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Katie Holmes: I'm Bringing Waistcoats Back

Katie Holmes: I'm Bringing Waistcoats Back

A solo Katie Holmes leaves Eden Roc Hotel on Thursday in Cap d’Antibes to catch a flight at France’s Nice airport. Mrs. Tom Cruise paired her simple white tee with white wide-legged pants. She finished off her look with a bright yellow handbag and off-white pumps.

But one of the hotter trends celebrities seem to have picked up on this season is the waistcoat. Katie wore a brown leather waistcoat with pockets to the airport while Britney Spears wore a pocketless pinstriped version last week.

10+ pictures inside of Katie getting her waistcoat on…

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the latest waistcoat trend? Would you wear it?

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katie holmes waistcoat 01
katie holmes waistcoat 02
katie holmes waistcoat 03
katie holmes waistcoat 04
katie holmes waistcoat 05
katie holmes waistcoat 06
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katie holmes waistcoat 08
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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press
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  • Mmmmm

    Waistcoat? or Coast?

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Mmmmm. You’re #1! (;

  • Mmmmm

    OMG, I am did I win something? Teehee

    Btw, I like it!

  • Essie

    “Waistcoat”??? I thought it was called a “vest.” Looks okay, I guess but these Hollywood people are so boring. They always pick up the latest “trend” from the runways in Paris. Why can’t they think for themselves? That’s why I like Angelina. She’s never “trendy” just classy or retro or boho, depending on her mood.

  • yu crzy

    Angelina is dressing to cover up her anorexia. That’s not really a fashion statement.

  • me

    Katie just hasn’t looked good lately. She used to be pretty and stylish now she looks like a poser who either wants to be victoria beckham or tom cruise.

  • funny

    i liked her hair long, i dont think this haircut is good for her, it makes her look realy older than she is

    bytheway- you say this about angelina: She’s never “trendy” just classy or retro or boho, depending on her mood – and in jennifer threads people are degrading aniston as not classy just because of that she is often wearing casual wear

  • Jill

    I like the waistcoat and Katie wears it well.

  • me

    Why does every topic have to turn to angelina and brad?

  • Me


    And why is she by herself? Are her services no longer required? Suri’s back in storage and the mommying is done?

  • dulceee

    wow love itt
    lov her outfitt!
    por that waistcoat
    perfect couple

  • joseph

    still looking awkward, she only smirks, poor unhappy katie i feel for her

  • Sarah

    No she isn’t.

  • Mmmmm

    4 Essie

    The best was in the 80′s, it is 2007. Btw granny panties & granny clothes is not classy or boho .. its plain hobo. She looks like a homeless person 99% of the time, she even has the starving thing going on.

    Someone get her a sign “Will work for charity”

  • Mmmmm

    Ops I meant vest not best ..

  • julia weinstein

    I think she looks gr8 here.

  • dollierama

    That ‘waistcoat’ thing looks like a leather lobster bib! Look at the photo of Katie showing the back of it. She’s is also awfully thin and has no shape.

    Unless she is in jeans she looks like she is playing dress-up in mommy’s closet.

  • a

    In the first pic, Katie looks just like her mom. She is so pretty.

  • Diana

    I love vest and she is carrying this really well. This is the best ensemble of the week, I think.

    She looks adorable.

  • brangaloonie

    she looks good…except for the sunglasses.

  • Maria

    #9. Could not agree with you more.

    As far as Katie is concerned………….BORING!!!

  • Leah


  • Lulu

    Why are they so many people so obsessed with AJ, that they feel the need to bring her or BP in every single topic, even if it has nothing to do with them ?

  • M

    That’s called a VEST, idiot, not a waitscoat.

    Waistcoat?? WTF??

  • yaya

    man sum ppl try so hard 2 make a fashion statements, i like the bag though

  • yaya

    katie needs 2 get tips from GWEN STEFANI not POSH

  • Lillianne

    actually the correct fashion term is “weskit”

  • hag

    No. She looks like an old hag.

  • nina

    Katie is nothing but a shopping whore. she has no use but spend spend spend…what a useless frivolous life…wait she does have use..keeping Barneys in business

  • nina

    and that hair…accccccck..she looks so much better with longer hair…the waistcost look is not for her

  • Gem

    Waistcoats have been the “in thing” in Europe now (or at least in the UK) for over a year now, Kate Moss was well into it all for a while…personally I think it depends how they’re worn but it looks ok here…at least Tom isn’t in the pics!

