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Lindsay Lohan @ 'Cloverfield' Premiere

Lindsay Lohan @ 'Cloverfield' Premiere

She’s ba-aaaaaaack!

Lindsay Lohan makes her first red carpet appearance since god-knows-when in a black hip-hugging mini at the L.A. premiere of Paramount’s Cloverfield held at the Paramount Studios Lot on Wednesday.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lindsay’s return to the red carpet?

UPDATE: 25+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan @ Cloverfield premiere…

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lindsay lohan cloverfield 02
lindsay lohan cloverfield 03
lindsay lohan cloverfield 04
lindsay lohan cloverfield 05
lindsay lohan cloverfield 06
lindsay lohan cloverfield 07
lindsay lohan cloverfield 08
lindsay lohan cloverfield 09
lindsay lohan cloverfield 10
lindsay lohan cloverfield 11
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lindsay lohan cloverfield 13
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lindsay lohan cloverfield 15
lindsay lohan cloverfield 16
lindsay lohan cloverfield 17
lindsay lohan cloverfield 18
lindsay lohan cloverfield 19
lindsay lohan cloverfield 20
lindsay lohan cloverfield 21
lindsay lohan cloverfield 22
lindsay lohan cloverfield 23
lindsay lohan cloverfield 24
lindsay lohan cloverfield 25
lindsay lohan cloverfield 26

Photos: Michael Buckner/Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • shakira

    Lyndsay looks lovely.

  • vanessa

    her hairline is really far back :(

  • Suzie

    Forget Katie Holmes looking old–Lindsay’s skin looks like that of a 70 year old woman and the bleach blonde hair isn’t helping. Not attractive at all!

  • Sophiawashere

    She is looking so rough lately. She could be her mom’s twin.

  • MiHay

    She looks like she has a pole shoved up her butt! Either that or she is constipated (especially in the 2nd one)

  • Steffi

    her head looks bigger than before.

  • Yily

    Lindsay looks way old for her age. She used to be so pretty but now with all the hard partying and drugs, her youthfulness has faded. Lindsay looks like she’s in her 30s!

  • elle

    DAYUUUUUUMMM!! lindsay’s back. she looks hot =) i can’t wait for her new CD

    GO LINDSAY!!!!!!!

  • val

    she looks pissssed.
    pretty? not so much.

  • JO

    i still can’t believe this is the same little girl from Parent Trap! she looks old. i loved that movie when i was a kid.

  • LT

    why is she trying to look like her mom?
    she used to be fresh & vivacious. now just
    jaded and tired. re-create yourself Linds.
    this look is so over.
    (the black wig was better than this!)

  • looks 38

    rough and aged..hard in the face horelo.
    ditch the blonde weave, and so much cr*p on your face.

  • sshhhi_baby

    how old is she again? move over honey, cuz Megan Fox is the hottest b*tch in town!!!

  • mossy

    she’s a pretty girl who’s been around the block. with some rest, face cream, and a natural hair color, she just might look her age again. someday.

  • hair is blonde carpet

    is she high or drunk? whats up with the permanent frowning, need ah drink huh ?? give this alkie a black carpet and coffee..fade away..

  • mildret

    que biien por lindsay!!

    luce super sexii

  • Yorick

    Why is she at the Cloverfield premiere?

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    not only she is beautiful she has one of the best bodies in hollywood..

  • bottlerocket

    she’s a sk4nk

  • LOOK expert

    she look like a pix 7

  • jc

    she looks 35.

  • R

    She’s probably frowning because she’s not used to all the lights from the cameras. Though, I’m a little disappointed that she can’t break her black wardrobe.

  • rp

    she has a huge booger in her nose…

  • Andrea

    sorry, but she looks like a used up middle aged Long Island gooma. No joy in that face- and the squinting- what’s that about? Maybe she needs to lay off the tanning booth and hair extensions and see what happens.

  • Exotic Goddess

    I think that Yahwey Yahwey Abrams is going to have to pay for Armageddon and the other scripts he stole.

  • lindsey

    she is starting to look a little man-ish to me. does anybody else think that?

  • SofiaRocket

    She’s such a beautiful girl, but she’s a weak person and needs a strong man by her side. By her wh@rish behaviour she destroys her reputation and loses her chance to meet the man of her life. I wish her happiness.

  • carrie nae

    She looks so old for her age. I guess bad habits caught up with her. Nice volumous hair, though.

  • Marta

    hard to believe she is only 22

  • Elle

    is he only 22?????
    she looks sooooo old!
    she was pretty girl before but she looks so cheap.

  • buckeyegurl

    I used to think she was pretty, now, not so much. The hair color just does NOT compliment her skin tone and it washes her out and makes her look old. She just looks rough.

  • gwen

    f*ck cloverfield. they sold out having the premier in LA, cuase they figured s4nks like this would show and get the movie more attention. it’s set in nyc and it’s a slap in the face to nyc to have the premeir in la!

  • http://justjared love life

    Um…Poor thing. Shite, I loookkk GOOODD

  • YOU

    she lost her sense for style…seriously…

    shes average now!

  • laura

    she’s only 22? she looks really bad. i mean, look at her face. she used to be so pretty but i guess all the drugs and drinking did THAT and now she looks just.. blah.

  • laura

    plus the hair doesn’t suit her

  • isha

    she is 21,and i think she looks her age.
    she is very i mean very pretty =D
    love her black mini,it looks really good one her,she looks beautiful.
    i cant believe pepole thinke she is ugly.
    lol.u guys r mean.

  • Juliet

    No, NO, no…..

  • Jill Paxton

    Every time I see her she looks more like an overused over forty prostitute.

  • emilie

    She’s strange! Looks pissed, her hair are totally not cute, this blond doesn’t suit her but i like the dress, she looks vulgar… What happened to her those last year? Mean Girl, she was totally hot and pretty, now she is this…

    Go back home Lindsay! XD

  • llmcfly4ever

    lindsay rocks!!!!!!!!!

  • rae

    She looks so rough now. It’s sad to me. I guess she’s trying to get herself back out there to find work again. Gotta pay her mother’s bills.

  • Ida

    She doens’t look very healthy. She looks like a woman in her 30s…
    And she looks like a drag queen. And that’s not a compliment.

  • You/Me

    You would think that knowing you are one of the biggest jokes in HW would make you ashamed and embarassed to show your face at a legitimate professional red carpet event.
    Now if it were a p*rn premiere I could understand her showing up. lmao

  • anni

    Hi Dina *lol*

  • kara

    LoL. She looks like a p0rn star.

  • remember da truth

    She should look at Ashlee Simpson and realize that bleached blond hair makes her look like a p*rn star and try to get back to what made her stand out in the first place — her red hair!

    For the people who can’t understand why she would frown (and if someone doesn’t cries BOTOX!) when you have sun and photog flashes in your eyes, you squint and frown!

  • Scarlet.R


  • Scarlet.R