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Lauren and Audrina @ LAX Airport

Lauren and Audrina @ LAX Airport

Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge catch a flight out of LAX airport on Wednesday. Apparently, this is their day off, according to TV Guide. Here’s some scoopage on The Hills:

Once and for all, is the show staged? Yes and no. “Who I am on the show is who I am in real life,” Audrina Patridge says. “What you see is what you get.” But it wasn’t just a coincidence that friends-turned-enemies Lauren and Heidi Montag went to the trendy restaurant Ketchup on the same night. “Lauren and Jason [Wahler] were going there, and Heidi and Spencer [Pratt] wanted to celebrate their anniversary,” says exec producer Adam DiVello. “Ketchup was one of the spots Spencer wanted to go to, so it just sort of worked out. It wasn’t planned on our behalf, but it is a little fake.”

How long do the girls have cameras with them each day? Sometimes hours, sometimes not at all. (Monday and Tuesday are their days off.) “We don’t have a set schedule,” Audrina says. “It depends on what’s going on.” At the beginning of each week, the girls speak with producers about their plans. “I hate to say we schedule their lives, but we definitely schedule out what we want to cover,” DiVello says. So if they are going on a date or to the Hollywood hot spot Les Deux, then the MTV crews tag along. But if they’re bumming around the house solo, the cameras will probably skip it.

Is Heidi and Spencer’s relationship a sham? Not according to DiVello. “They’re very much in love when I see them,” he says. “They’re a real couple and definitely engaged. It’s not staged for the sake of our show. If they’ve got something else going on, we’ve yet to see it.”

How do Lauren and Audrina afford that apartment? We have no idea. MTV won’t name the complex (it’s not really called Hillside Villas) because when people find out, they camp in front waiting to see the stars. But a swanky two-bedroom apartment in that area costs about $3,000 a month. Audrina works part-time as a receptionist at Epic Records and Lauren is an intern at Teen Vogue. You do the math.

Do Lauren and Audrina have a standing reservation at Les Deux? No, but they’re friends with the promoters and owners, so they know they’ll always be whisked past the velvet rope. Plus, the other clubgoers seem to have gotten used to seeing the cast there all the time, so the camera crews can go about their business pretty much unbothered. “It’s like a home away from home,” Audrina says. If your home always has a fully stocked bar, that is.

15+ pictures inside of Lauren and Audrina @ LAX airport…

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Photos: Zfi/Dean/Gabo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • KrungKrung

    lauren is pretty but that other girl is so trying hard y’all

  • Katie

    Well I am sure Lauren (and even Audrina) get a TON of money from their show. MTV must pay them A LOT!

  • Madi

    Audrina is gross.
    And yeah they probably get paid from the show. And besides, I’m sure their parents are loaded. No question their daddies help them out.

  • Jane

    Love the hills

  • Aleh

    Love This Girls

  • gabo

    photos by zfi/dave/gabo



  • sheila

    I so wish I could wear those type of clothes right now..BOO to wisconsin weather.. Is it just me or would you totally ditch Lauren as a friend,not that Heidi is a saint or anything but If I had a friend that into me and demanding all my time, I would be a lil freaked out..

  • ashley

    hmm. Something the exec producer said does not add up, or maybe my memory’s wrong. But Heidi and Spencer didn’t go to Ketchup that night to celebrate their anniversary, did they? I thought they just went there to have a dinner out. The anniversary dinner was the night of the (so obviously staged) Emmy’s night conflict … but correct me if I’m wrong.

    I’m slowly losing interest in the show. If Heidi and Lauren were trying to work things out, I could get why they’d keep Heidi on the show … but otherwise, why’s she there??

  • sheila

    your right, they celebrated their ann.. at Spencers Fave Mexican Rest.. I just think they went to Ketchup that night,cuz Heidi pro does not know how to cook….

  • Jennie

    i thought lauren cut her hair, but they look great !

  • MonkeyShines

    I love The Hills. And quite by accident I stumbled across Lauren’s real apartment building/complex when I was visiting family in SoCal. I wasn’t shocked it wasn’t really called Hillside Villas but I was shocked about where its actually located and how MTV manages to keep that a secret considering where it is, what its near and I KNOW the rent has to be paid by either MTV or Lauren’s dad because there’s no way a just barely 21 year old intern could afford that prime real estate.

  • ohplease

    oh please.. how can they afford that apartment? LC gets $25,000 an episode and im sure audrina comes pretty close to that salary. they make it seem like these kids are really working and earning a living. meanwhile, they don’t even need their jobs as “interns” or “receptionists” b/c they make so much bank from MTV. the show is desperately trying to avoid including these girls tabloid factor but its so obvious. are we honestly supposed to believe they’re trying to make ends meet? its rediculous!

  • Notasecret

    Hillside Villas= Park LaBrea and it’s no secret to anyone living in the Los Angeles area (or for residents of P.LaBrea like myself) that Lauren lives here. And it’s easy to ‘stumble’ across, because its a HUGE apartment complex right across the street from the VERY popular Grove Shopping Center. The only reason MTV calls it Hillside Villas was to protect Lauren’s private life a little bit. I don’t even think an apartment complex by the name of Hillside Villas exsists anywhere in LA…

  • MonkeyShines

    Notasecret – that’s what I didn’t understand. I’m standing at the E! building on wilshire and I walk over the the Tar Pits and look around and say to myself “that’s Lauren’s apartment building” if you can even call your monolithic complex an apartment building. My friend from E! goes “Oh yeah Hillside Villas hee hee! Yeah totally stupid.” My thought was there must be thousand of residents there and they must be using a different name to protect you guys not Lauren. But it is the worst kept secret around.


