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Sam Heughan & Girlfriend MacKenzie Mauzy Make Rare Appearance During NYFW!

Sam Heughan & Girlfriend MacKenzie Mauzy Make Rare Appearance During NYFW!

Sam Heughan makes a rare red carpet appearance with girlfriend MacKenzie Mauzy at Refinery29′s Third Annual 29Rooms: Turn It Into Art event on Thursday (September 7) in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The 37-year-old Outlander actor and the 28-year-old Into the Woods actress have been dating for most of 2017, but this is only the second official appearance that they’ve made as a couple.

Sam and MacKenzie previously posed together at an Oscars weekend party back in February.

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Make sure to check out never-before-seen photos from the Spotlight shoot we did with Sam back in 2014 before Outlander ever began!

FYI: Sam is wearing Christian Louboutin shoes.

10+ pictures inside of Sam Heughan and MacKenzie Mauzy on the red carpet…

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sam heughan girlfriend mackenzie mauzy make rare appearance together 02
sam heughan girlfriend mackenzie mauzy make rare appearance together 03
sam heughan girlfriend mackenzie mauzy make rare appearance together 04
sam heughan girlfriend mackenzie mauzy make rare appearance together 05
sam heughan girlfriend mackenzie mauzy make rare appearance together 06
sam heughan girlfriend mackenzie mauzy make rare appearance together 07
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sam heughan girlfriend mackenzie mauzy make rare appearance together 09
sam heughan girlfriend mackenzie mauzy make rare appearance together 10

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  • sen

    This girl is the definition of a “Butter Face” (cute figure But Her Face…). He’s a handsome guy and could do a lot better.

  • Me

    Mauzy is his beard. JJ you need to tell Jennifer Allen that this girl is not believable and the charade too obviously fake

  • Jacee

    I don’t get it !!! Mauzy is making Sam Heughan look like a complete idiot and is only fueling the rumors that he is gay – what on earth would he see in a girl that is so bent of attention for herself and the worst actress I have seen no wonder she is not working …… Someone give him some advice please

  • sen

    Whether he is gay or not, I don’t know and who cares. What I do know is that he’s too handsome for this girl. She’s so mediocre! And she has the hairiest arms to boot!!

  • Jacee

    Being gay does not matter a bit Sen – but his PR are trying to hard to make him look like a Hot Single Guy but the fact is they are making him look more sleazy dating a much younger bottle blonde idiot. These two just to not go together and yes she does have the hairiest arms

  • Julia LeBlanc

    lovely couple. Happy he’s happy.

  • KellyRGillespie

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    They are NOT a lovely couple. This is a ridiculous PR stunt.

    Sam was openly gay when he was a struggling actor in British theatre. People who met him at that time and who went with him to the Real Conservatoire of Scotland, are saying in many different boards that he is gay.
    I highly doubt that he is happy with this charade but he’s made his choice to pursue fame in Hollywood.


    People who met Sam in the past are saying that he is gay:

    “Knew him in the theatre scene back in the day. Nice guy. And openly gay then.”

    “Oh darling, of course I’m an old gossip. Have you never met a theatre queen before? Everyone in the biz knows he’s gay, which is not a big deal here. But it is in the US and in the movie industry, so I don’t think anyone was shocked or upset that he’s decided to closet.And really he’s not exactly closeting hard. It’s like Luke Evans 2.0″


    Here’s a recent post from a person who knows about Sam’s ex-boyfriend:


    If being gay didn’t matter, we wouldn’t have to see this ridiculous showmance.

    Sam’s publicist is Jennifer Allen who has worked for Henry Cavill, Tom Hiddleston. Remember that big fiasco called HiddleSwift??? ;)

  • sen

    If he is in fact gay, it’s sad he doesn’t feel he can be open about it. And he deserves a better looking beard than this unattractive girl!!

  • Amber

    And remember when Henry Cavill dumped Gina Carano and hooked up with Kaley Cuoco for two minutes just as Superman was being released because she was the bigger star, and it was supposed to help his career? The fact that all three of them share the same lame publicist is enough for me to believe this romance is a farce, and Sam Heughan is gay.


    Things just don’t add up…..unless it’s a PR showmance ;))

    - Mackenzie Mauzy and her real bf Billy Magnussen, looking cozy at a romantic trip in Puerto Rico. March 2016. A few days later, she was ‘dating’ Heughan…..

    - Mackenzie Mauzy travelling with actor Alex Carroll. Summer 2016. Supposedly, she was already ‘dating’ Heughan:

    - Mackenzie Mauzy hanging out and travelling in NY state with her on/off boyfriend, Billy Magnussen. Fall 2016. While she was ‘dating’ Heughan.

    - First half of 2017; Mackenzie has been hanging out and travelling with handsome Jon Fletcher. He is even sending her hearts in his tweets….;)

  • Tilly

    She is mediocre at best. Whatever Sam……she sure had created unbelievable drama in the OL fandom. Does she work or just hang out, sounds like she jumps from guy to guy.

  • Joanie

    If it was true his ex s would be coming out of the woodworks to claim fame and money. I don’t believe it. You can tell when he acts in those horrible Gay plays as it’s awful to watch just not natural and happy like he is when acting with Cait.

  • JudyPArnold

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  • AE

    why did they feel they have to do this? This is as real as Taylor Swift and Tom. Look, we don’t know Sam, and frankly it doesn’t matter, as long as he sells his part in Outlander. And he has. Yes, there are times, it feels more clear to me he’s gay — example is in the premiere’s romanticized death of Black Jack, in a sort of homoerotic fashion, etc., falling into each other. Bryan Fuller move there, on Hannibal. But for the most part you wouldn’t know.

    He just has to sell it. I’m sad he has to fake a life. I get why, but it sucks.

  • Lena

    OMG Why do you people care about this guys private life so much ? He happens to be a great actor and I love the show Outlander. Geez you people all need to get lives of your own . Stop worrying about someone you’ll never know or meet. Sounds like alot of Jealousy to me.
    Truly Pathetic

  • Mary Anne Gilles

    I care about Sam because I am a fan of his work and I do feel he is so sweet, generous, handsome, and a super actor. I wish him so much success and he is on a good track now. I have hoped nothing but the best for him since I saw him in Outlander. As for the immature girl, she is so wrong for him on so many levels. She looks so strange with him, he surely must be introduced to prettier woman and one that has not been married and seemed to have cheated on her boyfriend when she met Sam. Also she is a Class C “star”, not a good choice. Doubt if his Mum thinks so.

  • Zina Ferreira Gontijo

    Honestly, I think any association between homosexuality and people’s attitudes is shameful, vulgar, hateful and prejudiced. It’s definitely nobody’s business! I really like the actor and I wish he had a lot of personal and professional success! The girlfriend, though I do not know her work, wish her success, too. Now, that couple, at least in the photograph, does not present harmony and affinity, that is fact (something like Jaime and Leoghaire). It’s embarrassing to see them, and I do not think you need to compromise on this. Now, it’s also the light that surrounds the Sam / Cat couple (not Jamie / Clare), even during the in-depth interviews. The brights of the eyes and the smiles are so enlightened that they seem to transcend professionalism. But, this is with them! Success to all!