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'Star Wars' Characters Sing Hanson's 'MMMBop' In Mashup Video - Watch Now!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is hitting theaters this Thursday at midnight, and in honor of the upcoming film, Jimmy Fallon put together a fun little video.

He took Star Wars characters from all the released films and mashed it all up to make them all collectively sing Hanson‘s “MMMBop.”

Jimmy got to work re-editing footage to bring characters from the Star Wars universe together for one epic song.

Watch below! And be sure to check out Star Wars: The Last Jedi, in theaters this Friday.

Hanson Brothers Call Justin Bieber 'Chlamydia of the Ear'

The Hanson brothers clearly are not fans of Justin Bieber and they weren’t afraid of letting everyone know this fact.

During an appearance on Australian radio show Amos, Cat & Angus, the guys played a game in which they had to identify a song from the opening seconds of the track.

When “Despacito” was played, the hosts beat them to the punch and identified the song as a Bieber tune.

“I prefer not to get any venereal diseases, so whenever Justin Bieber gets sort of near me or near my ears … it’s just ear infections, they’re terrible,” one of the brothers said when explaining why he didn’t know the song. Another one added, “Chlamydia of the ear, it sucks.”

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Hanson Announces 25th Anniversary World Tour - Dates & Venues!

For their 25th anniversary as a band, Hanson just announced they’re going on a world tour!

“Making music together for 25 years is a milestone that we had to acknowledge, and what better way to do it than with an anniversary tour,” Taylor Hanson said in a statement about the Middle of Everywhere 25th Anniversary World Tour (via EW).

“This year is not only about the two decades of music,” Isaac Hanson continued, adding, “it’s about celebrating the incredible community of fans who have been with us, singing along year after year.”

The band consists of brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac.

Click inside for a full list of dates and venues…More Here! »

Hanson Will Release New Christmas Album Next Year, Drops New Videos to Celebrate!

Hanson just announced some exciting news for their fans – the band will be releasing a new Christmas album in 2017 and they just finished recording it!

One of the tracks that you can look forward to hearing on the album is “Winter Wonderland.”

To celebrate the upcoming album, which will come 20 years after their first Christmas album Snowed In, the brothers played some live performances of holiday tunes.

You can watch the announcement of the album below and watch the performances inside as well.

HANSON’s New Christmas Album: Ooh Christmas

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Hanson Performs 'MMMBop' Twenty Years Later - Watch Now!

The brothers of Hanson reunited on stage for an awesome throwback performance of their classic hit “MMMBop” this week on ABC’s Greatest Hits series.

The song came out twenty years ago and is still ingrained in our memories after all this time!

While celebrating the song’s 20th birthday earlier this year, the Hanson brothers talked about the song being super hard to cover.

“You know why? People can’t sing the chorus right. Most of the time they syncopate it wrong,” Isaac told Vulture. “If Bruno Mars were interested, he’d probably find a way to kill it.”

“Someone needs to either make it totally their own in a genuinely unique way, or it needs to be a band that has a sensibility for old R&B. Fitz and the Tantrums could maybe do it…” Taylor said.

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hanson mmmbop greatest hits 03
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hanson mmmbop greatest hits 05

Hanson Sings National Anthem in Three Part Harmony! (Video)

Hanson takes the field to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Tulsa Drillers minor league baseball game against the Arkansas Travelers at ONEOK Field on Saturday (May 14) in Tulsa, OK.

The brothers – Taylor, Zac, and Isaac – are Tulsa natives and performed a beautiful three-part harmony rendition of the National Anthem.

“Singing the National Anthem tonight at the @TulsaDrillers game! Hope to see you all here! -ITZ,” they tweeted earlier in the day.

Watch the video of Hanson singing below!

Hanson Sings National Anthem at Tulsa Drillers Game

JJ Interview: Zac Hanson Talks 20 Years of Playing Music With His Brothers

Check out our brand new interview with Zac Hanson!

The 27-year-old musician and his brothers – Isaac and Taylor – have been playing together for over 20 years now!

The geniuses behind the pop culture classic “MMMBop” have a brand new album out titled Anthem, complete with a catchy lead single called “Get the Girl Back.”

JJ recently caught up with Zac to chat about the new record as well as their star-studded music video, and more!

Click inside to read our interview with Zac Hanson…More Here! »

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zac hanson talks 20 years old playing music with his brothers 02
zac hanson talks 20 years old playing music with his brothers 03
zac hanson talks 20 years old playing music with his brothers 04
zac hanson talks 20 years old playing music with his brothers 05