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Nicole Richie Gets FOUR Days in Jail

Nicole Richie Gets FOUR Days in Jail

Not-so-pregnant-looking Nicole Richie (due in January) arrives in style at the courthouse in Glendale, Calif. on the arm of boyfriend Joel Madden on Friday. But it does look like she’s gained weight!

Nicole, 25, pleaded not guilty in February to a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

UPDATE: Nicole was sentenced to serve four days in County Jail before September 28, according to TMZ. She served six hours in jail after getting arrested, so she got credit for a fifth day. Nicole was also put on three years probation, fined $2,048 and ordered to 21 days at an alcohol education course.

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  • kate.


  • kate.

    woot. :P hahaha. JJ thanks for this

  • larry

    Ok How freaking hot is she.
    classy and beautiful
    she is going to do her 5 days like its no big deal.
    i love you nicole :)

  • Diane

    Give her some food… that poor baby of hers must be starving!!!

  • larry

    forgot to add what a hot couple they make.
    they are just like brangelina (click my name to read)

  • Diane

    Give that girl some food!! that poor baby of hers must be starving!!

  • KBS

    She definately does not look pregnant. They both look really good all dressed up. For some strange reason I like these 2 together.


    Thanks Jared..
    I knew she would go ahead and do her time.
    Get well pretty lady.
    I support you 100 percent.

  • a

    wow, she actually looks nice and classy ha.

  • Mmmmm

    Love her, hope she is eatin and taking care of herself. What is weird is on the Simple Life is always shows her eating something.

  • Isitjustme?

    Nicole got four days in total..she got credit for the fifth day because of the six hrs she spent in custody when she was arrested.

  • http://! marsha

    At least she’s owning up to what she did and isn’t trying to hide behind excuses

  • [~Famous~]

    I think it was nice of the douche to go with her. I remember when Nicole was a fat drugged up sidekick, now look at her. Lol

  • i like vic beck

    Nicole just do it and get it over, an stay out of the lime light and take care of your health. Dont let the paps get to you.We don’t know if she is really preggo,if she is just take care and stay away from Parasite.

  • http://htt// SA

    Good for her only 4 days

  • Shoegal

    She looks great, actually they both do.

    I wasnt expecting only 4 days but then again….

  • larry

    phew! now i can sleep easy.
    she will most likely check in tonight and be out my sunday night/monday morning.
    Nicole is so COOOL :)

  • PinkRose

    21 days of alcohol rehab. She wasn’t under the influence of alcohol. She told th cops on the spot she had smoked marijuana and taken vicoden, but no alcohol. She was the one whose licence was not suspended because her breathalyzer test was clean. Why sentense her to alcohol rehab?

    Will she get two days off the four for good behaviour?

  • HEY!!!!!!

    This one looks like she is turning her life around (instead of following Lohan) Keep it up Nicole, Life is precious!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    Lets see, you can get high and then drive on THE WRONG SIDE of the HIGHWAY and only get FOUR days in jail – Cool. Imagine if she would of killed someone, they probably would have thrown the book at her and gave her a whole 2weeks in jail.

  • ?????

    And the next one is Lindsay Lohan,these hollywood chicks are so stupid!
    But only 4 days thatss good for Nicole and they are a nice couple.

  • Suzyyy

    4 days thats all!! it was an outrage that Paris got longer then her..she should have at least got the same.


  • cynthia

    I do not think Nicole is expecting. TMZ hounds the heck out of her,and there rude. Why she aint bothering anyone.Whatever she gets is up to the court,she has no say really. So I say just let her be. She can do her time. It’s good to see him support her. Best of luck to her,she aint bothering anyone.

  • Lola

    “Not-so-pregnant-looking Nicole Richie…”
    well duh, because she’s not preganant.

  • Nicole

    Why all the “I love you Nicole!”

    She fucking DROVE THE WRONG WAY ON THE HIGHWAY ON DRUGS and you are all happy she got 5 days? She should have gotten 5 months.

  • Aeon fan-lurker

    I hope she learns from this.

  • Beowolf

    #25 STFU. JJ’s majority of bloggers here support Nicky. This is not Perez or DListed or the other vermin sites, get a clue.
    Most are intelligent adults here and we understand what she has done and what she has been charge with.
    I support her and I do not wish to kick her when she is down,she seems to be cleaning up her life. Nicky deserves a chance,unlike pervs who molest kids and get 2 months or probation,ect,,,.So get with it.

  • Naomi

    why do these ‘celebs’ insistin’ on wearin’ high heels while bein’ pregant? just wear damn flats! you’re PREGNANT. and nicole has done far worse than paris yet she only gets 4 days? what crap is this. the american legal system sucks! they kiss the asses of celebs! fuck america, what a shitcountry with shitrules and a shitpresident (which shit americans voted for!)

