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Kal-El: Super Son of Nicolas Cage

Kal-El: Super Son of Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage and wife Alice Kim vacation together off the coast of the Italian island of Capri on Ponza Island, Italy over the weekend with son Kal-El, 22 months.

The property magnate/actor was spotted enjoying a relaxing meal with his wife and taking in the sights on the island before boarding a small boat, which transported them back to their hotel.

You can catch the trailer for Cage‘s upcoming film National Treasure: Book of Secrets, out December 21. The film co-stars Jon Voight, Diane Kruger, Helen Mirren, Harvey Keitel and Ed Harris. National Treasure revolves around getting to the bottom of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

10+ pictures inside of the Cage clan vacationing in Italy…

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Photos: Olycom/Bauer-Griffin, Maurizio Marucci/, CiaoPix/
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  • Babysis

    His kid is so cute!(kinda looks like baby Pax?..)First?

  • Jill

    Nicolas Cage has some good movies and I think he’s an awesome actor. I hope this marriage is a success for him. Good looking kid.

  • Cinthia

    Watch out, this little boy is going into a very handsome young man when he grows up. What a cutie!

  • EvilLynn


    Let’s all hope he inherited his mommy’s thick hair!! ha ha! I kid, I kid…he’s a cutie-pie for sure….I love his little outfit, too…

  • Jake

    Why is it that old, disgusting guys are into asian girls, what does she see in him

  • bite me

    very cute little boy, looks just like his mom

  • Maniston

    Gross. What a pedophile. The baby is cute though. I hope he has a good pre-nup. Clearly it is not love, but about the money.


    Kid is OK, I am not feeling the WONKY eye..

    The father is fugs and moma is a cute golddigger!!



  • kathy

    jake, i see that all the time in LA, i think they get them from the mail order catalog. after the asian girls get the citizenship they split.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    ^^^^^ To answer you question: Some disgusting and sexist (often white) men believe Asian women are more docile and can be manipulated. I have heard them say this and it is really offensive, I think. They actually believe that! My Asian girlfriends are all feisty, independent and take no bs so I don’t know who these men are referring to.

    On the other hand, I was just reading an article about Chinese beauty pageants where mothers encourage girls to get skin lightening lotion and eyelid thickener to look more white so who knows. I don’t know if this girl is a goldigger but she sure is young for him.

  • Porgy

    She loves him long time.

  • [~Famous~]

    Cute kid.

  • Anno

    Isn’t Capri a French island?

  • babykatd1

    Adorable baby! and Nic and wifey make a lovely cpl, they look in love, I’m glad to see that.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Nicolas Cage! Another FAVORITE HOTNESS of mine! The baby is ADORABLE! His baby looks like an Asian Nicolas! Cute! His wife is really beautiful. Beautiful family!

  • Mary

    Jake; I think she sees millions of dollars in him.

    I totally think she’s a gold digger. She’s using him for money. Now they have a kid together, she’s set for life.

    The kid is so cute though. Mix babies are always so cute.

  • Cara

    I’m so happy for them. I finally get why he named the baby Kal El because the baby actually looks like the baby in the crystal pod in the Superman movie. LOL. How cool.

    His wife is looking wonderful and not Me Love You Long Time at all. Thank god his Italian fastidiousness and sense of aesthetics steered him to a good choice. THANK GOD.

    I think that they don’t look jarring together the way some Asian girls look with white guys. I don’t feel bad when I see pictures of them. I actually feel very positive the same way I feel when I see pictures of Angelina Jolie with her babies but I never felt good seeing pix of Mia Farrow with her adoptees pre-scandal.

  • disgusted

    I think that the baby is cute and the wife is pretty, though way too young for him.

    Not all mix babies are cute, look at Heidi Klum’s Henry. He’s a mess!

  • Cara

    Sometimes I see a meeting of two retards when I see Asian women with White men and they’re usually both yuppies born in America too so go figure. Let’s differentiate between retards scuzzing and the lovely family we are seeing here.

  • Lexi

    Awzzz I hope Kal-el will stay looking Asian when he get older,that would be so cute.&&his mommy is such a cutie too but she sure is a golddigger cause i am for sure she isn’t with his daddy bcus of love..Just my 2 cents=)

  • Cara

    Mix babies are NOT always so cute though I will say that Anthony Wong Chau Sung looks better to me than Russell Wong or Keanu Reeves.

