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Chace & JC Ring in the New Year Together

Chace & JC Ring in the New Year Together

Former boybander JC Chasez and Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford party hop together yet again, celebrating the New Year at the Raleigh Hotel on South Beach, Miami.

The pretty boy BFFs partied together for four straight days in a row. On Saturday, JC and Chace hit up The Florida Room’s Pre New Years Party and Stereo NYC dinner party at Kobe Club in Miami. On Sunday, the pretty pair attended the Marquee NYC & Kritik Clothing Party at Mokai. And on Sunday/Monday, the newly attached-at-the-hip friends rang in the New Year together.

Also pictured at the party: former 24 star Elisha Cuthbert (her recent bikini pictures are heating up the web), Hairspray actress Brittany Snow and club promoter Frankie Delgado (Brody Jenner‘s best friend).

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jc chasez new years eve 03
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  • ashnaheartszac

    Chace Crawford is sooooo EFFING HOT! :D

  • yeah

    That will make those gay rumours about both of them even higher!

    Anyway, i think they’re both gay, especially JC, i’m 99% convinced he’s gay.

  • Katherine

    chace is soooo hott! i

  • sarah

    3rd..chace is hot..

  • kate


  • Vanessahundgens

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  • Haylie

    I smell something fishy going on.

  • TR

    Everyone already knows JC is gay. In LA, it’s common knowledge. As for Chace, he is at the least bi. He apparently has a hard time coming to the accept he is gay, but the ent industry is well aware of his sexuality.

  • TR

    Everyone already knows JC is gay. In LA, it’s common knowledge. As for Chace, he is at the least bi. He apparently has a hard time coming to the accept he is gay, but the ent industry is well aware of his sexuality.

  • igotyou

    JC is not gay maybe Bi LOL As for Chace i dont know anything about him – isnt he with Carrie Underwood haha

    But yah JC and Chace always hang out together when they are at the same events lol

  • Chelsey

    omg seriously I am so sick of ppl assuming 2 guys are gay if they hang out a lot or are ‘pretty boys’. Its called being friends and enjoying the company of your friends. I know many many guys who hang out every night together, with other guys and girls, and yes, there were a lot of other ppl hanging out with them, its not like they had some romantic dinner for 2 or something.

    Chace is dating Carrie Underwood and JC used to date Eva Longoria, along with a lot of other girls….neither of them are gay.

  • Senator Larry

    Daddy likes!

  • Chelsey

    Plus, have you ever heard of them hanging out before this? No, at least I havent. They were obviously at the same parties, which means they hung out together, I dont see anything wrong with that.

  • Justin

    ohh, I’d love to get myself under that sexy Chase dude!! DAMN!

  • TR

    They are both absolutely bi! JC has fooled around with guys and girls for years. It is absolutely common knowledge in LA. I have friends (men AND women) who have been with him. And Chase is positioned as the “it” boy on one of TV’s hottest shows so of course they are doing all they can to maintain his hearthrob status.

    I’m always perplexed why people don’t get how phony Hollywood is. There are so many closeted actors and actresses. Chase’s PR team is hard at work to make sure his “relationship” stays front and center. Did you ever wonder how the papparazzi get most of their exclusive shots? Set up by the PR folks or the talent themselves.

    Trust me when I tell you that these two will eventually be found out. I have no reason to make it up because I could care less – it’s just fact.

  • The OSC

    I expect to see Chance hooking up very publicly (with the paps tipped off before hand of course) with any random female in the next few days.

  • LD

    I believe that JC is Bi. As for Chace, I don’t know or care much about him, but from an entirely physical stand point he just doesn’t look entirely straight. As long as the gay/bi rumors aren’t about Taylor Kitsch, it’s all good.

  • nerea

    hahaha cute

  • Cynthia

    Did he finally dump that ugly goat face Carrie Underwood?

  • yeah

    He’s never even seen with Carrie Underwood. What kind of a relationship is that?

  • yeah

    They even wear matching shoes and pants!

  • tany

    how old is JC??

  • Millie

    J.C. is 99.999% gay. Chace just happens to be those wimpy looking str8 men. He is dating Carrie afterall right? I doubt its just a cover up.

  • yeah

    @tany: JC is 31, and was never even seen with a girlfriend! He’s obviously GAY!

