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Watch Oscars Producers Scramble On Stage as 'La La Land' Team Accepts Best Picture

If you take a close look at what was happening in the background as La La Land producer Marc Platt was accepting the award for Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars, you’ll notice the show’s producers scrambling to make sure the real winner was announced.

Jordan Horowitz, one of the musical’s producers, ended up going to the microphone to announce that Moonlight was the rightful winner after the big mix-up.

Watch the moment happen in the video below and make sure to look closely in the background!

Good Guy Jordan Horowitz Corrects Best Picture Mistake During Live Oscar 2017 Broadcast

In a shocking, heartbreaking and exciting moment — depending on what movie you were a part of — La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz corrects a giant Oscar mix-up at at the 2017 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (February 26) in Hollywood.

After Warren Beatty opened his cue card and called La La Land as the winner in the Best Picture Category, the movie’s producers proceeded to give their speeches.

But, suddenly, Jordan rushed to the mic and abruptly cut in, letting millions of live viewers know that the wrong movie had been announced.

“Guys, I’m sorry no – there’s a mistake,” he announced. “Moonlight, you won best picture. This is not a joke. This is not a joke, Moonlight has won Best Picture.”

Keeping calm, cool and classy in what had to have been heartbreaking moment for him, 37-year-old Jordan said, “I’m going to be really proud to hand this to my friends at Moonlight.”

The cast of Moonlight then took to the stage to have their victory.

On some level, it’s really Jordan for the win. Watch the video here.

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