    People, let’s retain some level of discernment in other words save your hate for worthier targets. Don’t just blindly apply the brush of white loser plus Asian wannabe to every couple because that’s like putting Madonna’s quality of mothering Malawi David to the sunshine faces of Angelina Jolie’s kids. Jessica Simpson wants to adopt because she wants to be under the broad brush stroke that anyone who adopts must be morally superior.

    I think Mrs.Cage looks like Jenny Wright from Near Dark who was one of his early gfs back when he was the goofball character actor instead of the megabucks action star. He always went for the pretty not the marketable because he’s ITALIAN plus his family has been comfortable and artistic for generations so he’s not going to go for porno. Take a look at Nicholas Cage and he hasn’t changed, he is still a comic book reading motorcycle loving goofy guy. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Cara

    Anyone remember James Coburn’s gorgeous Caribbean wife at the Oscars? He died watching tv with her. She was decades younger than he was. No one said golddigger about her just that she was stunning but I could see what she saw in him. Granted I would have found James Coburn irresistible before Nicholas Cage but I GET what women see in NC even if I am not interested in NC (nor in James Coburn.)

  • m

    Their baby got more of his mother’s looks. He might as well be pure Asian.

  • Donna Trump

    The baby has a weird eye..

    Mother is hard to describe. She has like an ugly beautiful face. Sorry GOLDIGGER!! What 22 year old would look at “Hair Plugs” Cage? He is fug!

    Thank god the boy didn’t get his father’s 2 x 4 head!

  • magnus

    God damn you mf’s are racist.

    It’s not that WHITE men see asian women as “docile” and demure. It’s that they’re not overly opinionated b*tches and they tend to NOT GET FAT.

    They appreciate their men unlike the so called enlightened western women. I forgot to mention BITTER.

    He’ll use her till he’s done because he’s a movie star and she’s a nobody.

    H*ll at least he married her. Most just cram it in them and chuck them out of the car. Sometimes they don’t even stop the car!

  • Eliana

    Luv Nic Cage and can’t wait for National Treasure 2 to come out.. The first one was pretty entertaining so I’ll definitely make sure to catch the next one…

    The kid is pretty cute .. nice to to see that he can create good movies and cute children as well ….

  • Tealeaf

    He is raising 2 is his biologically, the other he married.

  • Fiona

    these two are not the most attractive hollywood couple. She looks like any other Asian woman you see on the street and he’s your average joe. Very boring…

  • jamman

    All you sniveling syncophants…don’t you realize how freakin’ insane this kid’s father is? This kid is facing a disturbed chilhood with this manic madman, followed by year’s of drug abuse and therapy. Just take a look at Nick’s first son…the insanity is obviously genetic in nature and spreading. NUKE NICK NOW!!!!

  • truth

    after being married to high matinence lisa marie presey. I’m sure this is a refreshing break. she is young and not hollywood so he can spoil her and own her. im sure she is enjoying being a kept woman. if she wasn’t with him she’d still be a sushi waitress and dating young losers that probably except the woman to pay.

  • Miapocca

    Nicolas cage inpregnates a an 18 yrs old..thats kind of sickening…no wonder he couldnt handle lisa marie pressly, she was TOO MUCH WOMAN for him..probaly talked back too..what at sick son of Biatch

  • Miapocca

    I see nothing wrong with mixed race marriages or kids..I dont think asian women are that docile,… if you insist on docile, then I will say more coniving and maupulative..not only asians, most people who appear docile according to the world, have another agenda that they cover up with docile sweet actions ahahhahah

    In any case age differnece should not be a big deal, but 18 18 18 18 still only like ahigh school graduare amrrying thier dad’s friend…….age difference shouldnt be a big deal, but the age at which all this started shoudl be a BIG deal…25 and 50 should nto bother me as much as 18 and 45…she was still growing and he should have known that…there is something sickening about that kind of realtions , 2 yrs back and he would have been a pedophile…

  • nika

    omg kal-el, someone is way into to superman lol

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    she is a gold digger? like he does not know what is going on? he is paying for a hot young wife and she is being paid to be a hot young wife as long as they are both on the same page. 1st time for love 2nd time for money, she seems to be doing it the other way around. However lets be honest, marrying money is probably the hardest money one has to earn bcuz the only difference btwn her and a street walker is she does not have to carry protection in her purse.

  • mary

    baby is cute and so is mom. nic is not so cute though. i heard he had an asian fetish for a long time.

  • Cara

    The only way we can say someone is a golddigger is if we know for sure that if NC went bankrupt overnight and had to live on his social security, would she hang around and work again to support the fam. I think Lisa Marie would and has married for love not money obviously because she already has more money than most people. Plenty of older out of work actors can get younger prettier women to marry them so it’s not inconceivable.

