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Jude Law's Assistant Has Something Stuck Between His Teeth

Jude Law's Assistant Has Something Stuck Between His Teeth

Poor guy!

Jude Law‘s good friend and personal assistant, Ben Jackson, shoves his finger into his mouth in hopes to picking out the remnants of his lunch on Sunday in London, England.

Jude and Ben, who’s also a former Calvin Klein model, grabbed lunch together with two of their female friends.

The father-of-three was recently seen eating lunch with a gal pal in Paris.

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • [~Famous~]


    I wonder what it could be. Lmaoo

  • CS

    yumm-o. . . . . . . .both are verrrrrrryyyy HOT!!!

  • Dari

    God, look at Jude’s bum – AMAZING!

    Thanks Jared!

  • Pole

    Good Lord, Jude is back at being handsome!

    Thanks Jared :)

  • Luisa

    What a stupid headline Jared!!

  • Jack Jett

    I want to be Ben Jackson.

    Jack Jett

  • [~Famous~]

    Jude better work on his aim.

  • Sarah

    £100 says it’s jizz.

  • Sarah

    **** = the white stuff! Sorry Jared, truth must be said! :)

  • flirtlikecrazy

    Hearting Ben, and of coz Jude.

  • Didi

    10 Sarah : 07/09/2007 at 3:15 pm
    **** = the white stuff! Sorry Jared, truth must be said!

    mayonnaise? goat cheese?

  • natalie

    DAMN — his assistant is Jude. Hotter than Jude.

  • natalie


    sorry, typo

  • kmillz

    jude needs to jump out of the closet

  • Sandy

    What is wrong with you idiots – do those two look like they are interested in each other or the women who they are getting close too. Of
    course i have no idea what the story here is, old friends or new friends but nothing secretive here. Why do you feel you have to vent your secret desires to write fiction on Jude? Anyway, thanks jared you are
    really on the ball.

  • sharyllee

    Wow, He is sooo handsome no matter.. he is straight!!!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    I still cannot get over the fact he cheated on Sienna with, his FAT nanny. What a dumbshit. Sienna, is better off without him!

  • Kim

    The nanny is not fat, not as skinny as Sienna but not fat.

    Why Jude cheated with the nanny is unknown, but is it possible Jude found her beautiful because she loved his children? Something Sienna I think, was incapable of doing.

  • megg_inc

    This Ben guy is like…whoa! HOT!

  • dolorescraeg

    jared….thanks again for giving us photos of the sexiest guy on the planet…… juuuuude. he looks great. out having a good time.

  • dolorescraeg

    no wonder that gal is smiling from ear to ear. she’s looking right into jude’s face. if the had lunch than that was her dessert. i’d be smiling too.

  • Jake

    SMOKING CAUSES CANCER, Jude should no bother, second hand smoke kills too, smoking is disgusting, Jude should not be endorsing this by standing next to the guy while he smokes, I don’t know why alot of gay guys(referring to his assistance, I am not hating or discriminating, its just that alot of gay guys smoke) smoke, if they think it makes them look cool or masculine, it doesn’t, Ben should be smarter, I would tell Jude fire his ass if he doesn’t stop smoking

  • PurpleWorm

    Good for him! That ‘date’ looks like it was a happy one; warm, relaxed & easy. Whoever she is, she doesn’t look famous – so I’m glad to see him out with a ‘regular’ girl, perhaps an old friend? oh please, oh please……

  • Diamona

    Jude looks good.

  • erica

    I need to be on that date with Jude!

    Thanks Jared for the pic but drop the headline.

  • Daphne

    Jude looks really good, even in the ugly army jacket. The women look so much alike they could be sisters. A double date?

    I am jealous of the women but more jealous of Ben. That guy gets to hang around Jude *all* the time.

  • Daphne

    I forgot to say, Ben Jackson isn’t just Jude’s assistant anymore. He is partner (co-producer) with Jude at Riff-Raff.

  • Daphne

    I take back the comment about the double date. At least one of the women is wearing what looks like a wedding ring so they’re probably just friends.

  • Lindsay

    jude is amazing…but who cares about his assistant

  • Dieter

    the woman is amazing. I love her full body.

  • gini

    his assistant is cute but Jude is HOT!

  • natalie

    oooh this is amazing, he’s so handsome. love your jacket, jude!!
    look at his assistant friend Ben, he’s hot.

  • dolorescraeg

    for those posters who are so quick to criticize jude law go to the following link. it appears jude is going to afghanastan to film a documentary with the children there in conjunction with world peace day. not excactly a safe comfy place to be. sitting at home on a computer usunf fowl language is safe….jude is taking a risk….when you go to a jude law fan site…click on newsroom and read what he is doing.

  • katrien

    I believe Jude is getting better and more better…love him.
    he loves skinny jeans…:)

  • hally

    i love jude to bits but is it me or has he put weight on???

