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JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers Play Newlywed Game After 'Bachelorette' Finale - Watch Now!

JoJo Fletcher and Bachelorette winner Jordan Rodgers kiss while making an appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday (August 2) in New York City.

The evening before, the finale of The Bachelorette aired, and it was revealed that JoJo picked Jordan. The two are now engaged!

The pair also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday (August 1), where they played a version of “The Newlywed Game” on the show! Watch below…

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Chase McNary Is Having 'Discussions' Over Becoming 'The Bachelor'!

Could Chase McNary be the next Bachelor?! He just confirmed he’s in talks with the network about the possibility of taking on the role!

“The discussions are there,” the 27-year-old medical sales rep said. “But I don’t know – there’s a lot of weight there.”

“There [are] a lot of expectations, and I’m not scared of it … but I definitely want to make the smart decision and the right decision before I totally accept that position,” Chase added.

Chase was sent home by JoJo Fletcher, 25, last week.

Luke Pell, another JoJo castoff, also confirmed he’s in talks. “It’s a possibility…I definitely would not pass on it!”

Chris Harrison Defends Kaitlyn Bristowe After 'Bachelorette' Sex Backlash

The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison is coming to the defense of Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe after she had sex on this past week’s episode.

“What I find is this very divisive reaction to her, very divided, and some people are strongly behind her, like Amy Schumer, then there are others who are shocked and appalled. I think if you just go by social media, obviously, the negative idiots are the loudest. People who care or are positive usually aren’t going on and ranting on social media,” Chris told E! News. “It always seems a lot worse than it is. I think the majority are either behind or or honestly aren’t that appalled or that amazed by it all. So I think you need to be careful where you’re taking your Litmus test or temperature of America.”

“Most people in this country aren’t on Twitter, shockingly enough! So I think the majority of people are, like I am, behind her. And all they want, and I think all anyone wants, is just to be open and honest and own it if you made a mistake. If you think it was a mistake, admit it, say it,” Chris added. “What she did, she doesn’t say is a mistake. The only real regret she has is she may hurt some of the guys.”

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Kaitlyn Bristowe Reflects on Having Sex with Nick Viall on Last Night's 'Bachelorette'

On the Monday evening (June 22) episode of The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe invited contestant Nick Viall back to her room where they got intimate.

Now, the 29-year-old Bachelorette is reflecting back on the moment with the 34-year-old contestant.

“That’s something I don’t think I should be ashamed of,” Kaitlyn told People. “I know so many people can relate, but it’s so easy for them to judge at the same time…It’s easier to judge than to relate to my situation!”

In response to why she broke down crying, Kaitlyn added, “I was thinking, ‘What if I just ruined another relationship that meant something to me?’ So that’s where I got upset, and that’s what made me cry and break my heart – thinking about if I just ruined another relationship because it was hard to juggle all those relationships and know exactly what was right and what was wrong.”

Amy Schumer Took Down This 'Bachelorette' Contestant & The Internet Loved It!

Comedian Amy Schumer made an appearance on The Bachelorette on Monday evening (May 25), and the Internet is loving her take down of one of the contestants named JJ.

When JJ said he felt like he was smarter than 90% of the audience at the comedy club he would be performing at, Amy took it upon herself to make some really funny comments.

Amy called JJ “a sweetheart,” who is “just missing, like, charisma and humility and sense of humor.” She also added, “Maybe when he sees the show he’ll reflect on himself and not be such a turd.”

After appearing on the ep, the Internet voted to have Amy stick around on The Bachelorette and some even want her to be next season’s leading lady!

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