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Tyler Cameron Spent the Night at Hannah Brown's Apartment After Their Date!

The Bachelorette‘s Hannah Brown went out for drinks with her runner-up Tyler Cameron on Thursday night (August 1)… and they even spent the night together!

The 24-year-old former beauty queen dumped her fiance Jed Wyatt during the season finale of The Bachelorette and then asked Tyler out for a drink during the reunion special.

Well, it looks like things went well on their date.

Tyler was spotted leaving Hannah‘s Los Angeles apartment on Friday morning (August 2) at around 10am and you can check out the photos now on TMZ.

DO YOU THINK Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron will stay together?

Jed Wyatt Reacts to Hannah Brown Asking Out Tyler Cameron

Jed Wyatt is speaking out following the season finale of The Bachelorette, in which it was revealed that he and fiancee Hannah Brown split up shortly after their engagement.

During the live reunion special, which took place on Tuesday night (July 30), Hannah reunited with her runner-up Tyler Cameron for the first time since they broke up.

Hannah asked Tyler out for drinks and he said yes!

Jed told GMA that he had a “feeling something was up” between Hannah and Tyler when he was at the reunion show.

“I couldn’t really put a finger on it when I was there that day. I know there was a lot of nerves and a lot of tension, but you know, her happiness is my best interest,” Jed said. “I want her to be happy, and Tyler’s one of my friends, he’s a great guy, and, you know, if that’s what it’s supposed to be, then I support that.”

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Tyler Cameron's Note to Hannah Brown Might Make You Love Him Even More!

Tyler Cameron was the total fan-favorite runner-up on The Bachelorette last night, and despite not winning, he and Hannah Brown made plans to grab a drink after she dumped the winner, Jed Wyatt.

Well, Tyler just took to Instagram to publish a letter to Hannah, and it’s really sweet.

“Dear HB,” Tyler started the note on his Instagram. “What a ride… I’ll make this short and sweet. This journey with you is something that I will always cherish. I am so grateful for all the experiences that we shared together. You taught me so much about myself and pushed me to be a better man. I learned so much from you and so did the rest of Bachelor Nation. You were what we all needed as a lead. You showed strength and grace in the most beautiful way. You kept it real and gave us all of you. As one chapter closes, another one begins. The world is yours girl! Excited to see what you do with it.”

Tyler ended his note with, “Looking forward to that drink. Forever your biggest fan, TC.”

If you missed it, find out why Hannah Brown dumped Tyler Cameron and chose Jed Wyatt initially.

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Hannah Brown Reveals Why She Chose Jed Wyatt Over Tyler Cameron on 'Bachelorette' Finale

The Bachelorette‘s Hannah Brown is revealing why she chose Jed Wyatt over Tyler Cameron in her finale episode.

If you missed it, Jed and Hannah broke up and ended their engagement after she discovered he had a girlfriend when he went on the show.

“I loved two different people,” Hannah told People about the choice. “And I was getting engaged to one and breaking up with the other all on the same day. I was trying to make a choice, but you can’t shut off emotions. I wanted to be 100 percent sure, but I don’t think I ever was.”

“I was immediately attracted to Tyler, but I didn’t take it seriously at first. I was so scared to get hurt by him. And I didn’t know if he was really ready for [marriage]. Then I started to slowly break down. And [by] the Fantasy Suites, it wrecked me. I felt like I did a disservice because I hadn’t allowed myself that time to be ready to be engaged to Tyler,” she continued. “He was the scary choice, and Jed was more familiar. In that moment, [choosing Jed] felt like the safest, best decision I could make.”

“There was a second that I questioned [my decision],” Hannah added. “But I felt like my heart was broken in four pieces, and Jed had the biggest piece.”

Hannah Brown asked Tyler Cameron out on a date during the live finale!

Hannah has given a few interviews in the past couple of hours. Watch her Jimmy Kimmel Live! video embedded in this post, and see photos from that appearance and her Good Morning America appearance on Wednesday (July 31) in the gallery.

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Every Photo from The Bachelorette's Live Reunion Special

So much happened during the season finale of The Bachelorette and we’re bringing you all the drama-filled photos from the live reunion special.

There are spoilers within this post so make sure to click away if you don’t want to know what happened yet. Here’s a quick recap of what went down:

Hannah also reunited with Jed for the first time since she called things off with him on the phone. They had a pretty tense conversation in which he tried to apologize for his actions.

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Newly Single Hannah Brown Asks [SPOILER] Out on a Date During 'The Bachelorette' Finale

The season finale of The Bachelorette just took a MAJOR turn that probably no one saw coming.

At the beginning of the finale, Hannah Brown picked one of the final two guys and handed out one last rose. She got engaged to that guy, but later broke up with him after she learned that he wasn’t being truthful with her.

During the reunion special, Hannah reunited with that guy and officially said they will not be getting back together.

But, then something pretty cool happened. The runner-up came out for his interview and Hannah revealed she still has feelings for him. Then, she asked him out on a date!

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