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Brad & Angelina's Off-Broadway Bonanza

Brad & Angelina's Off-Broadway Bonanza

As reported this morning, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie attended the opening night performance of Off Broadway Show Jump at the Union Square Theatre. The Jolie-Pitts gave the show a standing ovation! caught Angelina and Brad posing with Maddox and Pax, their pediatrician Dr. Jane Aronson (right), her partner Diane Leo and their adopted kids Desalegn and Benjamin!

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brad angelina off broadway show jump 01
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  • tammy

    a very happy family thanks jared.

  • FANs


  • Apple

    bless them

  • Jaxon

    Must have just posted this!

  • Africa

    Tkx JJ, love them. Good example of family, xxx

  • Bite me

    darling children

  • Apple

    wow! I was first.


    I think that they are the most down to earht couple! I bet you that they smoke herb! I can see it on their faces!

    I would love to chill with them! They have a ton, crates of money, but they still haven’t forgotten where they came from!

    I thank brad for that! He is a native Missorian! GO MISSOURI! :P

  • black

    Pax can never be happy with them.




    missourian! sorry for the tyos! and pax can be happy with them!

    what makes you think that he was happy where he was at? When I see pix of him, he seems to be smiling to me!

  • sharon

    They are very happy.

  • Just me…

    The cute family :D

  • Charlie

    ohh god they are the most incredible family ever!…and i cant believe i got on the first page! that never happens

  • keira

    9 black : 10/08/2007 at 2:12 pm
    Pax can never be happy with them.
    Yes, you are right how could he be he was better off before when he had no mother or father, little attention from overworked underpaid workers at the orphanage, no toys, no brothers and sisters, no international education and travel and no one to one love. Yep his world must be so sad now. Why don’t you start a campaign to keep all children in orphanages?

  • Regina

    Why do people act like they know them?

    “Happy family”?! Do we really know what goes on behind closed doors? :S

    Anyway, nice picture.

  • FANs

    I think Z is the best of them all!!!

  • tammy

    yes this is a very good example of a good family.and i also say yeah missourian.yes you are right they don’t act like they are better than other people,they are down to earth people.

  • dancingqueen

    Pax is so freakin cute…him and Maddox are going to run sh*t when they get older

  • Andrómeda

    Lovely. They all had a great time!!. Thanks JJ, you are the best.

  • bloatedbotox face pitt

    read mah name.

  • Renato Michel

    God Bless Jolie=Pitts ^^

  • GladGladGlad

    God bless the JOLIE-PITTS!!!!!

  • cocoa

    17 Regina

    such a sour puss. From this picture they obviously look very happy. Brad and Angie have said they have a happy family life…This pic just seems to reinforce that.

    Why are some people so negative? geesh!

  • love jps

    10 black: at least now he has love and daddy and mommy to hug him and make things better for him,i’m very happy for this little boy,brad and angies son.

  • love jps

    17 regina : learn to be happy and your life will improve for the better.

  • April

    thanks JJ this is a great picture! good to see everyone having fun.

  • think positive!

    Jared you are a pain in the ass!! LMAO!!! But thank you so much for keeping us always updated!!

    Such heartwarming pictures!! They are both glowing!!

    Madd and Pax are so adorable!! They seem like they had great fun!!

  • Francophile

    There are very tolerant wordly people. So refreshing from the Hollywood stuckup egomaniac, materialistic driven, beauty obssessed nouveau riche !


    22 bloated botox: i’m so sorry Regina your botox didn’t work .

  • Regina

    I didn’t say anything wrong? People are being so OTT calling them the best family ever, even though they don’t know them? I happen to like them very much, but seriously…

  • GladGladGlad

    OMG Brad has his arm around Angelina. It must have been just for the cameras right haters???? What do these boys have, batacas? Foam I hope, they are enough of a nightmare for parents when they are just foam.


    awww, missed the first page LOL

    super duper cool pix…thank JJ.

    love Brad and Angie for life!


    my boys got some of them when they were that age after a couple of hours at home i had to hide them,but they had a lot fun with them.

  • macgm007

    God! freaking cute kids! they´ll be heartbreakers by the age 18!!
    LOVE angie and brad, they look so happy all together!


    I think Pax and Zee are the two kids who had a cold that was in Brad’s interview. You can see from the picture he looks like he hasnt recovered. And Zee was sleeping in the yesterday pics maybe she feels better than Pax. Kids going to the the same day care normally tend to catch a flu at the same time. Hope they get better soon.


  • Katie N

    I wonder which boy jumped up and down on his seat for joy during the show. Something tells me its Pax. Madd seems too “wise” already for such “childish” behavior :). Love these kids.

  • love jps

    Brad and angie look so happy in these pictures,angie always has such a beautiful smile.

  • lorainne

    Regina is a hater. She has to see anything negative about the Jolie-Pitts even if the picture says positive. Go BUZZ OFF Regina. You are such a nutcase. You need to get out of the real world & get laid, Regina. GEEZ



  • Mrs. Smith

    JARED…OK, I give up, I’m never leaving this site again!! 5 THREADS TO CATCH UP?!!
    WOW! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Love to see those beautiful smiling JP’s, just warms my heart, and gets my Monday off to a good start.

    Sounds like a great show. Will have to take my boys to see it if, and when, it gets to my parts.

  • ashby

    I love to see them smile at times like this. Not a posed paps smile but a happy smile when they are with family and friends. This reminds me of the baby shower pics.

  • daisy

    Happy parents, happy children.

  • beautiful angie

    I am beginning to love you Jared. Thanks a lot for this pic of JP family.

  • girladvenger

    Angie and Brad seem soooo happy and in love. Their children are so lucky to have them as their parents.

  • Dancer

    Jared, some of us are at work and can’t keep up…but don’t stop with the threads!

    Lovely pics!

  • lora

    I wonder which boy jumped up and down on his seat for joy during the show.

    Maybe Brad? lol j/k I think they all had a blast!

  • ariel

    Great to see Brad, Angelina & the kids are enjoying the sights, sounds, taste & smell of the Big Apple. Finally, they are building their family in good foundation. Sometimes it is refereshing to have close friends that are not of Hollywood type of people. It is more real & more in your face kind of feeling. I love them more & more each day. Never in my life I adore such celebrity like Angelina & Brad. Happy to be a fan of them. Such a great honor.

  • Frenchy

    I guess will be getting a gajillion hits today LOL!!!
    Jared you are breaking it down even more! caught Angelina and Brad posing with Maddox and Pax, their pediatrician Dr. Jane Aronson (right), her partner Diane Leo and their adopted kids Desalegn and Benjamin!