    Well LC’s dad is an architect, and judging by the family’s house that was built in season 1 of Laguna, he seems to be quite wealthy.

    However – LC WAS driving a toyota 4 runner back in the Laguna days…did she not buy a convertible Beemer after moving to LA?…and then a convertible Benz after the 1st season of The Hills…

    I’m guessing LC is getting her $$$ from doing things like club and product promotions. There’s no way that she’s living the way she does solely on her dad’s bank account and MTV’s salary.

  • jennifer

    okay DUH lauren gets paid for the show!!! HELLO she doesnt get paid for her internship! obvious, people.

  • Dieter

    I love L.C.´s full round pooper !!!!!!

  • angelina_mmm

    audrina = dog

  • Laura

    I really miss the days when you could actually see music videos in MTV. Now is all about reality series and stupid shows, with stupid people getting famous without having acting or singing skills.

  • Notasecret

    Monkey Shine- Totally agree w/you that it’s the worst kept secret. Whether it be for Lauren/other residents’ the jury is still out,because its already private enough with the gates, and mandatory check in points for all guests. Its funny, a while back I read a review of the 3rd season of The Hills and the writer called MTV out by saying “So, LC ditches Teen Vogue for Teen Wolf Malibu, and let’s get another thing straight-she lives at Park LaBrea not the imaginary Hillside Villas.”

  • papito

    Lauren got 2 million dollars from MTV for this season… it has been reported. MTV does not pay per episode but per season. She is the highest paid reality tv star these days. Heidi gets about 1 million for this season and Audrina and Whitney gets between 500,000 to 750,000 dollars for season 3. These girls are getting paid. MTV pays for LC apartment with Audrina and they all have a stipend for clothing to wear on the show. LC also receives money from her other projects such spokeperson for some companies, hosting events, and her clothing line.

  • yes

    everyone knows she lives at park labrea….it’s pretty easy to catch the crew in action and if you go to the grove enough you will catch someone from the hills shopping with daddy’s and mtv’s money.

  • tonypony

    good god in heaven: that lauren thing is fugly.
    just dont git it…
    the swill kids will swallow these days as trendy/hot bewilders me.
    she looks thirty.

  • papito

    LC looks gorgeous. People who calls her ugly are just haters. People who calls her fat or chubby are just delusional.

  • Elena belle

    Those were good questions!

  • agnes

    Um Lauren, white bra, um no. She still looks pretty.

  • Julz

    I can’t tell how much I hate Audrina!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nemesis

    Lauren looks cute, Audrina is tyring to hard.

  • intoyou

    Why is Audrina pretending she is so chic, she looks gross. And Lauren, buy a black bra. I like her (Lauren) though, she is so down to earth. Audrina should be thankful she is her roommate or else nobody will give a S@#T about her and her gross boyfriend.

  • mama

    Tony Pony, get a life.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]

    love them both, but I think Audrina is the prettiest one ;).

  • heather

    Tony pony you wish you had a girlfriend half as pretty as lauren wait a minute do you even like girls? Maybe spencer is more your type.

  • starbucks addict

    I haven’t watched MTV since it forgot that the M stood for music, not money.

  • quiet no more

    just toclear upthe ketchup dinner…Hiedi and Spencer went there to celebrate the promotion she stole from Elodie… ew i really dont enjoy them

  • Trendini

    I am loving Audrinas gray boots!!

  • nana

    Audrina needs an upper lip, I think she should contact Heidi’s surgeon. Lauren is gorgeous, love that girl.

  • agreed.

    wait ~ they DONT live in Park La Brea ~ they live in the VILLAS AT PARK LA BREA, I think! Park La Brea doesn’t look at all like their apartment.

  • agreed.

    wait – they dont live in PARK LA BREA – they live in VILLAS AT PARK LA BREA.
    check out the web site.

  • erin

    Whatever, I think both girls are hot.

  • Stacy

    Does anyone what brand Audrina’s boots are? They are so cute!

  • sandie

    I think Lauren is pretty. Of course they get pay big money, otherwise they wouldn’t dress as good as they do. Those clothes don’t look cheap…

  • holymoly

    No, her boots are ugly.

  • Notasecret

    Last comment, because I really do need to stop caring, haha. I live at the Villas-so yes, Lauren DOES live here at Park LaBrea. It’s all the same aree, only real difference is cost of rent and “look”of the apartments.

    This post was originally about these girls at LAX. I think they’re both pretty and entertaining on the show. I probably shouldn’t have even started talking about where they live because now people are on their apartments’ website? Kind of weird…


    I know for a FACT they live at VILLAS AT PARK LA BREA. Get your facts straight, notasecret. Everyone knows you don’t know what you’re talking about. AND..who cares if people are on the apartments’ web site?? YOURE THE ONE LYING ABOUT WHERE THEY LIVE, B/C YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY OBSESSED!

  • fuzbun88

    does anyone know where you can audrina’s tee shirt?

  • fuzbun88

    does anyone know where you can buy audrina’s tee shirt?

  • just me

    not true #29. I like Audrina. She’s fun, she’s honest and she’s a great friend to Lauren. Not to mentiom the fact that she’s beautiful and has THE amazing body ever. I would kill to have her genes!!

  • fuzbun88

    where can you buy audrina’s tee shirt?

  • fuzbun88

    i want to buy audrina’s tee, but where can you find it?

  • Audrina fan

    Why is everyone hating on my girl? Audrina is the sweetest thing ever. Pretty too.
    I love Lauren but Heidi is just whoranus and Whitney they barely show and that Lo is such a brat, boy did that girl Lo get fat and ugly or what?!?! lol S’anyways I love Audrina so stop hating y’all.