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Who Won Town Hall Debate 2016? Trump vs Clinton Poll Results Are In

Who Won Town Hall Debate 2016? Trump vs Clinton Poll Results Are In

The second of three Presidential Debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took place at Washington University on Sunday (October 9) in Missouri.

According to an early poll of strictly debate watchers and not a poll of the entire country, Secretary Clinton won the debate 57% to 34%.

The debate wrapped up earlier in the evening – be sure to check out some reactions from celebrities after the debate ended.

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  • Strawberry0676

    hahahahaha this is always so easy. :D

  • Koos

    donald is still making a point about illigals?

  • Ryuken13

    Watche the entire debate and virtually everyone but the most corrupt of media such as the Clinton News Network has Trump winning the debate.


    Please remove your lips from Sean Hannity’s ball sack, and come up for air. Tonight, Trump was a pathetic loser, trying to throw one last hail mary, and it was a complete failure. 2 words for you ~ MADAM PRESIDENT

  • Andres

    Trump was struggling, just attacking but he never answered anything because he has not experience. He was never a mayor, a governor, nothing! He has no clue how things are done.

  • FerCat

    Trump is not a nominee. He is a weapon meant to dislodge the stranglehold of establishment politicians around the neck of America.

  • FerCat

    Trump is not a nominee. He is a weapon meant to dislodge the stranglehold of establishment politicians around the neck of America.

  • You Think Yer Better Than Me

    Wow- butthurt liberals doing damage control from the BIG TRUMP WIN!! Yeah, just deal with it, honey.

  • MacDaddio

    Oh I totally agree that that robotic, lying, scheming, corrupt pile of feces will likely win the presidency .. which says a lot about the stupidity of the liberal weirdos in this country. But Trump still won the debate, that fact does not change.

  • Rick Miller

    Trump won. Cannot access Drudge poll data in Virginia.

  • Esoteric11

    So you are okay with Trump getting all of us nuked, just as long as he takes care of the politicians.? Trump is no hero and he is just as corrupt as any politician. His behavior is erratic and dangerous.

  • Esoteric11

    Could not have said it any better.

  • John Dow

    JustJared and CNN so desperately trying to make Clinton look good, but that’s impossible.

    Even if you wrap a piece of shit in a candy wrapper, it’s still going to be the piece of shit inside.

  • FerCat

    He’s no hero, as I said he is a weapon. America needs a shaking up.

    And no, there is nothing about him that would suggest he would use nukes at all, that’s just nonsense. Yes, he is a repulsive fellow but sometimes you got to get dirty to fix something. You can always vote him out in 4 years.

  • mark shaffer

    neither was the traitor in charge. he totally lack of any credible credentials and it did not matter to the lidertards bent on making this country a third world socialist failure. she is a communist hiding as a democrat so the dumb asses who are to stupid vote for her. God, will the American people please wake the fuck up! But then when you rig an election with illegals, voter fraud, and lies what can you expect. This bitch wins I will burn my American flab because this is no longer the America I fought for.

  • netopian

    Why did Hilary delete the 33,000 emails???

  • Lylian

    Dump is a man who does NOT pay his bills as a way of managing his cash flow. By doing so, he brought a lot of pain and harm to small to medium enterprises run by honest business people who supplied him with goods and services. Many SME’s have right cash flows. If a purchaser fails to pay even $50,000, it can cause a lot of pain to the SME because they have to pay their staff, buy the goods, pay out first.

    Sadly, as a business woman, I’ve met business men like Dump.

  • Caesar Kay

    With a damp cloth, she says.

  • Mick Traver

    We know what we want, and its not the Clinton Crime Family, running this country!
    We know what we want, and its not the Clinton Crime Family, running this country!

  • Mona

    It’s shocking how Trump still has supporters at all anymore. Says a lot about our country at the moment. It’s sad.
    #ImWithHer 100%.

  • Esoteric11

    It is not nonsense that he could get us nuked. In fact, it has been written in books about a time like this. He is a loose cannon and dangerous. I do not hate him, I am aware of what can happen. It is very possible.

  • Doug

    Trump definitely won. Crooked HC lied again on emails saying DT was wrong on everything he said. Trump should have brought up 5 aides who got immunity for NO testimony given by pleading 5th. They were HC FIREWALL to protect her from prosecution. Comey, Lynch, President all corrupt as Crooked HC.

  • Doug

    Trump won and Trump will become President. Crooked HC looked as guilty as her husband. Will look forward to her going to jail.

  • FerCat

    That’s just propaganda.
    He is a lose cannon in many ways but with limits. He has too much to loose to go the full crazy route. But he can keep everyone else off balance. America has become too predictable and it’s adversaries are taking advantage.

    Notice the sudden cooling of tensions in the South China Sea? That’s what a maverick leader can do. America needs someone similar albeit somebody a lot less rootless.

