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Robin Williams' Daughter Zelda Calls Out the Use of AI & People Using Her Late Father's Voice

Zelda Williams is speaking out.

The 34-year-old daughter of the late star, who passed away in 2014 at the age of 63, spoke out on Instagram Stories about the use of AI to replicate her dad’s voice.

“I am not an impartial voice in SAG’s fight against AI,” she began.

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'Game of Thrones' Writer George R.R. Martin Joins Dozens of Famous Authors in Lawsuit Against OpenAI

George R.R. Martin is pursuing legal action alongside several famous authors.

The Game of Thrones writer joins the Authors Guild, John Grisham, Michael Connelly, Jodi Picoult and a group of other famous fiction writers in a class action lawsuit on Wednesday (September 20) against OpenAI, claiming the AI technology is infringing on their works, via Deadline.

The authors claim that OpenAI copied their works “wholesale, without permission or consideration,” and argue that the company fed their works into large language models, “algorithms designed to output human-seeming text responses to users’ prompts and queries.”

“Generative AI is a vast new field for Silicon Valley’s longstanding exploitation of content providers. Authors should have the right to decide when their works are used to ‘train’ AI. If they choose to opt in, they should be appropriately compensated,” author Jonathan Franzen said in a statement.

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Other authors in the case include David Baldacci, Mary Bly, Sylvia Day, Elin Hilderbrand, Christina Baker Kline, Maya Shanbhag Lang, Victor LaValle, Douglas Preston, Roxana Robinson, George Saunders, Scott Turow, and Rachel Vail.

The lawsuit seeks class certification, an injunction prohibiting their works from being used in the large language models without authorization, unspecified actual damages and, alternatively, statutory damages of up to $150,000 per infringed work, via Deadline.

Terrence Hart, general counsel of the Association of American Publishers, said in a statement: “We agree that unauthorized use of literary works by AI developers presents serious questions of law that cannot simply be dismissed with assertions that the technology is ‘innovative.’ Innovative for whom? At what cost? Under what rules? We will follow the lawsuit closely.”

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Paul McCartney Is Using AI to Make the 'Final Beatles Record'

The Beatles are coming back.

Paul McCartney revealed that he’s using AI to create what he is calling the “final Beatles record,” in an interview with BBC Radio 4′s Best of Today.

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Grimes Tells Fans to Use Her Voice on AI-Generated Music 'Without Penalty'

Grimes might be the one artist who will fully be embracing AI generated music.

The 35-year-old musician, and mom of two, revealed that she fully supports others using her voice for AI generated songs.

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Michael Schumacher's Family Will Sue Magazine Over AI Interview With Former F1 Star

Michael Schumacher‘s family is moving ahead and shared their plans to sue a German magazine over a recently published article with the former F1 star.

The 54-year-old athlete stepped away from F1 in 2006 to become a test driver for Ferrari, and was then involved in a skiing accident in 2013, which almost claimed his life.

Following the article being published in Die Aktuelle, the family has shared their plans to go after the publication for the false interview.

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