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Harvey Weinstein Is Facing Life in Prison for Three New Sexual Assault Charges

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Actor Ron Perlman Recalls the Unexpected Thing He Did to His Hands Before Greeting Harvey Weinstein

Actor Ron Perlman did something quite unexpected before shaking hands with Harvey Weinstein.

The 68-year-old actor tweeted out a story about meeting Weinstein, who recently plead “not guilty” to rape and criminal sex act charges.

“Did I ever tell ya about when Harvey Weinstein told me to make sure I shook his hand at a charity event,” Ron asked his Twitter followers, before continuing, “so I stopped in the mens room and pissed all over my hand, then went straight up to him on the receiving line? I think about that every time lil [Donald Trump] opens up his KFC.”

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Sandra Bullock Feared Harvey Weinstein & Was Scared For Women Who Spoke Out

Sandra Bullock is opening up about her thoughts on Harvey Weinstein.

Although the Oscar-winning actress never had a bad experience with him, Sandra says she always feared the entertainment executive.

“I heard about Harvey and I was afraid of him. I wasn’t asked to be in that world. I learned early on to shut things off so those things didn’t come my way,” Sandra explained to The Sunday Times.

She continued, “I only heard what Harvey wanted people to hear, and that made me so f**king angry. People would say, ‘Well, you know how she got that role? She f**ked Harvey.’ I would say, ‘Shut the f**k up. You don’t know that.’ Then, later, to find out that woman was brutally attacked…They didn’t sleep with Harvey. Harvey wanted you to think that.”

Sandra said that she was also “really, really scared” about the consequences the “brave people” might suffer after coming forward.

She added that early in her career she did face unwanted advances from a film executive but used humor to turn him down.

“That’s how I’ve always navigated tricky situations. That’s how I’ve survived. Because very early on in my career I had a situation on a film, which was hard. It came from a person of authority. I kept deflecting it with humor and it didn’t work. Finally, I said, ‘Please just fire me.’ It was a lesson. After that, I tended to remove anything that could be misconstrued as sexual. I locked it down,” Sandra explained.

Harvey Weinstein Pleads Not Guilty to Rape & Criminal Sex Act Charges

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Harvey Weinstein Hit With New Rape Allegation in Class Action Lawsuit

Harvey Weinstein was hit with another rape accusation in a new class action lawsuit filed on Friday (June 1).

Melissa Thompson claims that Harvey lured her into his hotel room, and then forcibly sexually assaulted her, in the suit.

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Actress Caitlin Dulany, a second woman in the lawsuit, alleges that she was assaulted by the film producer in 1996 at Cannes Film Festival. And actress Larissa Gomes claims that she was cornered in a hotel room in Toronto in 2000.

Harvey continues to deny all allegations of non-consensual sex, pleading “not guilty” to charges of rape and criminal sex acts. He faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

To read the full suit, head to