  • Paupau

    i dont know what is more sad, that you guys are telling us this (who gives a sh*t) or that we respond to it…. sad sad…

  • cheryl

    Gained weight??? He may look that way because of the natural maturing process…and I love mature men…but he’s by no means “fat.” And I love the pictures that show his arms…they look bulked up. He looks like someone I’d just love to hang out with, very natural, not frosty and distant and “too cool for you” like some can come off. But he may be different in person, I don’t know, I can only go by comments I read from people who have actually come into contact with him, and they don’t indicate he’s that way at all. He always seems to make women smile. I watched “I Heart Huckabees” last month for the first time…and have watched it probably 10 times since then…I think the movie is completely hilarious (because I don’t think it’s meant to take itself as seriously as some people want to take it), but I love the moment where Lily Tomlin brushes Jude’s hair aside when he’s talking to her…director said it was her idea…I also love the part where Shania Twain lets him have it towards the end…I love the whole last scene, actually.

  • cheryl

    Why do you respond?

  • cheryl

    Paupau, why do you respond?

  • cheryl

    To Mrs. Fugly: It happens…they seemed to have moved on, I think outsiders should try and give it a shot. If we’re holier than thou with every celebrity that screwed up in this department, there wouldn’t be anybody to watch…I think some people possess the notion, whether conciously or subconciously, that as long as a hot celebrity “cheats” with another hot celebrity, it’s excusable (i.e., the dreaded Jolie-Pitts, Cruise/Cruz, etc.), but if it’s a “lowly nanny,” then, well, how could we forgive something as atrocious as that??? Maybe it makes him even more human, and who are we to expect him not to be human? Frankly, I personally think the whole nanny thing has played itself out…I find it so hilarious how he has an affair with ONE nanny (well, that we know of, but then that’s none of our business, is it?), and suddenly all nannies of the world are at risk because “Jude likes nannies.” All I can say is either Sienna has a posse that gets on these sites and makes obnoxious nanny references as revenge, or our world is full of more hate-filled people than I want to imagine. (Not directing all of this at you, Mrs. Fugly, just summarizing a response to all of the nanny hype I’ve read, and I think I just got on a roll….sorry).

  • urrrr

    ye hally defo, his ass looks huge compared to ben’s definetly put on weight compared to his thinner figure in ALFIE. JUDE LOOSE THE POUNDS OR SHALL I SAY STONES. im joking i no all u jude obsessor are going to shout at me now but i was joking. Yes jude obsessors we all no jude law is amazing who you think about every second of the day, good on you ahhahahahah.

    you wait i bet dolers says something (the middle age mum) and sandy the (one who leaves the funniest random comments ever hahah)

  • Belinda

    There are very strong rumors (that have not been denied) that Jude is going to play Ozymandias in the film Watchmen which begins shooting in September. He would have to bulk up for this role and I’m sure he’s already started.

  • Belinda

    And I think his ass looks FANTASTIC!

  • judie

    that hallys a twat! all she does is insult people i was just on anova comment page n she was on it again givin every1 abuse……hu the hell do u fink you are! every1 has a rite 2 comment but u dnt ave 2 put ova people down! n insultin people uv neva meet b4 ….how low can u get! HALLY Y DONT U JUST PISS OFF!

  • Sandy

    Why thank you urrr,for the compliment. I do try to lighten up the atmosphere sometimes because so many of you just get bent out of shape.yes we obsessed fans think he is perfect in alsmost every respect and reserve the right to say so. that’s what this is all about. I accept that there are others wh don’t quite share my opinion and I don’t mind if
    they say it as long as they remain polite and accept that i will respohnd
    with a sense of humor when it’s called for, This is all about enjoying life, from Jude to his roles and honestly we never have to be hurtful to each other in discusing Jude. And yes he does have a fantastic ass and
    the world has known it for years as he isn’t shy about nudity. But i do not see him gaining a lot of weight just enough to look puvped up and
    strong. I believe those pictures were taken earlier anyway,and you can’t
    tell much with a quilted jacket.He’s nobody’s fool and there is method to
    all that he does especially the charity work by which he is showing his children what the real values in life are.

  • Daphne

    Cheryl, you’re right on. Most of the goss sites have been taken over by hateful people venting venom so I’ve stopped visiting them. I hope this site doesn’t end up the same.

  • testwe


  • Cheryl

    kmillz: Jude needs to jump out of the closet??? I have a better idea…he needs to stay in there so I can jump in with him, lock the door, and…oh, we’ll think of something interesting!!! And y’all can just stand outside and listen…hahahahaha (just kidding, not into public displays). But what fun that would be!!! It’s a great daydream.

    But I perceive you to be bitter, kmillz…life treating you bad?

  • Dean

    dude, ben is a fox.

  • dolorescraeg

    you bet we obssess over jude law. he’s a sweet, beautiful and a sexy actor. looking at photos of him and watching his films only give us pleasure. he is so extraordinary. look ….the world today isn’t such a wonderful place, wars, poverty, corruption. soooooo, we escape for a while looking at a human work of art and that’s what he is. he’s quality.rock on hude baby.