  • WickedWench

    Oh please, Chase is gay. TR is completely right about Hollywood. Personally I’d rather see Chase and closet queen Justin T together. What a cute couple they’d make.

  • [~Famous~]

    i hope chace is smart enough to pimp his newly found fame and get a movie career out of it.

  • CA

    Just wonder why Chace wasn’t in Time Square with his girlfriend? This kind of rings of Riechen & Lance Bass hagging out with Jamie-Lynn Sigler pre-outing of their relationship.

    But what ev…time will tell. I like ‘em both.

  • cd

    lindsay lohan drunk with girlfriend funny ass hell:

  • Mya

    Oh for fucks sake just because JC is never seen with a girl these days, does NOT make him gay! Chace and JC both have the same manager, Eric Podwall which is why they’re always seen together at events.

  • pot

    I’ve seen pictures of JC out with a girl a few months ago.

  • TR

    Mya – just because they share a manager does NOT mean they are not gay. Are you serious??? A shared manager means they go to the same events. I don’t think they are together (Chase could do better) but wake up honey, cause they are both lovin’ the man parts.

    Don’t be so clueless and get real.

  • Chloe

    Ah, the Gay rumors have arrived. I guess this marks Chace’s entrance into young Hollywood star status.

  • tony the tiger

    I had a friend that hooked up with JC at the Equinox Gym in Soho in New York City so he is definitely gay and not bisexual. There is no such thing as long-term bisexuality.

    But I doubt Chace is gay. JC and Chace have the same managers so they probably met up through their managers.

  • legs

    are they like together? lol!

  • texasstarfan

    The reason why Chace was in Miami is because he was working
    on New Years at the Raleigh Hotel thing. The other times he was
    probably just hanging out with someone he knew at the parties.
    Chace’s lady, Carrie Underwood, had one of the best gigs that night
    singing in Times Square. I’m sure there will be a new picture of them
    within the week. Those celebrity couples that live in two states have a
    hard time getting together more that every couple of weeks. Carrie
    lives in Nashville. Chace lives in NYC.

  • nancy

    Ohhh…where are the Mandy Moore pictures!?! She hosted the party at the Raleigh Hotel.

  • Mya

    Ok so JC is gay because everyone in LA knows it and TR’s and tony the tiger’s male friends have hooked up with him.
    Looking forward to seeing him on the cover of people with “i’m gay too and in love with Chace but he doesnt love me cos he loves Carrie” sometime in the near future.


  • TR

    Mya probably works as a cleaning lady in Iowa. I happen to work in LA in the entertainment biz but I am sure Mya is “in the know” better than the rest of us.

    You go Mya!

  • http://justjared/ashley,vanessa kiki

    hot!!!!!!!! zac is so last year

  • CarrieOn

    Carrie isn’t an ugly goat face, but you sure are an ugly, stinky, hairy monkey ass.

    Chace isn’t gay, so stop fantasizing. How about…Ricky Fartin? He’d be perfect for you.

  • nsyncgirl


  • chris

    chace is not gay, he’s always macking on the girls. ever saw the tape of him with shauna sands? no gaybe would walk the walk with her…
    i guess he’s officially arrived if the gay rumors have started though…

  • jclover

    jc is hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not gay +hes hott again


    i bet you all the boy bands will come out of the closet some day but not justin timerlake and joey fatone cause they got some one

  • Melanie

    Good GOD. It’s called being METROSEXUAL. Yeah, I don’t know, nor do I really care what either of their sexual orientations are, but just because a guy is a ‘pretty boy’ or super-hot (coughcoughLIKECHASEcoughcough) doesn’t automatically mean they’re gay.

  • Chelsea

    Yeah I know.
    Being metrosexual doesn’t mean they’re gay nor bi.
    And I believe JC’s not gay or bi.

  • Chelsea

    And doesn’t mean that you dont have any girlfriend with you all the time doesn’t make you gay already.
    Like do you have to have a sex tape with a women just to make you a man?

  • polo

    Four straight days in a row?
    Come on.

  • توبيكات الهلال

    I believe that JC is Bi. As for Chace, I don’t know or care much about him, but from an entirely physical stand point he just doesn’t look entirely straight. As long as the gay/bi rumors aren’t about Taylor Kitsch, it’s all good.