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Bruce Willis' Wife Emma Heming Refutes Reports That Actor Has 'No More Joy'

Bruce Willis' Wife Emma Heming Refutes Reports That Actor Has 'No More Joy'

Emma Heming is speaking out about recent stories about her husband Bruce Willis.

In case you weren’t aware, Bruce, 68, is currently battling aphasia and frontotemporal dementia. His dementia diagnosis was made public in February 2023.

Amid headlines implying that “there is no more joy” in Bruce‘s life, Emma took to Instagram on Sunday (March 3) to share her thoughts on the matter.

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“It’s Sunday morning and I’m triggered,” she said in a video. “I just got clickbaited. I’m just scrolling, minding my own business, and just saw a headline that had to do with my own family. The headline basically says there is no more joy in my husband. Now, I can just tell you, that is far from the truth.”

Emma continued by requesting news outlets to quit pushing false information about her husband and his condition.

“I need society and whosoever is writing these stupid headlines to stop scaring people. Stop scaring people to think that once they get a diagnosis of some kind of neurocognitive disease that ‘That’s it. It’s over. Let’s pack it up. Nothing else to see here, we’re done.’ No. It is the complete opposite of that, okay?”

Emma also highlighted how her and Bruce‘s life together is more than their struggles.

“You start a new chapter and that chapter is filled — let me just tell you what it is. It’s filled with love, it’s filled with connection, it’s filled with joy, it’s filled with happiness,” she said.

In the caption, the 45-year-old model further explained her frustration.

“Here’s what I’ve come to understand is that we are being educated by the wrong people. People that have an opinion versus an experience,” she wrote. “People that have not taken the time to properly educate themselves on any kind of neurocognitive disease. Why can I be so bold and say that? Because I see headline after headline and blurbs of misinformation. I’m not even talking about my family, I’m used to the craziness of these farfetched headlines and stories. I’m just talking about baseline dementia awareness and what’s being fed to the public.”

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