any eventuality with regard to awkward political moments with your distant and not-so-distant relatives:

  • Lady Valeria
  • lyric

    I love those photos and I love reading about Brad gushing about his wife and children. So sweet.

  • Roxana fan jp

    jajaja los trolls lloran una mar de lagrimas….

    Your son Maddox has just turned 14 years old. Are you afraid of adolescence?

    Thank you for reminding me. (Laughter.) We will face. I have not read a book on how best to be a dad. I knew it was in me, I dreamed of having children. Everything happened naturally.

  • Felinelilly

    I just set the second pic as my lock screen wallpaper. I love it.

  • lyric

    Ends with a T?

  • Felinelilly

    Good morning TP, Ali7 posted it and Bumble Google-translated it. Credit goes to them, I only translated it a bit better than Google.

  • snakeskin

    So glad his dreams of having children came true, and what lovely children they have.

  • snakeskin

    Its lovely to have someone translate properly, otherwise so much is missed.
    Especially this quote:
    BP: I would have had no problem being completely naked, especially with her!

  • toastie postie


  • toastie postie

    LOL. Yeah, that stuck with me instantly! Love that Brad.

  • fyi

    “Brad Pitt Day” – Out There with Melissa DiMarco

  • lyric

    Perhaps it because they don’t try to twist his words or misrepresent his comments like the American press is prone to do.

  • bap

    Amen! Most European Journalists are not arrogant.

  • lyric

    Isn’t that the truth!!

  • toastie postie

    Thank you, Ali7 for bringing that awesome article to us. And also Bumble and Felinelilly for translating it. A very wonderful and open article of Brad’s love for his woman and his family. Now that he has allowed himself to say what he always thought, there is going to be a lot of screaming at the ocean, I think it’s even registered on the Richter scale at a nine – give it time.

  • Felinelilly

    Thank you snakeskin. :)

  • lyric

    Before I forget, I want to wish all of you great ladies who celebrate Thanksgiving a wonderful day with your family and friends. And to those who don’t celebrate it, a wonderful day as well.

  • ndn

    Hi JP fans!!!!
    Try to get my work done before the holiday begins… They let us leave early at 3pm…just in time to beat the traffic rush…:-)
    Love love the rugged layered look he has on…and this is how the jeans should look…waving at tacky…lol

  • toastie postie

    Thank you, Lyric. The same to you.

  • toastie postie

    OT – Adele – I’m such a fan of hers – she’s sounding and looking great. Waited too long for her next album, but it was worth it. Should check out her JJ threads. Her CD is breaking records – so happy for such a beautiful, honest person. Love her laugh, cute bum chin, everything.

    Some of what happened on J Fallon show. Missed her on Today and there again she sang another of my favorites on her album.

  • lyric

    She does have a great voice. My oldest daughter has many of her songs on her phone. She made me a cd for my car.

  • toastie postie


  • Felinelilly

    I think Awhodat meant Brad starting with B and Pitt ending with T.

  • Ause Ekel

    I don’t care if it bombed because it did bomb. What matters is the story if people who watched it enjoyed it. I know this wasn’t bade to win awards and money. I’m happy for Brangelina, especially Angie. I love her work as a director.

  • Passing Through

    I was caught up last night when I went to bed…haven’t had a chance to read anything today…

  • Passing Through

    busted β€’ 3 hours ago

    Even if Angelina shows her breasts in this film, nudity is limited. Why?

    BP: I would have had no problem bein completely naked, especially with her! But we didn’t want By The Sea to be used as this erotic thing with Angie and Brad starring.


    Jesus…when did Brad turn into Chatty Cathy? I like it, I like it! It’s hilarious that they KNEW that’s what people would do…and are doing even with the limited sex scenes in the film. Those two fvckers are hellbent on denying us the good stuff. Not that I’m bitter or anything…much…