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Star Jones' Birthday Bathing Suit

Star Jones' Birthday Bathing Suit

Former View co-host Star Jones Reynolds struts her stuff in a bathing suit on a beach in Miami with gal pal actress Vanessa Bell Calloway. A flattering one-piece for her size 8-10 figure, wouldn’t you say?

On Saturday, Star celebrated the afternoon of her 45th birthday soaking in the sun. Her girlfriends toasted to Star‘s birthday and her return to TV, a yet-to-be-named Court TV show set to debut in Summer 2007.

Later in the evening, blue-eyed R&B crooner Robin Thicke sang a special song for Star at her birthday party at Social Miami. Apparently the party was such a hit, fans were scaling the walls of the restaurant to catch a glimpse of Star, Robin, and the birthday festivities.

For 15+ pictures of Star Jones in her bathing suit, CLICK HERE!

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • bdj

    No comment on the bathing suit. However, those are some crusty feet. Good luck on the new show Star Jones.

  • Nando

    Thar she blows!!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]


  • b

    She’s not disgusting,give her break.

  • Si

    I’like her very much!!!!! She’s not disgusting,she just enjoy the life very well!!!!!

  • New York Pundit

    She had everything going for her, then her vanity destroyed her body, and her career… Barbara Walters made the right desicion to give Jones the shaft before she turned into the sickly troll she is now…

  • Mondo Bongo!

    I am not a fan!! but will give her credit, for getting her body
    into a more healthy state, stepping off from the View before
    they kicked her off, and going back to what she know and
    was train for Law! [any one can sit on their ass and]

    My only comment with the weight loss, and all the nips and tucks
    that had to go along with it is…THE PAIN>> THE PAIN!!!


    #1 bdj says:
    LMAO ….. and I won’t comment on the suit or the feet.

  • okay

    Good luck to her. I hope she has a very successful professional life because I have the most difficult time believing Al is actually turned on by her. I can’t see it, gay or not gay. He’s not my cup of tea, but he is so clean. He looks well groomed and meticulous about his appearance in every photo. How could he? For a black female, she looks many years older than she is.

    Girls out there, whatever you do, if you’re not there already, do whatever it takes to AVOID blowing up to 300 lbs. You see the aftermath here. Fortunately for Star, she has money to get plastic surgery and it still doesn’t look right. Tremendous weight loss looks bad on just about everyone.

    And black women need to know that not all black men love big women. That’s a lie!

  • [Fug Face susie]

    i didnt know star jones of all people had fans. wow! i’m amazed


  • SuzieQ

    I think it’s a dress not a bathing suit…

  • janan

    i dont like the wig, makes her look ancient. starlet is a tough cookie

  • mmyers

    That is so obvously sand on the bottom of her feat, not crust! Stop looking for stuff folks!

  • bdj

    mmyers Says:
    March 26th, 2007 at 1:46 pm – flag comment
    Just a joke. nothing more.

  • babe1973

    She is sooooo far up her own ass…..YUK.

  • Monica

    Love Star Jones! Don’t care about her husband though.

    Yes, I have to agree with the comment above. Star is not aging very good for a black woman. She looks her age, that ain’t good. That’s because of the weight loss. If you loose 150 pounds, your left with saggy breasts, forearms, etc looks nasty. She’s going to have to get more surgeries to fix all that sag. Now she looks like a a designer sharpee. But still love me some Star.

    Nothing wrong with enjoying yourself and life. Hope she does wonderful on her new show.

    PS Rosie has ruined the view. She is obnoxious, self centered and always tries to slam her opinion down everybody’s throat. Babwa wa looks a like an old fool

  • sister sister

    By the way, where is ole Al? I see her spoiled child (pooch) in the photos. Her doggy is really cute.

    Star is prissy. Her feet are as well-groomed as her fingernails. She just has big, wide, flat footsies. Her arches probably fell when she was heavy.

    Star’s ego is too big, but it serves her well in many ways. She doesn’t sit on the sidelines. When she was fat, she still had the nerve to prance around in a swimsuit. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She’s Star Jones.

  • uhhh

    size 8-10? are you kidding? i’ll bet she’d have trouble fitting into a 14.

  • Janet Buttimer

    She’ll always be a big sweaty fatass whore with yeast to me…

  • Janet Buttimer

    ooops. I must have misspelt HOAR in my last comment.

  • NickNakc

    Man, her wedding ring is HUGE!!!

  • A Certain Smile

    Nomatter what, Star still has her law degree and a career with a nice income and lifestyle. What do you all have other than stupid comments.


    Star Loose Skin & Bones! LOL!

  • Nisha

    Are you people say her body is disgusting just to jump on the hate Star Jones bandwagon??????? Her body probably looks better then most of you peoples body. I don’t see what is so disgusting about her body. When I go to the beach I see bodies like hers all the time. Okay I agree she should cover up her breast, but we all have flaws.

  • Noel

    Comment 18???? Are you kidding me. It is so obvious she is not a size 14 she looks like a size 8-10. And so what if she was a size 14, the average American women is a size 14.
    Gesh you people are insane with your comments.

  • Miss Jones

    Are you people dumb or what. It is so obvious that is sand on the buttom of her feet, she is at the freaking beach. Duh!!!!!!

  • truth

    Star’s size is accurate. I’m a size 14 and if you saw me in a photo like that, I would look a lot fatter. If you look at her legs and arms, there is not a lot of fat under the skin. She’s a little saggy, but you don’t see anything bulging. I’m very happy for her because I know that she feels a whole lot better about herself now that she is thinner.

  • great

    Good for her!

  • cathy

    man she has a big head. never noticed it when she was bigger
    but since she lost weight you cant help but see it

  • Wendy

    I want to know where she bought the bathing suit. I love it!

  • cloudsky

    Hate to break it to everyone, but that is not a bathing suit…it is a dress. I am a size 2 and was horrified to see her trying to pull off something I actually own!!!!!

  • lovabelle

    so someone with a size 14 couldnt possibly pull of something that you own bec your a size 2…get over yourself. with all these coments no wonder we have anorexics outthere…geeze

  • daphne

    You “haters” are pathetically transparent and small minded. I think she looks great; she’d probably be dead right now if she didn’t have the surgery.

    I’m guessing she looks better than most of you losers.

  • marcia meek

    I just think Star is amazing, to get from size what ever to 8,10, or 14 that’s just amazing, keep it up my sister. You have the money and want to look good go for it. If I had the money I would do the same too. Power you you girlfriend