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Kim Kardashian Hits Back at Haters, Says She Paid Off Kanye West's Debt

Kim Kardashian Hits Back at Haters, Says She Paid Off Kanye West's Debt

Kim Kardashian is speaking up after receiving backlash for posting an NSFW selfie on her Instagram on Monday (March 7).

The 35-year-old reality star took to her Twitter to address some of the controversial comments she’s received, including tweets from Chloe Moretz and Bette Midler.

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In her tweets, Kim calls out Bette for previously attempting to be her friend by sending her a gift and also sarcastically welcomes Chloe to Twitter, claiming that “no one knows who she is.”

Kim also took the opportunity to speak out about her husband Kanye West‘s debt, which she says she just paid off with her video game earnings.

At the end of her Twitter spree, Kim also included another full frontal photo, where she’s only covering up herself with her arms.

Click inside to read all of what Kim had to say….

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  • WhyNot

    NOT liberated… still a slave to the porno life. What happened? YOU said you were never going to post another nude out of respect for your kids… hmmm… that much huh?

  • Michele V

    Chloe Moretz made a film with Martin Scorsese. What has that hag achieved beyond schtupping Kanye to expand her brand?

  • lala mood

    Does she think these are good clapbacks? lol She chose to post a picture of herself naked so she shouldn’t be trying to get back at people for their comments especially when it is expected and what she wants (attention).

    There is nothing wrong with celebrating your body or making money, but she is in a position of so much power that she could really do something so much more substantial and positive for people who look up to her. (which would be to pack her and her husband’s entitled ass and get the fuck off this planet)

  • Joolz

    Exactly! Chloe has more talent in her pinkie than Kim has in her whole naked body.

  • dgr57

    only young lil girls would pay to be on your game, cradle robber / bragger! AND WE THE PEOPLE ARE JUST SICK OF LOOKING @ YOUR FAT SLAPPIN ASS !

  • j b

    The way that Chloe Moretz likes to show off her fit body I would think she would be the last one for attacking Kim Kardashian. Maybe Chloe just felt that Kim is too fat to be showing off her old body.

  • Jenny from the flop

    keep going kim, the more you attack people the more you destroy your “career” like your husband

  • Nico Gonzalez

    Lol that’s all Kim knows, porn videos, nude pics, d*ck in her mouth etc. She has no talent lol but she knows how to stay in the spotlight though. Funny how she’s turning into Kanye with these weak a*s rants haha.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Only idiots and dead men never change their opinions and views – James Russell Lowell

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    comparing is bad. kim did bad, you did bad.

  • LL

    JustJared, please, for the benefit of society, STOP posting about the Kardashians. But if you must, restrict it to once a week. We don’t deserve this treatment.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    How semi nude picture can insult a kid?
    Is woman body disgusting? Or simple demonized by patriarchy and religion?

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    I’m sure it was paid.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Sorry for 53 mlns

  • michaela

    only idiots stick up for (kim) other idiots.

  • Little Paper Stars

    When are they just going to go away?

  • Little Paper Stars

    When are they just going to go away?

  • Les

    Kardshitclan, why is everything on entertainment news about you Kardashians?

  • Sara

    Cool comebacks Kanye. Next time, let you wife stick up for herself against the women.

  • The Absolute Truth

    But the content generates so much revenue. Only solution stop clicking on Kardasian stories

  • The Absolute Truth

    The wife paying off her husbands debt, love it

  • The Absolute Truth

    I saw The 5th Wave and I want my money back. Horrible acting

  • person

    Kim Kardashian is a truly disgusting woman in every way. Greedy, self obsessed and vile to look at. She thinks she is a queen or something. If she has so much money why doesn’t she help those less fortunate. And, she thinks she is so pretty and everyone wants to see her body but in truth she is not pretty and her body is vulgar

  • Benny Ehud

    F**k Scorsese. LOL He’s overrated. But Kim can go away.

  • jane

    it’s very hard to name any celebrity that has stayed on top forever. just waiting for the day this whole trashy family leaves my screen for good

  • Ariana

    Is she as crazy as Kanye? It was confirmed she did not make 80 million off of her failed video game and please, do you honestly think she has enough money to pay off her jobless husband debt? LOL! She is rumored to be as broke as he is. They could not even finish their house in Beverly Hills or where ever because they ran out of money!
    Also, calling her Chloe Mortez a nobody is laughable. She it one of the top stars around her age group and she is working with world class directors and actors such as Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton, Denzel Washington, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lawrence,etc
    Who has Kim worked with? Nobody in Hollywood will associate themselves with that pig or her family.

  • Ariana

    I never thought she was beautiful nor is that disgusting body of hers. She looks like a saggy pig to me.

  • kittenparanoia

    her insults are on a High School level at best

  • Stefelles

    Did Kanye tweet these?

  • girl93

    Girl, Chloe Moretz is one of the top actresses of her generation. By the way she is HIT GIRL!!

  • css


  • shoes4life

    She’s nothing but a dumb, nasty ho with money, thanks to her mom who pimped her for wealth. They may be rich but it doesn’t change the fact that this whole family is disgusting, it’s sad people follow their empty rhetoric.

  • smooshy

    she’s a disgusting woman. is that all she thinks women should do? take naked selfies and put then on the internet? doesn’t she have anything better to do? sorry, but feminism has nothing to do with prancing around naked or nearly naked on social media 24/7

  • Will

    Don’t doubt for a second that Kanye told her exactly what to say she doesn’t move left or right without his permission, and KIm you are a worthless sl*t and attacking people who have power and talent probably isn’t the best move you porno wh*re.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    I can’t support stupid remarks only because Kim is idiot.

  • millerz

    what a b*tch.

  • VanityInsecurity

    that sounds like Kanye not Kim.


    Dear JJ, Please read your comments. No one wants to see the Kardashians anymore. Especially Kim. She’s a 30 something year old picking on a teenager. You are just encouraging this by always posting about it.

  • Veronika

    I’m truly sorry for her kids, they don’t even know what they will see when they get older … she is the worst role model that has ever existed probably!

  • I am Evelyn Salt

    Who give a crap out her and her blowup doll body? She’s gross!

  • Mike1288

    does this chick know that she is nothing but a whore? I have respect for WOMAN. A real woman does not need to do this. Midler sure does not need your cash boo she surely has her own. Both woman have accomplishments from talent, not just lying in a bed.

  • Maggie P.U.

    Plastic surgery (oh wait…she never had that….rrrrriiiiggghhhttt…), lighting that doesn’t show what it is really, heavy makeup, people bought and paid for, pole up her ass, and photoshop…..Phony, plastic and pathetic. Yet, because of curiosity being human nature, which we are all curious…and playing on young girls minds….the KKK’s know how to lure people in. Young and men especially…..til we stop looking and buying into it she and the others will be doing it.

  • Maggie P.U.

    Nothin’ like the divine Ms. “M”….. Loved her in “The Rose”… Now that is a lady who plastic Kim better not try and take on…

  • Mierzwiak

    Kim, honey, you can have all the money in the world, but they can’t replace having a brain, you know?

  • Gina

    Kanye hack your twitter boo?

  • Gina

    Yep, and she also starred alongside the fantastic Denzel Washington & held her own.

  • TeamBella76

    Wake up it’s not too late !

  • TeamBella76

    Yea ok how about you go away.

  • TeamBella76

    I pray this will pass SOON ….

  • benfbeckmaN

    Cunt. Chloe Moretz at least has talent. Something you can’t say about Kim Kardashian.