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Heidi Montag Has New Lips

Heidi Montag Has New Lips


On top of a new nose and breast augmentation from earlier this year, did The Hills star Heidi Montag also get a pair of new lips??

The 21-year-old aspiring singer reportedly had a lip enhancement procedure completed on Friday. Heidi showed off her new lips while out on-and-off-again fiance Spencer Pratt on Saturday.

The couple met up with She-Pratt (Spencer‘s sister Stephanie) for sushi at Katsuya in Brentwood, Calif.

WHICH BODY PART do you think Heidi will get “enhanced” next?

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  • janyce

    ewwww first?

  • alohaland


  • teddy-booboo

    WHY do these people want to look like they
    just stepped off the assemby line?
    There’s one look in Hollywood & it’s so gross.

  • mossy

    she looks like what i think a blow up doll would look like. grotzky.

  • abigail

    Maybe next she could get a brain transplant!



  • Nessa

    She def had her lips done
    they’re completely GIANT…

  • mo

    does anyone seriously care about heidi and her addictions to plastic surgery?? i don’t get how she is as famous as she is considering how she hasn’t done anything. and no, her ‘singing career’, if you can call it that, doesn’t count

  • Taylor

    omg. She looks like she had an upper eye lift, too.

  • kayla

    wow that looks horrible.

  • seriously?

    i hope to someday see pictures of her face melting or collapsing or exploding from all the mutilation she’s inflicted upon herself.

  • lo

    hopefully her personality will get enhanced next.

  • smiley


  • keana

    she needs to go away. stat.

  • smiley


  • alanaa

    shes one ugly person!

  • Mel

    Is there anything real about her anymore????

  • DUH

    #17, yeah, her toe nail? never mind. nothing’s left. all of it is artificial.

  • liz

    omg…. she looks gross

  • scooby-doobie-dooo

    this chick is a real mess.

  • alohaland

    I’m SOOOO sick of these reality ‘stars’!!! Why can’t they just go away? She looks like sh*it.

  • ah

    Seriously what does spencer do for a living?

  • Shimmeringdew

    Umm looks to me like she drank a glass of milk. Looks bad – is it supposed to get better?

  • lola

    That is unfortunate. Now her outside matches her inside. Not to mention she actually looked DECENT with her new nose and boobs. She messed up big time.

  • talula

    Heidi is such a stupid fake beyotch and I love her the most on The Hills. All the other girls are so boring compared to her.

  • sweetpea

    she should get her brain enhanced

  • sweetpea

    she should get her brain enhanced

  • Madonna

    Tacky as hell.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Let 2008 be a great start. Donnot spread hate on threads (on all threads). Learn to respect people.

    Dont leave in the past cos if you do, there would be NO future!

    Happy 2008 :D

  • Bape

    Wow Wondering whats next butt implants

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Let 2008 be a great year for you. Do not spread hate on threads (all threads). Learn to respect cos if you do so, you will always be respected.

    Dont leave in the past cos if you do there would be no future.

    Happy 2008 :D

  • ihavenolife

    i hope she enhances her brain.

  • lola

    I am not going to respect anyone who does this to themselves. Who cares if it is the New Year! ;)

  • elodie

    jared,we have a new justin chambers pics here:

    please i can’t see the pics in HQ,help

  • th

    Amen, Lola! These people want attention and they’ll do anything to get it. She’ll keep this up and end up looking like a total freak. She needs to go out and get a real job.

  • andrĂ©

    L is for Loser.

  • hudgensboy


  • flyer

    I don’t think she had another plastic surgery. I think it’s her make up.

  • Robin

    I actually like Heidi am i crazy??

  • Helena

    God, she’s such a loser. She needs a stylist, too.

  • Sara

    Ew. She looks horrible.

  • Regina

    I’m from the UK, so I don’t know much about this programme but LMAO! How can the paparazzi or anyone even tell who she is now, she’s basically had a whole facelift!

  • From the block

    Heidi, is what the British call a ‘Chav.’ Look it up, you’ll know I’m right.

  • angie

    What is the deal with all these women wanting fish lips? Do guys actually get turned on by these? Whose telling these losers that they look good like this? Especially Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan…step away, ladies, step away. Heidi, get a clue before you turn into a joke.

  • celebpsychic

    If she has the money why not?

  • angie

    Why not? It’s called “fish lips”…ugly, fake-looking fish lips.

  • angie

    She looks good on the left and like a bleached out 10-cent bimbo on the right.

  • jilly

    She looks like a completely different person! I don’t think it’s just the lips that are different. She had something done to her face and the lips are just distraction!

  • Julieanne

    I liked her lips better before…. And her lips now are a bit gross…..And it don’t fit her….

    What do you think is next her butt????

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Only 21 ans foolish enough to ruin the only asses that hollywood women envy her for..FRESHNESS of youth,….thi skind of stupidty is just too much to see…no more pistures of this pamela anderson look alike please..I htink she is headed for p-or-n stardom,..