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Gwen Stefani is Pregnant Again!

Gwen Stefani is Pregnant Again!

Gwen Stefani is 13 weeks pregnant with her second child, reports UK newspaper The Sun.

A source reveals, “They found out at California’s Cedars-Sinai hospital and couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone.”

Gwen, 38, and rocker husband Gavin Rossdale, 40, already have one son, cutie Kingston, 1 1/2. Congrats to the happy couple! (If it’s true…)

Pictured: Gwen passing through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday.

DO YOU THINK Gwen is on the same pregnancy cycle as Angelina Jolie? Sure seems like it!

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  • Nando

    That’s so awesome!!

    Way to go Gwen & Gavin!!

  • helen

    wow yeah same as angie haha kinda funny

  • shannon

    wait a minute !! is there something in the water in hollywood why is everyone pregnant this year it’s like everday someone else is pregnant i mean come on although im happy for her this is not a trend to follow kids!!

  • renee

    She better be knocked up. Gwen’s old!

  • Naomi


  • t

    I really hope its true, I know she wants another badly and she and her family seem wonderful.

  • Kayla

    Her rep denied it a few weeks ago when she was in London…

  • Julia

    I hope so! She seems like a good mom. And Kingston is adorable. Imagine how cute their little girl would be!

    Congrats Gwen and Gavin!

  • J

    It’s the 2nd wave of the baby boom generation hitting the Gen Xers (1964-1980), though Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie are the start of the next generation (Gen Y)…

  • kate


  • Didi

    why is every celeb getting fertilised in 2008

  • tia

    remind me not to drink the water when i go to LA next week

    But congrats to her if it is true!!!!!!!!

  • goz


  • PardyHardy

    Awe, that’s so cute.
    Kingston and Shiloh were born so close to each other too.
    Say it with me everyone…Awwww.

  • janebird

    she needs to stop with the cartoonish makeup and hair styles now. And clothing for Christ’s sake. I know she’s so into herself and thinks she’s so iconic but please Gwen you are 38. That’s cute when you’re 19 maybe but you can’t be 60 years old still wearing cartoonish bright red makeup and hair the same color as your pale skin. And tacky patterns and prints on your clothes.

  • Nicole m

    Aww…well congrats to them.


    Everybody’s pregnant. LoL

  • Alysa

    congrats to her!

    check out my blog at

  • the_original_nika

    Kingston and Shiloh should hook up when their older lol.

  • Willie

    Meh, i would wait for them to confirm, The Sun is the worst rag ever

  • remember da truth

    She is such a great fashion icon, and I love that she has kept her makeup and hair the same. Great fashionable women do that — find a style that works for them and keep it for life (Jackie O, Grace Kelly, New York society women, etc).
    I can’t wait to see what she’ll wear as a mom this time around! And it’s great that she and her friend Angelina are pregnant together again! Kingston and Shiloh play together, so now the new babies will have a friend their age, too!

  • Louise

    Kind of hope it’s not true because I want some new No Doubt music. It’s weird how there’s a possibility of Gwen and Angelina being pregnant at the same time again. But neither has confirmed. The Sun is not exactly reliable and it’s coming from a “source”.

  • Jolie-Pitt Fever

    They also said the Gwen will be the stay at home parent while her husband works on his solo career…Sound like pregnancy plannint too…This reminds me of when they went to the boxing match in Vegas with the Jolie-Pitts…They must have a lot to talk about!

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I am so happy for them! Now it makes sense that she’s moving to London and Gavin is gonna work on his music. That’s great news, at her late 30s age now is the best time to have kids. Good luck to them.

  • Kingston-shiloh

    kingston and shiloh are very close in age. that’s funny. if is true that angie is pregnant than both of their babies are probably are due around the same month…again.

  • Susan

    This is great news! How wonderful. Congrats to the whole family!

  • Tdani81

    Yes Didi—what’s with every celebrity getting knocked up? I bet they are all copying off angelina! Boy I tell you—the stork is like a virus—when one person gets it everybody else ends up with it!





    yummiiiee I’m so happy 4 Gwen ‘n family hoho

    I luv her! She’s like Girl Power I adore kind of examples of women \o/

    PS* where’s Vanessaaaaa?!?!

    pls I’m worried now! she’s disappeared! I miss her sooo much =/

  • Helena

    People really shouldn’t take sources like The Sun as reliable.

  • jacky

    that’s great! :)

  • Lynn

    Congrats! This is so cool! I love this couple, they make beautiful babies! And they seem to be really great parents with a solid relationship!

    And please let’s not start comparing them to others lets just let them be them! They seem like really great people.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Gwen’s father-in-law (Gavin’s father) confirmed it to People magazine. So, yes, it is true.

    A big congratulations to them……….Gwen seems like a great mommy. I hope she has a girl this time. :)

  • AAOJ

    So she and Angie are both a little over 3 mos. pregnant give or take in Angie’s case, since a woman waits til after their 3rd month to let people know and they both did, in their on way, Angie with the not so subtle appearance at the SAG’s and Gwen through her blabber mouth father in-law who seems to have the same affliction as Jon Voight. So they were both pregnant at that fight they were at for Brad’s birthday, I wonder if they knew, and or discussed it, I’m si giddy for them, and happy that Angie and Gwen are friends, I love them both, both woman are so interesting with beautiful loving husbands.

  • amber

    Congrats to her! I love her and it’s good little Kingston will soon have a playmate.

  • meli

    people magazine is reporting it. her father inl aw told people. but didn’t say how far along she is.

  • CelebFanChatRap

    Congrats to Gwen

  • Alex


    This means ANOTHER delay on the new No Doubt album and even if not, definitely a delay on touring.

    I’m getting impatient!!
    Gwen’s healthy she has atleast a couple more years that she could have a baby.
    NOT RIGHT NOW! I thought 2008 was definitely going to be a good year for ND.

  • amber

    Alex, so did I, but I fear ND is going to go the way *NSYNC did after JT left – he kept claiming they weren’t broken up and that they still had a couple of albums left on their contract, but the albums never came to pass. Gwen seems to have moved on from the band that made her famous, and whether that’s a good or a bad thing isn’t for me to decide; however, I just want to wish her and her family luck with the new baby! This is a very exciting time for her I’m sure.

  • Mediterranean

    C’mon Angie, it’s your turn now!!!!

  • luckyL

    She looks majorly cute and I am so excited for her. It will only get harder the longer she waits. Congrats!!

  • celery gloss

    hahaha I knew it! Yay for them

  • Riley

    Shes gorgeous. i LOVVVVEEE her! i hope that she really is pregnant with the 2nd child!

  • Kira

    Great parents with time and material resources should have at least two children!

  • Lily

    gwen stefani! whoooo! i love her… i’m so happy! haha.. i wonder what baby2′s name is going to be