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Hayden Panettiere & Her Pet Pooches

Hayden Panettiere & Her Pet Pooches

Heroes firecracker Hayden Panettiere takes her two dogs — Penny Lane and Madison — for a walk around the Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon.

After walking her dogs, she slipped into a red hot bubble dress and hopped into her Porshe Cayenne. (She wore the same gold heels to Capitol Fourth.)

Hayden, 17, made her way to Nickelodeon studios in Burbank, Calif., where she auditioned for a mystery role. We hope this doesn’t mean the cheerleader’s getting the ax on Heroes!

15+ pictures inside of Hayden looking summer chic…

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hayden panettiere dogs 01
hayden panettiere dogs 02
hayden panettiere dogs 03
hayden panettiere dogs 04
hayden panettiere dogs 05
hayden panettiere dogs 06
hayden panettiere dogs 07
hayden panettiere dogs 08
hayden panettiere dogs 09
hayden panettiere dogs 10
hayden panettiere dogs 11
hayden panettiere dogs 12
hayden panettiere dogs 13
hayden panettiere dogs 14
hayden panettiere dogs 15

Photos: Rodrigo Marques/Splash News Online, Jennifer Buhl/
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  • Susiq

    she’s so cute!

  • lola

    the hat is too much
    the outfit is too red

  • Zane

    Hard to believe she is only 17 (trying her best to appear 25) and already hitting the clubs. This girl needs to slow down, but doesn’t look like that is the plan. I predict another Lindsay Lohan in the making here. And why do these clubs get away with serving alchohol to minors? Hayden shouldn’t even be allowed in these clubs, where are her parents, don’t they see the writing on the wall here?

  • Viva

    No such thing as too much red if you can pull it off. She has the moxy to do so and the figure, too.

  • Cookie

    Zane, I totally agree. Hayden says she doesn’t drink in the clubs, but so what, she doesn’t belong in them anyway, doesn’t matter what she is dringking. As for “moxy,” I don’t consider it moxy when a 17 year old is looking so hard to be much older. Hayden is trying to grow up way too fast, and her parents should keep her out of the clubs. Obviously, Hayden is trying to compete with the party “girls.”

  • nate

    Hayden just looks hard. At seventeen, that is not a good sign. That picture of her walking in Beverly Hills with Rumor Willis said it all about Hayden. Yep, looks like Lindsay Lohan has some serious competition in the works.

  • [marie]

    Aww how cute….

  • nate

    She looks hard, she always looks hard when she dresses up beyond her years. The picture of Hayden shopping in Beverly Hills with Rumor Willis was quite telling about where Hayden is headed. She says she doesn’t drink in clubs, but so what, she doesn’t belong in them. She wants to be a member of the hard-partying crowd and yeah, her parents better intervene before they have a Lindsay Lohan on their hands.

  • everybody nose


  • flower

    what is she hold on her right hand with this photo, REHAB soon. I call it first.

  • jebr

    Wow, Hayden is looking great in these pics!

  • HottieTottie

    Adorable dress!

  • Hulla

    Red is great for her.

    Just imagine how perfect she’d be if she wasn’t soooo tiny and had long legs?!?!

  • Julie

    Okay, maybe she is trying to look alot older than she is, but what 17 year old doesn’t want to look a bit sofisticated??

    Anyway, about her partying, I come from Belgium and in my eyes she isn’t doing anything worse than what girls and boys are doing at the same age in my country!!Maybe drinking under 21 is illegal in the USA but here it is too (under 18) and come on, it’s not that big of a deal!
    You people are so stuck up, GOD!!!

  • Hulla

    Haha, so true Julie.

  • Mmmmm

    That dress is so cute ..

  • butter

    Get your eyes checked, hulla, Hayden is NOT tiny, and she has chunky legs and if she is heading to the club thing all that baby-fat will stick like glue. Julie thinks clubs full of wasted, f#cked-up teens is hot? Guess that’s all we need to know about Julie. Probably Hayden and Rumor on here, LOL.

  • everybody nose

    13 Hulla : 07/09/2007 at 12:09 pm
    Red is great for her.

    Just imagine how perfect she’d be if she wasn’t soooo tiny and had long legs?!?!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~but she doesnt’ have long legs, key word doesnt’, she looks like little red riding hood that ate all the cookies and she has fang teeth…fuuuglyyyyyy

  • Lola

    What’s with all those huge purses Hayden drags around, looks totally stupid with that dress, which makes her look trashy. Always see her with different purses and they are all gigantic and obviously all cost a fortune even though they look hideous. I guess that’s the way these vapid “stars” advertise their wealth, drag along big ugly purses so everyone will know they have money to burn. Grow up, Hayden.

  • I’m Not Obsessed

    I honestly don’t understand her appeal. She looks like a typical Hollywood blonde.. Plus she’s very short, so that’s another turnoff. I only admire her because she is a big AJ fan. LOL..

