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'America's Got Talent' Season 16 - Judges & Hosts Revealed!

America’s Got Talent is coming back – and so are all the stars!

Judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara are all returning for Season 16, Deadline reported Tuesday (March 2).

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Terry Crews also will return as host. The Season 16 premiere date will be announced at a later date. However, the last seven seasons have all started airing at the end of May, so it seems likely that Season 16 will do the same.

AGT will be having a final nationwide “Last Chance Audition” for the upcoming season on Saturday (March 6), which interested acts can still sign up for at The best acts from the virtual audition will go on to perform in front of the judges.

One of the show’s winners recently debuted a grown up and edgy look. Check out her reinvention!

Wrongly Convicted Man Archie Williams Stuns With 'America's Got Talent' Performance - Watch!

America’s Got Talent fans are buzzing about Archie Williams.

The singer, who stunned with his performance of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” during the auditions, returned to TV on Tuesday night (August 11) for the quarterfinals of the hit series.

If you didn’t know, Archie was wrongly imprisoned for over three decades. In 1983, at the age of 22, he was convicted of aggravated rape and attempted murder in Louisiana. Fingerprint evidence did not match his own, and witnesses testified that he was at his own home the night of the incident. However, he was sentenced to life in prison at Louisiana State Penitentiary without the possibility of parole.

During the performance, he sang Stevie Wonder‘s “Love’s in Need of Love Today” in front of judges Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara as well as guest judge Kelly Clarkson at the Universal Studios Hollywood lot amid the pandemic.

For the first time, AGT had a virtual audience featuring audio and video of fans watching live.

“Thank you so much for that, your story is an incredible testimony, it’s powerful. I don’t want your story to overshadow [your singing]. Your tone is so cool. It was incredible to hear such a great storyteller. Those are my favorite kind of singers. You did a really great job,” Kelly said.

“You deserve this more than anyone,” Sofia said.

“I can feel all the pain you went through. It couldn’t be more perfect,” said Heidi.

Find out why Kelly Clarkson is filing in for Simon Cowell

Watch the fantastic performance…

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Howie Mandel Says There Is 'Nothing I'm Not Afraid Of'

Howie Mandel is facing his fears.

The Deal or No Deal star spoke out in an interview with Esquire. Here’s what he had to say…

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On the lack of personal contact during the pandemic: “I have grandkids who I can’t go inside and hug, so I go over there and I climb a tree and I look in the window. It’s kind of this weird zoo, where they see their Poppy outside in a tree. I don’t know if I’m helping or harming.”

On fear: “There is nothing I’m not afraid of. How I’m being perceived, how I look, what’s going to happen tomorrow, how yesterday went. Fear is my fuel, and also my poison. I like fear. I’m a product of fear.”

On hosting Deal or No Deal: “When I was cognizant of somebody making ridiculous choices, that was heartbreaking inside. Did I give them this air that it’s a fantasyland? Was it because of me? It changed my cadence. I would say to people: ‘The banker is offering you [deep look]: Twenty. [pause] Thousand. [pause] Dollars.’ And I talked like that because I wanted them to hear it. ‘Before you make a decision, how long would it take you to accumulate $20,000?’ ‘Oh, I’ve never had $20,000.’ ‘At the last job you had, how long would it take–?’ ‘I’d have to work two years to get that.’ And then in the teleprompter they would say, ‘Stop prompting, let her make a decision.’ But my whole goal for everybody who came on—I threw all the comedy by the wayside. It was the first time I didn’t play Dr. Wayne Fiscus, I didn’t play the Howie Mandel comedian, I didn’t do the Bobby voice. The only emotion I had was empathy: I just want you to do good.”

Howie recently opened up about how he’s coping during the pandemic. Here’s what he said!

For more from Howie, head to

Germaphobe Howie Mandel Reveals How He's Coping During the Pandemic

Howie Mandel is revealing how he’s holding during the pandemic!

The 64-year-old America’s Got Talent judge – and germaphobe – says that he’s taking extra measures nowadays to cope with his OCD.

“I’m on medication,” Howie shared with Page Six. “I’m moving my therapist into a whole new tax bracket on the phone. Some people call it a pandemic, I call it ‘told ya!’”

Back in early March when the pandemic first began, Howie arrived at a taping of AGT wearing a hazmat suit and gas mask.

“I felt responsible in the beginning for the shortage of PPE because I’d been hoarding gloves and masks and hazmat suits for the last 50 years but I’ve given them all away,” Howie continued. “I can’t wait for this to be over.”

“I live freaked out,” Howie said about living with OCD. “This is what is in my head each and every day, every hour of my 64 years on earth. This is it. This is my nightmare, this is how I live and now the world has joined me in my nightmare. I hope we wake up and it’s just mine and not everyone’s. I take no solace in the fact that I was ahead of the curve.”

New episodes of America’s Got Talent season 15 air on Tuesdays at 8pm ET on NBC.

Sofia Vergara & Howie Mandel Step Out for 'AGT' Taping Before Show Stops Production

Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel were both in good moods and sending good vibes while arriving for what was the final day of taping for America’s Got Talent in Los Angeles on Saturday (March 14).

The two season 15 judges were all smiles ahead of the taping, which was without a live audience.

Hours afterwards, Fremantle Media revealed that the show would halt production amid the coronavirus concerns.

Deadline reported that the show was “wrapping up a few things today, and utilizing minimal staff who are working a very abbreviated schedule before going on hiatus for the time being.”

This is a good precaution, as fellow judge Heidi Klum has been out sick from the show.

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Eric Stonestreet Steps In For Heidi Klum & Joins Sofia Vergara for 'AGT' Judging

Sofia Vergara shields herself from the drizzle with a giant umbrella while arriving for an America’s Got Talent taping in Los Angeles on Friday (March 13).

The 47-year-old actress was joined by co-judge Howie Mandel and Eric Stonestreet, who is sitting in for Heidi Klum, as she was taken ill.

Sofia and Eric starred together in the long-running series, Modern Family, which just wrapped up its’ final season.

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Heidi opened up about coming down with a cold while sitting on the judging panel this season.

However, she’s not able to access a coronavirus test.

sofia vergara eric stonestreet howie mandel agt arrivals 01
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sofia vergara eric stonestreet howie mandel agt arrivals 05

Howie Mandel Wears Hazmat Suit & Gas Mask to 'AGT'

Howie Mandel isn’t taking any chances.

The 64-year-old comedian and America’s Got Talent judge waved to the cameras while arriving at the AGT studios in a full hazmat suit on Tuesday (March 10) in Los Angeles.

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His ensemble included a gas mask and gloves.

The day before, it was announced that live audiences have been suspended at Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune due to coronavirus concerns.

New coronavirus updates have also just been announced for RuPaul’s DragCon, The Wendy Williams Show, and Coachella.

howie mandel wears hazmat suit gas mask agt 01
howie mandel wears hazmat suit gas mask agt 02
howie mandel wears hazmat suit gas mask agt 03
howie mandel wears hazmat suit gas mask agt 04
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