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Eddie Murphy's Wedding -- Small and Sweet

Eddie Murphy's Wedding -- Small and Sweet

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds tied the knot on New Year’s Day on a private island off Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

25 friends and family were in attendance at the sunset ceremony on the beach Tuesday. Here are some of the wedding details via People.:

Tracey walked barefoot down the aisle to Gladys Knight‘s “Makings of You.”
Eddie wore a cream suit and vest with an off-white handkerchief.
– The wedding was designed by event designer Colin Cowie, who created a gazebo on the beach made out of 6,000 shells for the ceremony.
– The wedding cake featured four layers in whites and cream with handmade sugar cymbidium and dendrobium orchids.

Tracey & Eddie started dating last fall and were engaged in July.

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • don’t tase me bro !!!


  • http://justjared AMZZZZZZ


  • b

    it is bad, that i don’t think it’ll last… i wish them all the best though


    ehhhh…He needs to take care of his love child with Mel B. I would not marry a dude that had a couple of kids with his ex-wife and a bast*ard child with his ex-girlfriend.

  • Shar

    EWWWWW!!!!! Why would anyone marry him is beyond me, he is a gay man who publicly disowned his pregnant girlfriend!!

  • Shar

    not saying it’s wrong to be gay, but he is full of shiiiiiiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bella

    i don’t like him because of the way he treated mel b. the way he said on national television that he doesn’t know who’s baby it is until it comes out and you run a dna test was just awful. he said this when she was pregnant with HIS child and he KNEW it. and know that it’s proven to be his child he doesn’t even care and he hasn’t even seen his daughter. i used to like this man but know i can’t stand him and that tracey continued to be with him after all of this makes me think not so good stuff about her.

  • sds

    eddie is a jerk


    sKANKYHO said:
    “I would not marry a dude that had a couple of kids with his ex-wife and a bast*ard child with his ex-girlfriend.”

    Eddie Murphy actually has seven children: he has TWO illegitimate children by two ex-girlfriends (a son, Christian, by Tamara Moore; and a daughter, Angel, by Melanie Brown) and five children by his ex-wife, Nicole Murphy (Bria, Myles, Shayne, Zola, and Bella).

    How much do you want to bet that within months the latest Mrs. Murphy will announce her pregnancy? Eddie seems to think that if he keeps knocking up women we’ll forget that he prefers transvestite prostitutes. (Note to Mr. Murphy: No, we won’t).

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,car, shoes, man

    Congrats to them,and they didn’t mention Ashley, his first daughter and is Christian his first son? because i thought his first son name is Eddie jr? He did say Eddie jr wasn’t his too, yet the boy looks just like him ans Ashley’s mom is white, i don’t know her mom’s name though.

    Eddie jr mom did have to take a dna test too, just to prove that he’s the daddy.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,car, shoes, man

    His illegitimate children suppose to be Eddie jr, Ashley and Iris.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,car, shoes, man

    *Angel iris*

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    sKANKYHO @ 01/02/2008 at 1:57 am ehhhh…He needs to take care of his love child with Mel B. I would not marry a dude that had a couple of kids with his ex-wife and a bast*ard child with his ex-girlfriend.

    You read my mind! These two people marrying 3 times over makes marriage soo trivial and their matrimony is so pointless…And I have no respect for Traci Edmonds to still invest in a future with Eddie Murphy who is soo morally inbalanced !

  • Helena

    I give it 3 months.

  • poRk

    eddie IS a jerk.

  • SandyKB

    It’ll never last—he does not know how to be faithful—she’s a loser to marry him—and he’s an a$$hole.

  • Honey

    Poor girl. Just marries gay men all the time. She should have waited for a better man to come along.

  • Wedding Photographers

    Sounds like a lovely wedding. I wonder who their photographer was?

  • Cheerios

    He is buttugly. His ex wives, girlfriends – even Tracey are gorgeous women. I don’t know what they see but I suspect he must be something else under them sheets. LOL. I am in agreement with the others – he is under the downlow.

  • cain

    His face are screaming “I’m not happy to get married!!! I just wanna knock her up and then deny its my child.”

  • P o’q

    He is soo sooo gay and creepy. Mean too. Mel rules.
    What’s Tracey’s deal? She has her own money, she doesn’t need a loser man like EM.
    He’s got such a foot fetish he’d die with her walking barefoot. Not that they were having sex on their honeymoon anyway.

  • daisy

    Two people who like to get their freak on with the same sex got married. It’s a perfect match.

  • lily

    Seriously, I AGREE With all the comments made above.

    Eddie will still be azzhole eddie but what the hell was Tracey thinking ? She is a classy and gorgeous lady that has been scandal free so far, she is financially secure(she makes her own money) she already has two cute looking children, why Eddie of all people? I hope this is not Bobby and Whitney 2.0

    I feel she was deperate to be with someone, and figure she is a cougar and noone would want her anymore so she bagged whatever she could get. She should have waited a little longe, she might have been able to bag her a guy like Gabriel Aubry.

    I give it about 2 years before she gets tired of what Mel B claimed Eddie was doing 4 in da morning.

  • Miapocca

    lEGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE…these folk make a joke of marriage anyway!!

  • Sandbitch

    Judging by the looks on both their faces – she’s counting how much she’s gonna get from this (stunt) day forward and he already knows.

  • fyi

    the wedding details sound beautiful and lovely

    i’m surprised that the event took place though….don’t get me wrong i have always been a fan of eddie’s ….love all that he has accomplished and contributed to both film and comedy…but i’m now under the impression that eddie is gay…..pretty much like i now/finally accept that conclusion that michael jackson is gay

    i think that both eddie and michael should just come out of the closet in this day and age and embrace their lives in that way…..i would much rather for them to be happy and stop hidding their true preferences

    honestly, i wish that neither were gay…but again to each his own

  • gena

    Bet they don’t stay together too long. Eddie has problems.

  • the court

    luv donkey thats it .luv donkeyyyyyyyyyyy

  • astrid

    Too bad that she married that deadbeat. Guess she doesn’t care that he doesn’t like taking care of his children.

  • Porn Star Babylon

    Has he introduced his long time boyfriend Johnny Gill to her yet?

  • Melissa

    i agree with #7 Bella. No need to add anything, she said it all.

  • Jane Doe

    This is a mess and I wonder what is going through Tracey’s mind. Seemingly she is the last woman who should be desperate, but somehow???

  • Mstee

    exactly how old was Tamara Moore when she had his child? He married Nicole and had all those children hoping people would ignore the rumors about him but wasn’t he just caught again in the same compromising company? I’m sure he thinks marrying Tracy will hold off more speculation. Too bad Eddie. We all know the truth. Do you think no one will like you if we know you’re gay? Well guess what? We don’t like you for the way you do women. You’d be better off taking a shot at being honest if you really want to gain some respect back




  • honey

    He’s lookin’ haggard.

  • Diamond


    I’m not condoning anything Eddie, Tracey, nor the rest of these rich people do but, its like this we don’t like for people to be all up in our business so, why should we be all in their business??? Its their life,their right to do as they please being that they are adults, & the wrong they do will either be corrected by the courts or by God. Its not for me nor anyone else to judge them because I wouldn’t want someone judging me. This is proably the reason most of these people do what they do, to see the feed back people who have no better sense than to put their opinion out there will give them. They are rich but, THEY ARE HUMAN ALSO THAT MAKES MISTAKES JUST LIKE YOU & I!!!! PLEASE DON’T FORGET THAT PEOPLE!!!