    These days the steady hand is the hand that gets smacked.

  • gradybridges

    Trump wants us to alight with Russia, Syria, and Iran. The man is completely ignorant on foreign policy

  • Melissa Iris

    Donald won all the way.

  • :)

    All the millenials I know are voting Trump they hate Clinton.

  • Pim Telman

    Yes, please burn your flab, I hope you mean your big fat stomach that goes so well with the trailer you live in, because you are probably an overweight loser that blames others for your misfortune. You are completely delusional on how America is doing and you obviously only listen to your fuhrer’s simple one liners which are all lies and his dumbo following holds for the almighty truth.

  • joboro

    It’s shocking how many of the posters here are psychotic.

  • Tammy Y

    Soooooo, you think lifetime bureaucrats are the way to go at this point??

  • Tammy Y

    Wow, Pim. Well, they say that it takes one to know one.

  • Tammy Y

    YES. If there are raccoons in the attic, I don’t care if I can see “the guy’s” butt crack, he smells, he’s wearing a tank top over his 300-lb belly that also lets me see his arm pit bushes. Just please get the raccoons out of the attic!

  • Paul Williamson

    You are an excellent example of the deplorables and despicables that are the Trumpies that have crawled out from under their rocks. These are the poor white trash who have been failures in life, and are jealous of the successful, contributing citizens of the USA.

  • Paul Williamson

    You are the piece of Shit, you low-life deplorable and despicable Trumpie.Go back to your trailer.

  • Paul Williamson

    Have you been a failure all your life, or just the last 30 years?

  • Paul Williamson

    Get your tongue out of Trump’s ass!!!

  • Paul Williamson

    In 4 years America will be a smoking wasteland.Look what Hitler did to Germany in just 4 years.

  • Paul Williamson

    You mean the ones that didn’t graduate from High School because they were lazy, stupid and were on drugs, and can’t find a job and live with their parents when they are 30? Those millenials?

  • FerCat

    Well, since he wants to be chummy with Russia. Crisis with China has simmered down since the Trump like Duterte came to office. Who else would possibly try to turn America into a ‘smoking wasteland’?
    Well that Wall will need reinforcing apparently.

  • Mike

    How are you acting any different from Trump? All you did was put someone down and talk about their looks. You are a hypocrite. Remember when Hillary quoted Michelle Obama “When they go low we go high.” You really do not know what Hillary’s campaign is about if you think your statement is okay. Grow up and stop reducing yourself to the levels of the deplorables.

  • Mike

    What’s wrong with you? Lol. It’s an opinion why are you so vile to other’s. It’s a fact Hillary does not have the millennial vote but neither does Donald. You can talk crap about millenials all day but all I see are middle age people applying for entry level jobs, that is one reason millennials aren’t getting jobs. Your generation is also filled with a whole bunch of 55 year old retirees who could have worked an extra 10 years (like my generation will have too) but decided to saddle millennials with the bill, so try to talk crap all you want while we pay for your luxuries whiner.

  • Mike

    A question she never answered. Hillary did better than Trump but she wasn’t doing herself any favors. If it weren’t for the secret recording (which by the way is creepy on so many levels on Trump’s side and access Hollywood’s) she wouldn’t have a large margin.

  • Mike

    People are getting way to bent out of shape based off other’s opinions. If you don’t like it and turn super vile you shouldn’t be commenting or on a website where people voice their opinions.

  • jane

    neither did. i fail to understand how either is a viable option. they should both be replaced with someone with intelligence and integrity. these 2 have neither.

  • John Dow

    So you support a rapist and a woman who abuse other women? You deserve to be treated the same way as the Clintons «treated» those women.

  • Doug

    Multi-millionaire actually. Worked every day since I left school in 1973. Not often I can look HATE in the face even if it is only on the internet. I feel sorry for you.

  • pneumatictrousers

    Good on you sir. Others see baby boomer arrogance too they are often ignorant of. Socrates said it’s better to put up with an injustice by not reacting with another injustice but displaying integrity instead. I commend you for not attacking the crank :)

  • sailbyme

    Says the liberal media. She’s a lying POS.

  • Mona

    You people that still support him don’t even acknowledge Trump’s treatment of women, including his own daughter and what he’s said about her which any normal human being would call it sick. How can Trump supporters be so blind? You speak ill of muslims because they have a backward primitive culture which treats women like second class citizens yet you support a man who’s really not all that different from them. It makes me sick. Even men shouldn’t support him, no decent man who’s raised by a mother, who has sisters and daughters they care about will vote for this disgusting jerk.

    Hillary cannot be blamed for what Bill has done. It’s got nothing to do with her. Plus BILL’S NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT for God’s sake! And Bill’s past mistakes don’t make Trump’s any better, I’m sorry.

    I honestly believe that no self -respecting female will be voting for Trump. Those who do have serious mental issues.

  • sailbyme

    You must give head.