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Nicole Kidman @ Australian Open 2008

Nicole Kidman @ Australian Open 2008

Mom-to-be Nicole Kidman and country superstar husband Keith Urban soulfully gaze at each other, wide-eyed and grinning in complete self-absorption at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia on Monday.

Nicole and Keith (both 40) sat courtside to cheer on local Australian Open hopeful Lleyton Hewitt against Serbian third seed Novak Djokovic. Djokovic knocked Hewitt out of the competition, beating the former world number one 7-5 6-3 6-3.

The couple sure is on a tennis high as of late–they were even seen wearing matching tennis outfits last week.

30+ pictures inside of cute couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban @ the 2008 Australian Open…

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Photos: Mark Kolbe/Getty
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  • zanessa110


  • LADY T

    They look so adorable together…I am happy for them and God bless them!

  • nicole richee love her

    Hi Nicole, congrats to you and Keith on your great news.:smile:

  • Daniela

    hope she will have a safe pregnancy.they are cute couple.

  • LT

    I like them & really wish them the best. She stood by him in rehab and it seems their bond will only be stronger with child.
    They look really in love. Thankfully she survived Tom Cruise.
    Let’s hope Katie does. Good Luck!

  • pipi

    Looking at her forehead, it seems she’s stopped the botox for the moment.

  • Frenchy

    That first picture is a little unforgiving for Nicole but I’m sooo happy for her. I hope she has a girl. Her child and her best friend Naomi Watts child can play together.

  • jujuelen

    They are adorable

  • Toni

    Can some one tell me why her other 2 kids don’t live with her or Tom? So…you both start new families..from scratch?

  • sandy

    She looks 50 not 40. He looks fine yonger than 40 actually.

  • pj

    Toni, I believe Bella and Connor live with Tom. They only stay with his sister when he has to travel. They see Nicole over the summer and at Christmas.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    what the hell’s wrong with nicoles face?!?

    melting much?

  • diane

    she looks tired…and maybe naseus….

  • DeAnn

    Not to be superficial…but she look horrible…WOW! Her forehead looks deformed! What happened to her?

  • ks

    I honestly think she looks better than she has in a long time, minus the weird forehead thing she has going on. And the dress… I’m not a big fan of that either. But she actually looks happy! And Keith… well, when does he not look good?

  • mimi

    She must be 3 or 4 months pregnant and no baby bump in sight yet?

  • Daisy

    Thank you for the pictures. They look so sweet.

    And for the haters, she has never used botox & there is nothing wrong with her forehead!! She is a 40 yr. old woman!

  • nicole m

    They are soo cute together. They look so happy.

  • chalbe

    I guess once you stop botox your face just falls I’m betting Nicole will sport bangs soon.

  • anon

    They both look so cute!

  • Neon

    why does she look so old and wrinkly?

  • really

    Oh the forehead is starting to head South! That’s what happens when you get cut off from Botox – it is only going to get worse week by week! Kidman – are you still saying you haven’t touched the stuff yet? Flawless face – WHATEVER!

    Too bad he looks like he took his grandma out instead of his wife!

  • lola

    Awww, they look happy. I’m crossing my fingers for a safe pregnancy! Congrats!

    –read my blog at

  • ??

    no botox while pregnant and now kidmans forehead is trying to survive without the injections. so wrinkly.

  • oldermakebestparents

    Yes, they both look wonderful and happy! I can imagine they will do everything within their power to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy! It was a challenge for me to have a child (though I have an exquisite one who is now 20 years) and so psychologically understand exactly where they are right now! May they be blessed with a stress-free several months while fetus grows and with a safe delivery….it will be a beautiful child!


  • Notbusy

    They look so happy! This baby is bringing them together even more. They’ll have such a cute baby. It’s nice to see a couple that is genuine and in love. I think they’ll have a boy.

  • JoAnn

    Chalbe (#20) – “I guess once you stop botox your face just falls I’m betting Nicole will sport bangs soon. ”

    Sorry to disappoint you, Chalbe. Nicole looks even better now in her pregnancy! Not only is she not wearing bangs, she is not even wearing giant sunglasses to cover her face, like Katie.

  • JoAnn

    Really (#23) – “Too bad he looks like he took his grandma out instead of his wife! ”

    Ha! It must really hurt to see him take his “grandma” instead of you!

    Nic and Keith are such a good-looking couple and so obviously in love. I hope she has a safe pregnancy and that their baby will be healthy and beautiful.

  • Dieter

    Holy god bless Nicole Kidman and her glorious ass !!!!!!!!!!

  • z

    I like them but Nicole looks weird; whatever she did to her lips starting sometime after “The Hours” is frightening…the upper lip is looks like the inside is being pulled outside. She has very thin lips, every photo since birth shows it as fact except post her divorce. Her gums show and her sister is the same way. Deal Nicole, you don’t have Angelina’s lips…variety makes the world go around.

