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Caitlyn Jenner Dared to Kiss Candis Cayne in 'I Am Cait' Clip

Caitlyn Jenner leans in to possibly kiss pal Candis Cayne in this new clip from the upcoming season finale of I Am Cait.

The 66-year-old reality star was dared while having dinner with some friends.

“If you two kiss on the lips, she’ll sing,” their friend Courtney says.

Giselle adds, “Think of it as like a dare. A fun, friendly dare.”

Then we get a montage of Caitlyn and Candis from throughout the show.

And just as they lean in, it cuts away.

I Am Cait wraps up on Sunday, April 24 @ 9PM on E!

Also pictured below: Caitlyn gets out of her car on Wednesday (April 20) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

I Am Cait Finale Clip
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Caitlyn Jenner Declines Dancing With Men in New 'I Am Cait' Clip

Caitlyn Jenner is hesitant to dance with a male partner in a new clip from this week’s episode of I Am Cait.

The 66-year-old former Olympian tells her friends “that ain’t happening” because she’s concerned about her children.

“I am not comfortable with doing this,” Caitlyn says. “That picture is going to go all over the world and I don’t want my kids to see that.”

Her BFF Candis Cayne then tells the camera, “Honestly, Caitlyn hasn’t really embraced those sides of her feminine self yet.”

I Am Cait airs on Sundays @ 9PM on E!

I Am Cait – Salsa Dance Clip

Caitlyn Jenner's 'I Am Cait' Renewed for Second Season

Caitlyn Jenner‘s E! television show I Am Cait has been renewed for a second season.

“I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation,” the 65-year-old reality star and former Olympian said in a statement.

Caitlyn‘s story has ignited a global conversation on the transgender community on a scale that has never been seen before,” Jeff Olde said in a statement as well. “We are honored Caitlyn has chosen to continue to share her ongoing evolution with our viewers around the world.”

No word when the second season will officially air.

Kim Kardashian Has a Tense Talk with Caitlyn Jenner (Video)

Kim Kardashian has a tough conversation with Caitlyn Jenner in this new clip from Sunday night’s episode of I Am Cait.

The 34-year-old reality star chatted with Caitlyn about the Vanity Fair article and how she hurt Kris Jenner‘s feelings with her comments.

“I read the Vanity Fair story as well and I think that there’s some things that you said that you might not realize are hurtful. You said Kendall and Kylie were a distraction. So when they read that I don’t think they’ll quite understand that,” Kim said. “Then it said if Kris had been accepting to who I am we still would be together. And that’s the most unfair thing in the world to say.”

Kim also brought up the conversation that Caitlyn had with her sister Khloe Kardashian.

Click inside to watch the clip from the show… More Here! »

Caitlyn Jenner Tests Her Feminine Voice in 'I Am Cait' Clip

Caitlyn Jenner tests out her feminine voice and gets critiqued by Kim Kardashian in a new clip from the upcoming episode of I Am Cait.

The 65-year-old former Olympian revealed that when she used to stay at hotels during her days as Bruce Jenner, she would try to use a feminine voice to get the front desk person to say “yes, ma’am.”

“If you call down for room service, I’d be sitting there in my room all by my little lonesome and I’d think, ‘Okay, I’m going to get my best feminine voice to call down so they say yes, ma’am,’” Caitlyn says in the clip. “I could never do it.”

After Kim makes Caitlyn test out the voice, she says “You sound no different! Sir! What would you like, sir!”