  • cool

    I wondered about that purse, yeah, pretty dumb-looking. I’ve seen pictures of her with these big purses, and they seem to get bigger and bigger. Hayden, we know you have a ton of money, ease up on the purses, girl, they look dumb. That red dress looks like she is trying too hard, but that’s normal for girls her age, they all try to look all “grown-up” but don’t quite pull it off because trying too hard kills it. Ugly shoes, BTW, looks like Hayden is playing “dress-up” with mommy’s clothes.

  • Cat

    i never thought she was cute at all, but she looks great in the red dress.

  • Hater

    Her tight little ass is prime for the taking! This has got to be the best new puss on the market right now!

  • chavez

    Her “tight little ass?” Yuck, haven’t you seen pictures of her in shorts, her ass is anything but little and looks like it is probably as flabby as her thighs. She needs to drop the clubbing and use that time on a stairmaster. Then, when she is OLD ENOUGH to do clubs, she might not look like an out-of-shape troll. She does look like she is playing dress-up, though, couldn’t figure out what was wrong with that dress and shoes on her, but that’s it.

  • No really

    HAYDEN LOOKS AT LEAST 25-27. And she smokes..alot. Sooo sellin it. Not cute head&forehead is giagantic! Cant act or sing either.

  • Christina

    she looks so good in the red outfit, i love that way of dressing, nice.

  • nicaa jayy

    i love hayden. she looks good all the time. at least there is one actress in hollywood thAT looks good no matter what time.

  • hayden

    I cant admire a 17 year old who is a chain smoker..too short and chubby. Maybe that is why she looks aged. Her eyebrows/tweety bird head not good. She is only kind of cute when she smiles but thats most people. The Blonde is too harsh she should go back to her natural color. Please HAYDEN GET THE PATCH..OR NICOTINE GUM.

  • lucas

    Hayden already looks worn out. She smokes? What a turn-off. won’t be long before she is really partying hard, once she is old enough to get booze in clubs and that will be 18. right now, she has to look like she isn’t interested, but going to clubs proves she is just biding her time until she can break loose. She hangs out with the party/boozing/druggie goons for a reason. Yep, Hayden looks hard already, way too hard for 17, and it will just get worse. What’s wrong with her parents, can’t they see what is happening? That outfit looks so silly on her.

  • mackenzie

    hayden is the next lindsay.. no doubt

  • mackenzie

    and her arms are really big

  • to #29 lucas

    29 lucas : 07/09/2007 at 1:52 pm
    What’s wrong with her parents, can’t they see what is happening?

    They say her mom is another Dina Lohan -have you seen her?

  • tina

    She is not a smoker. DONT POST PARIS HILTON PHOTO. In that photo on the first page she is not holding a smoke, it is a reciept. That stupid picture of her holding a cig while parting with Paris is like over two years old. She is not fat you freakin wierdos. Have you never been to a mall, school, outside! That is what thin girls look like.

  • shopgirl

    Hayden’s a beautiful girl but she wears things that are much too tight. It makes her look like she’s trying too hard..

  • smoke stinks

    She does smoke ive seen pictures on the tv set of her smoking by a trailer.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Adorable red dress. Hate the shorts. Make her legs look short and thighs look thick. She’s cute.

  • Julie

    Oh yeah butter, cuz’ that’s exactly what I said, clubs are full of fucked up teens!!Come On!!!Oh and no need to be so hostile … what are you, 12?

  • Julie

    Really I don’t understand people!!
    When a girl like Nicole Richie is looking anorexic you go hating on her because she’s too thin, but when a healthy looking girl (size wise) comes along you all treat her like trash, this girls only 17, hasn’t lost all her baby fat …!!
    Give it a break already, hypocrites!!!

    And I’m not even a Hayden fan, btw!!

  • Hyde guy

    Whoa, Julie, the only hostile one here is you, chick. Anyway, Hayden always looks like she is trying to appear as available as possible to men, and she has been acting like this for years. Yeah, where’s her parents, Hayden can’t wait to be another Lindsay and her parents seem to be helping her, taking her to clubs. Hayden tries too hard to be hot, just looks posed all the time, hoping for some attention. Yawn.

  • Shameless

    actually i don’t think it was an audition, she went to Nickelodeon studios for the release of her brothers new movie.

  • Olivia


    Ps. That hat looks like it belongs to an Oakland pimp.

  • gini

    she’s not fat. she’s SEXY!!!(even without make up)

  • AJFreeway

    I don’t care what you say. To me she looks fine in those tiny shorts! And I mean damn fine.

  • AJFreeway

    So what if she smokes. That’s just the sign of a sophisticated woman who knows what she wants in life. Besides, she is very sexy, and looks great and can get away with that one very minor bad habit.

  • damn

    To all of you complaining about drinkt and so on. I Denmark you can drink we your are 16 and your are can have sex legal when you turn 15! So calm down, wouldn’t it be odd that se weren’t at those parties? OMG she is there with her colleags shit I think she would lose her respect if she wasn’t at the parties!

  • abbs

    she’s not trying to look older, she just does. she has older tastes and there’s nothing wrong with that. and you have no proof to say that she’s the next lindsay. get over it.

  • francesca

    “No such thing as too much red if you can pull it off. She has the moxy to do so and the figure, too”

    Uh granny arms.

  • LOL

    WOW… FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!