    Also the one of her trying to lift her eyebrows ( column 1 row 8), which aren’t lifting but her forehead is wrinkling, is all the proof the “no-she-doesn’t-botox” crowd should need. She uses something to freezes muscles topical like Freeze 24/7 or Botox.

    Keith should tell her to relax, like her sister and friends (Naomi). i

  • Dieter

    Botox and pregnacy is no problem !!!!

  • z

    also…isn’t it weird that she is so often looking directly into the camera when everyone around her is not/watching the match…she’s a little too aware of being “on.”

  • ezekiel

    I’m sorry but she looks bad. I used to be a devoted fan but nowadays I’m not interested in her anymore.. and believe me it pains me tp say that. I mean, at the beginning of 2000s she seemed to be interested in great stuff, and she looked much better, she was more natural, and then she started doing bad movies, she should have sticked to working with European autors like Juliette Binoche does. it’s disappointing ‘coz I still think she’s more interesting as an actor than say, Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett. I think dropping out of the Reader was a mistake.. i mean she was seen playing tennis just a week ago, i’m sure she could have started filming the movie instead, after all Jolie and Watts were on the set of The Good Shepherd and Eastern Promises while pregnant.
    I mean, look at those pics.. she looks older than Halle Berry and Naomi Watts, who are around the same age. What’s up with her forehead and her lips and her WHOLE FACE ?

  • raye

    She looks old with her white hairs, and her forehead are kind wrinkly! And whats up with her upper lip, her collagen/rystaline implant looks bad! Nicole is the biggest beauty fraud ever.

    But im happy she is having a baby! Keith is some ugly dude!

  • really

    #32 – WRONG! You should not be injecting Botox while trying to conceive or while pregnant!

  • Perspone

    Oh great another Happy Couple photo op to garner more attention for Nicole.

  • pj

    Kudos for Nicole for not covering her forehead with bangs. I’ve noticed the Great Cate also displaying a few noticeable lines on her forehead . These were lines that were not so visible before. Don’t tell me she had been using botox too?!!!.

    What many people don’t realise is that during pregnancy you are more likely to suffer from skin problem due to hormonal changes.

  • Miller

    Keith will see very very soon exactly what his frankenstien bride really looks like.
    For years she has been injecting plastic into her face but now she cant. LMAO To all of you who think this woman is so pure and sweet. She has got you ALL fooled!

  • Tracy

    It’s not even her face that looks weird to me. It’s her hair. She has thinning, fried grandma hair. I think she ruined it with too much bleach and straightening.

  • Violet

    I’m so happy for her!

  • vanessahudgensfanofficial
  • http://justjared e

    jesus after she reads those comment she will be going to get botox. y’all are evil. shes 40 years old, not 20, she has a few wrickles on her forehead when she makes expressions, hm so what? frig, leave the woman alone.

    hate away all you want i love them both so much and i think shes the prettiest person alive.

    and ekekiel, nicoles has had one miscarriage and one etopic pregancy so i doubt she would want to do anything like making a film to add extra stress to her body when she doesnt need it. nicole isnt angelina or naomi so u cant really pass comment as to why they decided to make a movie and nicole didnt. theres plently more films for nic to make but for now i think she made the right choice to focus on her family, you can see how in love her and keith are and its no shock they want to spend all their time together espc will the arrival of a bambino.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    lets see, last thread nicoles face was as smooth as a baby’s butt, now it looks like cottage cheese – i wonder why. hmmm….

  • jade

    Love this couple! They look so happy.I wish them the best.

  • Littlenicole

    I agree with whoever said she’s looking right at the camera. She knows where they are at all times. Keith looks pissed at first, but he signed up for it and it ain’t gonna go away. He married a famewhore, pure and simple. But he appears to be playing the game too, so he’s not as innocent in this whole thing as he wants people to think he is. He’s in it for the same things she is – FAME in his homeland. It’s ALL about AUSTRALIA.

  • amberlite

    I would like to see her go back to red hair which is her natural color. She looked so good as a redhead. It suited her. The blond really washes her out.
    I think she must have been heartbroken for Tom to get the kids and she only sees them on holidays. She raised those kids from babies. I remember when they adopted them. She was a real mom. I am sure there’s a whole load of stuff we don’t know about the divorce deal. She looks happy now. I wish she could accept herself and her looks. She was beautiful before the blonde hair and whatever else she has fiddled with.

  • claire

    I’m so happy!

    looking at her forhead it seems she stoped using botox!
    Thanks Nicole!

  • DeAnn

    IM NO HATER…IM BEING REAL! And for your INFO, Im a 40 year old woman who has NEVER used Botox or any form of cosmetic augmentation…and my skin is flawless and tight! Thank you very much

  • Isabella

    Keithy Kidman out with Granny again. So now we see forehead wrinkles, but she’s still injecting those lips, quack quack!

  • luckyL

    Well GOOD FOR NICOLE. I will repeat the congratulations to her on surviving Tom Cruise and I’m glad she is no longer one of the saddest women in Hollywood. Good luck to Jen A.