  • ricki

    I can’t believe how many stupid comments people are making for this low life. She’s famous for doing nothing and got off way too easily. She did far worse than Paris did and she should be in jail longer.

    #27 shut the hell up please

  • Dirty Cougar

    Another insane Mo Fo! Another member of the Drunk & Disorderly CO.

  • Go Nickole

    Go Nickole we luv you!!!! Haters take it up with the justice system. Perez needs you back on his site,loosers.Pro Nickole!!!

  • HEY!!!!!!

    28 Naomi : 07/27/2007 at 12:54 pm
    why do these ‘celebs’ insistin’ on wearin’ high heels while bein’ pregant? just wear damn flats! you’re PREGNANT. and nicole has done far worse than paris yet she only gets 4 days? what **** is this. the american legal system sucks! they kiss the asses of celebs! **** america, what a shitcountry with shitrules and a shitpresident (which **** americans voted for!)


    Nicole got busted for a DUI

    Paris got busted for a DUI, then busted for driving on a suspended drivers licence – twice.

    Lohan got bust for a DUI and crashing her car, then busted for DUI and driving on a suspended drivers licence.

    All Three had drugs on them.

    The one that will show just how much the legal system sucks is if Lohan get less then 6 months in jail!!!!!

    PS you are right about the president.

  • yo

    i hope shell do ok…
    i know she will.

  • Brad ,Matt,Clooney=hotness

    Number 32 thxs for your clarity. I feel Nicole is not as bad as Paris. The court system has determine what time she will serve and she has to do it. You hardly see Nick unless ‘Tmz’is harassing her or ‘Perez’ the
    ‘I love Herplex’ she can do now wrong*is hating on her. So, I know most of the ‘HATERS’ here are from ‘Perez’s’ site. Do your court appointed time gurl,and live your life. Many Blessings to you.

  • blabla

    FOUR DAYS, that’s nothing. Good for her.

  • Rae

    I’ve always liked Nicole. I hope she just does her time and what is expected of her and moves on. I wish her the best of luck whether she’s pregnant or not!

  • Beckham fanz/l uv soccer now

    ITA with supportin her. She did the crime and now you do the time+
    so good for you.And does’nt luk like no one is whining like crab fest waz doin. Take it + do it = an best of luck!

  • Lena

    So Nicole is pregnant- she doesn’t look pregnant at all and recording to the rumours she must be 4-month already, no?!

  • Bit me

    moving on

  • patricia night

    I think, she looks really good

  • inhirnamy137

    If they had tried her she would of gotten more time,so she isn’t doing anything notable, Now I wish her and Joel would go away.

  • Bliss

    I think this sends out a horrible message. 2 DUI = 4 days in jail. So not fair. Our society is so messed.

  • [~Famous~]

    27, STFU please!

    Your name alone shows you’re nothing but a stalking-dcikrider.

  • valarie

    She can’t go away tmz and hateful perez won’t let her. if you think about it, you won’t see her if they back off. the paps and tabs keep her in the news with there shiz about her. now jj is clogged with perez’s stench half the time hating on every celeb. i say courts decided like someone mention ,now let her go to jail and it be over.
    go talk to the trash sites and ask em’ not to cover her, follow her,curse at her,then you won’t see her much. i like seeing her fashion sense, she hits it on the nail most times and she is no problem to me.
    so i like her.

  • larry

    you all hate nicole so much why the heck are you all here then.
    go to a site with a celeb you love.
    Nicole is famous because she is on a tv show that was on network television for 3 years and now 2 years on cable. Sitcoms don’t even last that long these days.
    So yeah she DESERVES her FAME.
    and she is a great person.

    and this shout out is dedicated to #25


  • Sayini

    hollywood is wild.. what´s the deal with this young starlets.. Lindsay, Britney, Paris, Nicole.. can someone behave?? They aren´t going to be calm until they´re lock up or dead..!

  • i luv nicole

    IIIII LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE HHEEEEEEEERRRR nnnniiiiccccccoooollleee.godspeed! shout out to Larry 45 -holla…..your comments are right on..with your bad self..yay!!

  • Shes NOT Pregnant

    She isn’t pregnant and if you believe she is your a moron. She is playing the pregnant bit in order to get no time in jail but it didn’t work. She will announce shortly she had a miscarriage. Trust.

  • hummmmm

    the hilton slut girl had a more harsh sentence because her license was suspended when she was cought driving drunk.I don’t think nicole had a suspended license….that is a felony misdimener i think….

  • K

    She looks really pretty here. Love her hair and her outfit. If she is smart she will just show up tonight and do her time and get it over with and not put it off any longer.