  • Ann

    She so desperately is trying to become a fashion plate, but she always looks so incredibly awkward – as though she is playing dress up. I find myself almost embarrassed for her when I look at pictures such as these. (at least Tom is not with her so her towering over him doesn’t add to her already-painful awkwardness). She just lacks the grace, poise and style to carry these looks off – she is not wearing the clothes, they are wearing her!

  • Essie

    “Weskit” that’s the word I was thinking about. I thought a “waistcoat” was what Edwardian gentlemen wore.

    At any rate, I like Katie’s new haircut. Looks nice on her but I agree she dresses a bit too old for her age. But she has money to burn these days and not much to do, really, so shopping is evidently her hobby now.

    I was in Cap d’Antibes last month. Lovely place. Didn’t stay at the Eden Roc though!!!

  • Gem

    Woah and what’s with this whole waitcoat/vest battle that’s going?! To me that’s a waistcoat she’s wearing…a vest would be an undergarment for warmth or one of those wifebeater vest tops people ususally wear at the gym etc…different vocabs people, get used to it! ;)

  • Lee

    She looks FAB. People- you’re blind! I hate the sunglasses though…SHE’S HOT!

    And what with the AJ thing? every TOMKAT item is turned into a Brangelina discussion. Same with Suri and Shiloh. On the other hand TK are never brought up when the item is about Brangelina… wierd people. (And I like Brangelina a lot!)

  • Laureen

    OMG! Now she’s bringing the 1970′s back? Good lord this, woman is nuts! Tom and her are perfect for each other. Him trying to look like an outdated 5th Beetle and all. Nuff said!

  • Dancer

    I love the bag! And actually the hair cut is excellent–just doesn’t go well with the texture of her hair. As for the outfit, as usual it is wearing her and she is not wearing it! She doesn’t have the panache to carry it off.

  • Ann

    Another thing – the amount of money she must spend on clothes is staggering. I think Katie fell in love with Tom Cruise the “package” and not the man. The package being the homes, the private jet, the limitless credit cards, etc..
    I have such little respect for her anymore – she seems like a mindless twit who, in return for limitless spending priviledges and hobnobbing on private jets with the rich and famous, basically sold out, allowing Tom to lead her around, telling her how to think, believe, etc..

  • silly

    she has to be the ugliest thing in hollywood ever’ be it a dress or jeans sge always looks so effing uncordinated and shabby looking seriously she’s really becoming uglier and older everyday

  • KD

    She has really poor taste. When she is cast in a movie, they dress her really well in clothes that fit her characteristics.

  • nicole

    “Vest” is the American term for “waistcoat” – that would be the ENGLISH term for it. You know, English ? The original language from which American english is derived?
    Only an idiot would automatically assume the American term is the only one.

  • [Famous]

    Look at the Trolls.

  • Mmmm’s fat

    Mmmmm sucks

  • Shoegal

    She looks old

  • Essie

    Geesh Nicole!!! Calm down. It was just a silly discussion. I’m well aware that American and English is a bit different when it comes to certain words. I don’t think I’m an idiot . . . at least I’ve not been called such before!!! I could not give a flying fuck about whether it’s a vest or a waistcoat. Get over yourself!!

  • Tilly

    I don’t like the waistcoat (?)/vest or her handbag, but I like her clean, crisp white outfit and her shoes. I think her short hair makes her look more sophisticated, not old.

  • Essie

    Ann, about a year before Tom married Katie there was a “blind item” in one of the gossip columns that stated Cruise’s people had chosen a “young starlet” to marry him and have a child, whether by natural or in vitro and that said “young starlet” would receive a sum of $5 million for each year they are married. (They didn’t mention either Tom or Katie by name but the Tom part was easy to guess.)

    Anyway, how else would Katie Holmes become as famous as she has become and as rich as she has become if she had not married Cruise? She was just a sitcom star, on cable. She would have faded from view and nobody would have even noticed!!!

  • Someone

    Ummm the waistcoat has been a popular trend since Kate Moss wore it in 2005 at Glatsonbury. American celebrities do not create trends….oh except for the juicy couture track ex trend.

  • nicole

    Sorry Essie – I was referring to M #24, not you.
    That’s the person actually calling someone an idiot. Anyway, I agree, it really doesn’t matter which word one uses.

  • Someone

    It actually is a waistcoat because it has buttons and quite short.

    Vest dont have buttons and are usually knitted.