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Jennifer Lawrence Asked Kim Kardashian Her Burning Questions & Here Are the Answers

Jennifer Lawrence Asked Kim Kardashian Her Burning Questions & Here Are the Answers

Jennifer Lawrence lived out her dream of interviewing Kim Kardashian while serving as the guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (November 2) and here are all the burning questions that were asked!

The 27-year-old Oscar-winning actress didn’t have much of a filter when it came to what she asked Kim, so it was definitely a fun interview to watch. Here’s what went down:

How did the two stars meet? Kim said, “We were at a hotel in New York and we were going up to see this Axel Vervoordt suite at the Greenwich and I’m getting in the elevator with Kanye and the doors are about to close. I hear Jennifer screaming ‘I love your show’ like so loud across the whole lobby.”

Which sister would Kim kill last on a deserted island? “It might be Khloe because I feel like she’ll kill me… We all go through periods, and her and I are really vibing right now.”

Is the Christmas card coming back? “It’s making its return! You are welcome to attend,” Kim told the guest host.

What are Kim’s thoughts on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez together again? “I think it’s so cute.”

Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian West

Click inside for the rest of the interview, including Kim’s thoughts on Blac Chyna…

Which Kardashian sister lost her virginity first? “Probably me. But I was in a serious relationship. It wasn’t Kourtney.”

Has Kim ever been cheated on? “I got into the voicemail thing and I was at dinner with all of my best friends. I put it on speaker wondering where my boyfriend was. He was flying in town to meet another girl on my birthday and lied to me that he was in a different city,” Kim said. Jen responded by saying, “Oh my god, that’s like a Taylor Swift song.”

What is the weirdest thing Kanye West does? “He falls asleep anywhere. We’ll be at a meeting or he’ll introduce me to people I’ve never met before, we’ll be at a restaurant and he’ll be snoring at the table.”

Does Kim have any ex-boyfriends’ numbers in her phone? One! “He’s super friendly, he lives right across the street from Kourtney. We never really talk but the nicest family. I went to his wedding.”

Has Kim spoken to O.J. Simpson since he left jail? “I haven’t. I haven’t talked to him in years. I think I saw him at a club in Miami like a decade ago… I have so much respect for his children. I feel like my mom and Caitlyn both say a lot about it and they’re really vocal. And I just feel like, you know, his kids. It must be like really hard. I just try to stay away from it.”

Has Kanye ever written a song about Kim? “There’s one he hasn’t released but he sang it at the Met called ‘Awesome.’ Before we got together he had played it for me when he was recording Watch the Throne. And when I was pregnant at my first Met Ball he performed it to me.”

What does Kim think of Blac Chyna? “I always said when someone is going to ask me… Dream is going to see this one day and so it’s just super respectful not to say anything about my niece’s mom.”

Make sure to watch the funny video that Jennifer made surprising fans on the street!

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  • Hattie McDish

    Like wow omg like ok like the dumbing down continues..

  • Pola

    im not fun, but i really like the last answer.

  • Matthew518

    This is one actress I can respect. Being a Kardashian fan in Hollywood must be like being a Trump supporter. It makes you an outcast, so I give her credit for being open about this. At least one actor has good tastes.

  • Matthew518

    You mean like what our education system has been doing for decades? Go back to 2006, I guess Americans were just so smart back then, huh? Yeah right.

  • bbm

    i like how Jen steals the attention all the time, as she is the only one there with a talent

  • meme

    wasn’t she supposed to go away for a year? the fact that she is obsessed with the kuntrashjennerians makes me dislike her. plus she overexposed and overrated.

  • patricio rodriguez

    and this is how jennifers career ended… sad

  • patricio rodriguez

    in that interview she is…

  • patricio rodriguez

    really girl? been a kardashian fan is like been a fan of crack… not because she is open about it makes it ok..

  • Rhonda Schuck

    the two have a lot in common. one did ray j for fame and fortune the other did Harvey for fame and fortune. no wonder she is a drunk

  • Penny

    I used to respect Jennifer Lawrence. Now? Definitely not. She seems like a total superficial air head.

  • 🎃CP (Happy Halloween)🎃

    Matty is a low IQ, Kim K pillow owning sycophant. He lives and breathes for that nasty fake bum Kim. He thinks he is cleaved and amazing. Instead he worships not only Kim K. ,but loves David Duke (do met grand wizard of the KIM and is still a massive racist.), loves to fat shame babies including Prince George, and I have seen him troll and say disgusting things on an article about a celebs death. He lives for attention because he has a miserable life.

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    You know nothing Matty unless its about that trash family Kardashian. Stop pretending your 105 IQ means a thing. You are the same person who is proud to support David Duke a known racist and loves to fat shame babies and toddlers. Also was it not you whom said you have no more time for the Kardashians???? What happened, you lose your job as a grocery cart pusher? What about your sick and twisted incestuous dream of a Kardashian sister three way? Seek help, because this is not normal.

  • 🎃CP (Happy Halloween)🎃

    I agree and ignore Matty. Look at my comment to him below yours. He is a sick and twisted thing with no life.

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    …Si Un Apus Romantic.