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Donald Trump Appears to Shove Prime Minister Dusko Markovic at NATO Meeting (Video)

Donald Trump Appears to Shove Prime Minister Dusko Markovic at NATO Meeting (Video)

A video surfaced of President Donald Trump apparently shoving Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic out of his way during a NATO Summit Meeting on Thursday (May 25) in Brussels, Belgium.

If you don’t know, NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and is made of up 28 countries to safeguard the freedom and security of its members through political and military means.

In the video, which is now circulating on Twitter, it appears as if the President shoved the Prime Minister to be at the front for the photo op. CNBC reporter Steve Kopack posted the video below.

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donald trump appears to shove nato meeting 01
donald trump appears to shove nato meeting 02
donald trump appears to shove nato meeting 03
donald trump appears to shove nato meeting 04
donald trump appears to shove nato meeting 05

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  • Feddupp

    How embarrassing. Trump’s a smug asshole. Just look at the way he arrogantly straightens out his jacket after shoving Markovic; trying to establish his alpha male status.

  • Feddupp

    How embarrassing. Trump’s a smug asshole. Just look at the way he arrogantly straightens out his jacket after shoving Markovic; trying to establish his alpha male status.

  • jh7058622

    This presidency is an effin joke.

    That is all.

  • Jen

    Ugh… What a douche and bully he is!

  • Cruizin1960

    I highly doubt this is what happened. It would make sense that the location of each person was pre-designated. If you look back at recent photos…the US President tends to be in the front row. But, the media will try to make something negative out of everything.

  • whatajerk

    He thinks being a dick makes him more powerful when all it does is shows his soft underbelly.

  • kittenparanoia

    doesn’t change the fact that he shoved him

  • Bella Marchesa

    Wow. The idiocy runs deep with you. You don’t even trust your own eyes?? “I highly doubt this is what happened, even though my eyes tell me otherwise.” Moron.

  • Visitor

    One of them should’ve knocked the old geeser out of the way.

  • deadre

    now we can add PIG to CON ARTIST… all fits in….

  • cowcharge

    LOL you call that a “shove”? Boy you guys are desperate for anything to slam Trump with, aren’t you.

  • nichol

    He makes it easy.

  • Bonnie Wilson Carlson

    What an ass! When will we decide enough is enough?!

  • Tracee

    Even if it is pre-designated as you suggest, it’s still no excuse for what he did.

  • morrisod

    how can this son of a w##$e continue to lead this country….someone get rid of this stupid ,ignorant scumbag “IMPEACH”….he is a sad 666 anti Christ if I have ever
    had the displeasure of watching or even listening to on tv… can u imagine him shoving that individual out of the way just to get in front of him and then have that less than 50 IQ stupid look on his face telling everyone I’m the man…your a bottom feeder Mr dumb ass prez and you are definitely not my president….even saying that word makes me want to puke…..

  • Pat Cake

    Can’t help but wonder if someone had shoved Trump the same way how would he react?

  • Pat Cake

    ..and yet people continue to make excuses for him anyway.

  • Lalique Murano

    Regardless of what his “pre-designated” place might have been for the photo op, you can’t just shove someone out of the way. Has Trump ever heard the phrase “Excuse me?” He’s an arrogant ass. There’s no excuse for rudeness. It’s not “the media” – it’s him.

  • Lalique Murano

    He’d say it was the greatest, biggest shove ever in the history of the universe ;-)

  • Lalique Murano

    Nah, not desperate. Not blind, either. A shove is a shove, and his arrogant sneer says it all.

  • kicksandgiggles4Real

    I bet if Trump whizzed on the prime minister’s shoes, you would make an excuse for that too. Stop it. People are not stupid nor blind. It was rude and plain inexcusable. But thats Trump. And its nothing to be proud of.

  • Phil the Donahue

    I could care less about slamming Trump. I seriously wish he would have been a cool President. Unfortunately he turned out to be a big brat. It’s too bad.

  • Phil the Donahue

    um, you can say “pardon me” or “excuse me” no need to get handsy. Maybe he thought he could grab the guy by the pussy.

  • Phil the Donahue

    Loser fatboy.

  • Wendy

    The people defending him don’t get it. It’s not the fact that he wanted in the front, if that’s where he is supposed to be, that’s fine. What people don’t understand is the lack of respect. He didn’t even look at the guy, say excuse me, or put his hand gently on him, he literally looks like he is shoving him. You can just hear his mind saying “MOVE” and then being very proud of himself that he’s the best afterwards. It’s actually really terrifying because the guys narcissism is out of control.

  • Cadillacrob

    and that’s the problem

  • namers


  • namers

    Delusional Personality Disorder about the Narcissistic in Chief.

  • Malida

    small penis syndrome.

  • namers

    And his wife hates him as much as we do. Disgusting.

  • Saraeunknow

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  • swedishskies

    I don’t think he shoved him out of the way at all. It looked more like he was exaggerating a pat on the shoulder actually. Trump is awkward with this kind of stuff, he tends to shake hands in a weird way that is almost like pulling the person towards him. I think it’s socially awkward but definitely was not shoving. The left is trying SO HARD to undermine this Presidency. It undermines the entire country. Keep hating guys, you’re only hurting yourselves. He was freely and legally elected. Get over it and let him do his job.

  • Chris Michael Garrett

    Trump should be in front and he knew it. Like the U.N. we have been supporting NATO for years. The members were angry because he had scolded them for not paying their fair share of NATO expenses. It was they who tried to muscle him to the back of the crowd. Trump did the right thing by asserting himself and American presence. Message delivered. I’m proud of him.

  • Meteorite Sizzurp

    LOL ..not surprised..typical insecure BULLY behaviour!


    I totally agree with you my delusional husband was defending him today… saying he is the leader of the free world he should be in front and that we dont know what was said (meaning someone could have told him to come to front)… Ridiculous… Even if he was told to come to front politeness can go a long way no need to push shove and yank people out of the way. :(

  • Kyle Rayner


  • trace3440

    You snowflakes are just looking for ANYTHING to complain about. Look closer at that video and you will see the Prime Minister had his arm around the President. It like when you come up behind an old buddy and say “HEY, How are you doing” and grab their shoulder, but you have to make it out to be something totally different but if that’s what y’all need to do to sleep at night. Go for it!!

  • Pitysaurus_rex

    And Mexico is gonna pay for it.

  • Wendy

    You’re proud of him for his 3rd grade display? I assume that’s how you treat people as well? Damn, you trumpeters really will defend him even when he’s making himself look terrible.

  • Kadow3490

    He wasn’t pushing ! You low class baboons

  • Kadow3490

    You said you were a dick ! I believe it