  • essie

    i think it’s gross that his son is almost the same age as his wife..

  • No Geisha Here

    26 magnus : 08/13/2007 at 4:33 pm

    God damn you mf’s are racist.

    It’s not that WHITE men see asian women as “docile” and demure. It’s that they’re not overly opinionated b*tches and they tend to NOT GET FAT.

    They appreciate their men unlike the so called enlightened western women. I forgot to mention BITTER.

    As an Asian woman I find your comments offensive.

    You are assuming we are not as opiniated as Wetern women in other words more malleable. You sound like the psycho Chinese government and their treatment of Asian girls or the bastards who sell Thai women to the highest bidder as sex slaves. Asian women are opiniated and as vocal as any other race of women. We are just suppressed by the cultures we are born into which make us feel as if we are second class citizens. And this second class status is perpetuated by White men who want an Asian woman to cook, clean and be at his beck and call because Western women have wisened up and are not doing this anymore.

    Your comment is the reason why I tend to only date men from my country – other Asians – because I believe so many white men see us as nothing but a floor mat to step on. Asian women have done great things and are fighters. And we will fight this stereotype too, one step at a time. And one day, you Whites will realize that telling us we are not as bitchy as Western women is no compliment. You’re just telling us you can control us, that’s all. Do us a favor and go ruin someone else’s culture with your sexist and racist crap.

    Not get fat? Yeah, that’s a lot of un necessary pressure to put on an Asian girl. She is not ALLOWED to get fat? Once we start eating your crappy foods instead of our healthy home cooked meals, guess what will happe? I know an Asian girl who was bullimic. Poor thing. She had to live up to her boyfriend’s ideal of what she is supposed to look like so she would eat then just go to the bathroom and throw it up.

    Back to me: This pretty Asian girl is no wallflower. I am educated, and smart and so will be my daughter one day when I have one. My full Asian daughter. Idiot you are. Whatever good is in Asians, once we procreate with the racist likes of you, it will all be gone.

  • Miapocca

    OMG…this is Hilarious COLBERT

    “However lets be honest, marrying money is probably the hardest money one has to earn bcuz the only difference btwn her and a street walker is she does not have to carry protection in her purse”

  • bataglio

    Hot little child bride there… and she doesn’t appear to be an Au-digger – she’s all over him in the pics @ the table.

  • Jake

    To be fair to asian women, when I asked the question, what does she see in him?, where I am coming from is that where I work it always so happens that average joes(fat, men who take little interest in there image, and who disgusts other western women) tend to hit on innocent looking asians girls, the asian girls I have met usually want nothing to do with guys like that, I guess with his money( refering to Nicolas Cage), it seems that asian girls are willing to overlook that more than western women, asian girls should set their standards higher, no disrespect

  • bataglio

    39, no geisha: you’re probably smart to stick to your own. A lot of Asian chicks just don’t get the fact that they’re little more than a fetish for the white boys who do dig them. No one should allow themselves to be objectified like that.

  • http://deleted jq

    5 Jake : 08/13/2007 at 1:16 pm
    Why is it that old, disgusting guys are into asian girls, what does she see in him

    but I don’t think this refer to asian girls only, this hold true to every young gal of any race hooking up with a man older than their dad or granddaddy. It’s more of dollar and stability than sexual attraction .

  • hehe

    ^what a joke, if he was into black chicks or latino chicks, you would just bash her alone and not bring the whole race into it. leave the rest of the asian girls alone, not all of them go for white guys. sheeehhhh

  • hehe

    i was talking to Jake #42

  • Candy Barr

    Tealeaf is a riot! I love the comment! . . . I was going to comment on how old Nic Cage looks these days. Photos I saw on another site showed how much gray hair he had . . . I am so sick of all these men started their lives over through these young women! Donald Trump, Rod Stewart, Larry King . . .

    That chick knew exactly what she was doing. Didn’t she have that child within a year of getting married? I always have to wonder what the men must be thinking when these women push these babies out so quickly . . . Don’t they want to spend a little time with their husbands first? Apparently not . . .

  • snoopy

    first off, most asian girls won’t touch a white guy with a 50 foot pole,

    actually let me rephrase, most hot asian girls

  • snoopy

    oh and for the record asian girls think that nick’s wife is actually fug,

  • Mulan

    No Geisha Here, you rock! I can’t add anything more to your spot-on comments.

    Alice Kim is pretty but she needs to ease up on the false eyelashes and heavy eyeliner.